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Video Of Animals

A wave of Golden Retriever puppies overwhelms this man who can't stop laughing

Who as a child has not had the thought of wanting to pet a puppy at least once? Some have been more fortunate than others and persuaded their parents to adopt a dog, others, however, have become adults…

Milan, with the men locked in the house, the rabbits reclaim the city parks and flower beds

In every part of our country, thanks to the absence of men, we are witnessing a curious phenomenon: animals and nature in general seem to be quickly recovering their spaces, those that we had occupied…

With no tourists or boats in sight, Nature reclaims what is rightfully hers and waters in Venice become crystal-clear again

If there's one positive thing coming from the madness we are experiencing right now in Europe, and the rest of the world, it's having the time to think about where our priorities as a society - and as…

"Guide dogs can't be black!": a rude passenger yells out to a blind girl and her guide dog to get off the bus

As a modern civilization, we'd like to think that we've evolved beyond holding prejudices or discriminating against others based on the color of their skin. Although as a whole, people have become more…

Alone and bewildered, a sea lion is saved from a beaten track and brought "home" by local agents

When that call came to the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Department in Washington state, no agent could believe it: on a dirt road in the woods, away from any source of water, a sea lion was wandering alone…

This Rottweiler always watches over the bread every time his family leaves the house

Rottweilers are excellent guard dogs, born for this purpose, they can also be used to perform other tasks such as guiding the blind. They are dogs that, if expertly trained, can be indispensable for humans…

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