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Video Of Animals

A dog feels alone in a shelter after her best friend has been adopted and she is so sad that she no longer eats

Arwen is a two-and-a-half-year-old female Saint Bernard puppy, who already weighs 154 lb (70 kg) and cannot stand still for a minute. Due to her size, Arwen is not able to interact with small or medium-sized…

A husband and wife had a giant bed built to sleep with their 8 dogs rescued from the street

You have no idea how high the number of animals abandoned on the streets around the world is—pets without shelter or a loving family and forced into a life of homelessness. But there are angels with…

This dog broke through French doors and saved two defenseless women from domestic violence

The protagonist of this story wanted to remain anonymous, even if her moving and incredible story was originally published on Facebook. In fact, in that very long post, she shared her story in which she…

Believed to have been lost forever but after 38 years they found his turtle among the dusty shelves in their old home

Our first love is never forgotten, and this is true even it that love was for our first pet, we would dare to assert. Whether it was a dog, a cat, or a turtle, the memories of the time spent as a young…

This judge sentences those who commit animal abuse to undergo the same treatment, as an alternative to prison

Nowadays there are still people in the world who, although humanity has evolved over time, seem to have remained attached to practices that are harmful to those around them. We refer in particular to…

This wild donkey jumps, runs, and wags his tail just like a dog when his human friend returns home

Who said that only a dog can behave ... like a dog? Of course, man's best friends are called that precisely because they manage to give us unique emotions, in an empathetic and unconditional way. Yet…

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