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Video Of Animals

This female puppy awakens from an operation and scared starts to cry, so the vet tries to calm her

Animals do not differ too much from human beings in some situations - especially those regarding danger and fear. In fact, as evidenced by so many different stories and episodes, we note that also a puppy…

A homeless man is hospitalized and his 4 little dogs wait patiently for him at the hospital entrance door

The experience of being admitted hospital is almost always rather unpleasant, both for the patient and for the relatives and friends who wait bravely for good news from the doctors. Therefore, it is very…

A truck driver allergic to cats rescues one from the road and then lets it sleep on his truck seat

Can you become great friends with a cat while being allergic to these four-legged feline friends? The answer is yes, and the protagonist of this true story can personally testify to this! Matt is an American…

A little dog gets lost in the desert and a Dirt Bike couple saves him and returns him to his family

A pet is more than just a pastime or to keep one company ― it is a member of the family, in all respects, and, precisely for this reason, when sometimes, a pet can get sick or even lost, this becomes…

This animal-lover saves two foxes found abandoned by the roadside and becomes their best friend

The story we are about to tell you has as protagonists an Irish man and two splendid foxes! And, as in the best fairy tales, it is a beautiful story of friendship with a happy ending. The man in question…

Two German shepherds hug each other to bolster their courage while both are waiting to be adopted together

Disney has often used animals, such as dogs and cats, to make films on the big screen that have become wonderful fairy tales loved by both adults and children. Films like "Oliver & Company", "Lady…

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