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Video Of Animals

He threw 8 puppies into a garbage bag and the police intercepted it and arrested him!

Never before has the animal rights movement counted so many supporters all over the world, not to mention the increasing number of people who have changed their diet and lifestyle by becoming vegetarian…

He hears noises on his porch and when he goes to check; he witnesses an extraordinary show

Every day in the world, nature completes its cycle in a normal way, with balance and harmony, without caring too much about what humans may think of it, even though the latter consider themselves to be…

A journalist goes to an animal shelter to write a story, and a dog literally forces him to make an unexpected decision ...

Letting a dog come into your house, and in general, into your life, is a very important decision that should not be made lightly. The main danger is that soon you may realize that you are not suited to…

A dog is tied up and thrown into a ditch, but the culprit makes a mistake that will cost him dearly

There is no need to have a dog to be able to appreciate this faithful four-legged friend. Just observe the goodness in its sweet eyes, and the irrepressible joy that it shows at its owner's appearance,…

A squirrel visits a photographer's house every day, so he creates a different scene every time and takes a picture!

Nature photography is a branch of photography that no doubt requires a lot of patience and experience. There are many variables to take into account in order to be able to take the perfect picture: the…

29 photos of mothers in the animal kingdom, that show us their motherhood in all its magical nuances

There is something that females of all species have in common: Motherhood. And when we use the expression "have in common", we make this comparison because there is something that does not really change…

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