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13 dogs and 1 cat: here's the funniest Christmas dinner you've ever seen !

Around an unlikely Christmas table, 13 dogs and 1 cat enjoy their dinner, some with greed, others with good manners. The combination of the irresistible expressions of the animal with the hand is always…
Cats Christmas Dogs Funny

Cats Vs Christmas trees: the battle starst again !

During the Christmas season thousands of families dedicate themselves with patience to put up the decoration, buying and sometimes inventing joyful glittering things. But all their efforts will not go…
Cats Christmas Funny

I'm not going out from this hot water!

This kitten doesn't want to get out of the container filled with hot water ...
Animals Cats Cute

You won't pass, dog

A really funny video where the cats prove to be a real alarm system, specifically "anti-dog"
Animals Cats Dogs Funny

Thrilling cat rescue

A firefighter saves a cat from certain death in a house ... You really cannot miss it!

Dear Kitten: a welcome letter from an older and wiser cat

This funny commercial ad by friskies shows an older cat "reading" a welcome letter to a new kitten. Secrets are shared and important advises are given to hide from enemies!!! Don't miss it !
Cats Cute Spot

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