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Video Of Animals

23 puppies so cute they don't even seem real

There is no doubt that a dog is a man's best friend, but now science has also confirmed that having a dog can definitely improve the mental and physical health of us owners. Puppies, and dogs in general,…

A baby elephant is "caught" eating sugar cane and tries to hide behind a post

Sometimes the best fairy tales are the ones that happen in real life. As children we all grew up reading storybooks, or watching cartoons on TV that made us dream, have fun, cry, and certainly made us…

A sweet little dog climbs up next to the coffin of her deceased master and accompanies him on his last earthly journey

A dog's loyalty is forever. Even when the beloved master passes away and "abandons" him forever, he will always be close to him; for this reason a sweet little dog wanted to accompany her favorite human…

A 76-year-old man feeds stray kittens in his neighborhood by selling scrap metal all day

When we meet living creatures who are in difficulty and urgently need help, we know that we cannot wait a minute longer, we must act and do something for them. Like Willie Ortiz, a Connecticut man who…

15 cute animals that know no differences when it comes to friendship

And who said that tender friendships cannot arise between animals of different species? Friendship is a feeling that goes far beyond diversity and the differences that coexist in this world; here we have…

17 naughty pets who were caught red handed while stealing their masters' food

Having a pet in the house is a real blessing in most cases: they light up our darkest days, keeping us company and making us always feel loved. No matter how many misdeeds your dog or cat may have committed…

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