Every day a kitten went to greet him…
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Every day a kitten went to greet him at the café: in the end she followed him home

June 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A life in the company of a pet is definitely a life full of beautiful emotions, memories and loving gestures. A dog or a cat, for example, can become excellent friends, to be trusted for life and are capable of filling our days with joy. Young and old alike can't wait to adopt pets and when many people get the chance they don't hesitate to save one. The story of Basil Akwan, however, is quite unique and has a stray kitten at the center. The young man went to a nearby coffee shop almost every day, not only to have a coffee and relax, but also to work on his computer. Every time he sat down at the table, a cute little cat peeked out and lay down next to him looking for cuddles. Between a caress and a little kibble, the two became inseparable, but then the kitten took a real step forward: one day, she simply decided to follow the guy home.

Basil is a young man who lives in the city of Salmiya, Kuwait, and is a regular customer of a local coffee shop. It's true, that perhaps by always frequenting the same place, one would expect to make new acquaintances sooner or later, but Basil certainly did not imagine finding such a special friend: a stray kitten in search of attention that, evidently, had set its heart on the young man right away. The sweet little kitten often went to his table, whenever the boy stopped for a coffee or to work on his computer, and she attracted his attention with a thousand meows. Basil, after seeing that the kitten approached him the same way every time, began to bring her some kibble - a small gift she always thanked him for with lots of purring. Then one day something "incredible" happened: the kitten, renamed Sophie, followed Basil to his car and slipped inside without waiting to be invited.

It was clear by now that Sophie had chosen Basil as her "favorite human" and that she wanted nothing more than to share the rest of her time with him. Basil also knew that Sophie was a stray cat and that she had no family, so he didn't hesitate to take her with him. Obviously, Sophie's arrival full time in Basil's life meant only one thing: infinite joy and tenderness in every moment of the day! On Instagram, the boy shared a video of him and Sophie, a summary of all their most important moments together until the official arrival at home. Basil ends the video with a message that we would like to convey to everyone: adopt animals, don't buy them!

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