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Video Of Animals

A white lion and a white tiger have had a litter of cubs and the lovely specimens are unique in the world

They are called a "liger" which is a hybrid species born from the cross-breeding of male lions and female tigers. There are about a thousand specimens in the world but those born in the summer of 2018…

A cat is freed after living for years in a cage! The way in which she expresses her gratitude is very touching ...

The expression "cats have nine lives" is not just a way of saying that cats can escape danger, fall unharmed from great heights or survive accidents. Fortunately, these mysterious and remarkable creatures…

21 photos that prove living with a Newfoundland dog in your home is a lot of fun!

There are a thousand reasons to decide to accept a pet into your home, and there are as many reasons for letting the choice fall on a Newfoundland dog! These dogs display incredible intelligence and they…

8 ways that your dog is telling you: "I love You!"

Dogs are amazing creatures, companions, loyal, loving, and they are able to fill a person's life with joy. Although dogs certainly do manage to convey their feelings toward their human friends, thanks…

19 mothers who proudly show off the beauty of their cute little puppies

Human mothers, during their nine months of pregnancy, use the time to also prepare for the arrival of their babies in the best ways possible. In fact, mothers-to-be set up a baby nursery room, attend…

Her husband forced her to choose between him and her dogs and Liz's choice is an inspiration to many!

Choose between your husband and your dogs? It seems unusual, but an English woman did it.  Her name is Liz Haslam and her job is to help puppy dogs in difficulty. During her life, she has dedicated so…

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