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Video Of Animals

A heartless man smiles as he delivers his terrified dog to the kennel: luckily for the dog a new life begins

In the course of life it can happen that one finds oneself facing events that disrupt every habit. For example, a sudden transfer or a health problem can upset everyday life, to the point of radically…

A 10-year-old boy asks neighbors if he can becomes their new puppy's petsitter after the Coronavirus pandemic ends

Put a 10-year-old kid and a golden retriever puppy together, and you've found a story heartwarming and perfect enough to go viral. That's exactly what happened when the owners posted a photo of a letter…

A dog and her newborn puppies were found abandoned on the side of the ride

Although there is a lot of good in the world, the bad always seems to outweigh it. Recently, a female dog and her newborn pups were found abandoned on the side of the road. And whoever left them there,…

Woman faces possible incarceration after destroying 50 swallow nests, killing many hatchlings

Many things happen in this world that we hope we'll never have to witness in person. Among these situations, watching innocent animals being abandoned, abused or uprooted form their homes for no good…

A cat hears a dog cry at the vet's and tries to "defend" it by scratching the veterinarian

Sometimes animals have behaviors so surprising and unusual that there is the doubt that they only miss having language to be practically the same as us. Among them, there is often a particular instinct…

A family goes on a trip and leaves their dog in the car in the sun with a diaper: they are reported

The neglect by some animal owners, which emerges very often in appalling news concerning them, really leaves us speechless, especially because one wonders why these people chose to adopt a dog, a cat…

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