Pregnant wife is allergic to the cat and asks her husband for a solution: he proposes she move into her parents' house

Mark Bennett

June 22, 2022

Pregnant wife is allergic to the cat and asks her husband for a solution: he proposes she move into her parents' house

Allergies are now a very widespread reality and those who suffer from them know very well how debilitating it is to live with the allergens that cause adverse reactions. Whether it is dust or animal hair, there seems to be no foolproof solution. But it is certainly advisable to take certain precautions, for example: clean and dust the living areas properly, do not have any long-haired pets. There are also phases in one's life in which allergies can worsen or even manifest themselves for the first time: the pregnant woman who is the subject of this story was not allergic to her cat's hair, but as her pregnancy progressed she developed this allergy. The main problem, however, is that the husband was hesitant to remove the cat from their home, preferring to leave his wife struggling with her allergic reactions.

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The story was told by the woman's husband, who asked Reddit users for their opinions. The man had had a cat for 16 years and had been married to his wife for 4 years. The cat had always lived at home with the couple, but with the pregnancy, the woman seemed to have developed a very debilitating allergy to the animal's fur. By the sixth month of pregnancy, the woman was exhausted and she knew that the cause of her discomfort was the cat, which is why she asked her husband to find a solution.

"My wife wants me to find another home for my cat, but I don't want to," explained the man on Reddit, "he's old, he only knows my wife and me and this change could kill him."

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The man tried to suggest alternative solutions, but all of them provided special treatment for the cat and not for his wife:

"I offered my wife a compromise: we could stay with her parents (who live 10 minutes away and have no problem with us staying in the guest room) until the baby is born and then, if the allergies persisted for her or for the child, I could try to find my cat a new, permanent home. I would still need to be able to check on my cat every day so. Or we could take him to my brother, who has lived with him for a few years, but we have to wait another two weeks ".

The wife could not last a day longer, and after hearing the far-fetched solutions from her husband ( who clearly did not want to send the cat away), and she acted accordingly. It was about her health after all. "Yesterday I came home from work and I couldn't find my cat" said the man, "I asked my wife where he was and she told me, without hesitating, that she left him in an animal shelter. ".


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The pregnant wife had to repeatedly explain to her husband that his inaction had forced her to do this, as her health had deteriorated daily. The distraught man went to the animal shelter and found, to his great consternation, that a dog had frightened his old cat, causing him to go into cardiac arrest and die.

We are all very fond of our furry friends, but there are sometimes conditions that arise that dictate difficult and painful choices have to be made. Despite the cat's tragic end, most Reddit users did not support the man: "You are choosing your cat over your pregnant wife and baby and you are causing her undue stress. What's wrong with you? ".

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