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Video Of Animals

17 people who didn't want a pet in the house and now treat it like a family member

There are certain things that people won't compromise on and one of them is having pets in the house: dad, mom, boyfriend or girlfriend may refuse to have a hairy being around and the excuses are "I don't…

An albino elephant is rescued by volunteers after wandering alone for days with a trap caught on his leg

Imagine being part of a herd and being the so-called "black sheep" of the group; partly because you are different from the crowd and you know how to distinguish yourself, partly because you know that…

A hen adopts abandoned puppies: under her wings they find comfort and love

In the animal world, there are some species which seem to have innate maternal instincts, ready to emerge when needed. Some animals, in fact, really seem to have been born with this predisposition and…

He didn't finish his schoolwork as he was helping his pig give birth: the teacher forgives him

Although school and education are top priorities for a growing child, sometimes some force majeure can obstruct the road, and everything else takes a back seat. Little Juan Gabriel, a 9-year-old boy who…

15 photos of animals who don't realize just how big they are

Little ones are inevitabley destined to grow. Parents know this and anyone who owns an animal knows it, even if it is a hard truth to accept: we would like our pets to remain cute little furballs forever.…

A woman saves an elephant calf and a very strong bond is born: he has become her shadow

Can an unlikely friendship arise between a baby elephant and a woman? Yes of course, and Roxy Danckwerts knows this very well. The woman has always been active in the protection of animals in danger or…

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