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Video Of Animals

A girl returns from vacation and takes home the stray dog ​​that had remained at her side all the time

Traveling is the best way to enrich one's spirit because when one returns home from a vacation, one always carries a wealth of precious memories, some of which will remain forever. But how nice would…

These animals are so hilarious that they will certainly brighten up your day

We all need a pet. Although pets do not exactly substitute for our dear human friends, they are certainly capable of giving unconditional warmth and affection like few other inhabitants on this planet.…

This priest saves dogs from the street and takes them with him to Mass to find them an adoptive family

Dogs also go to church. It would seem like the beginning of a funny joke! But no, instead, it is the truth! In fact, now in a small town in Brazil, all those four-legged angels who have not yet found…

A man wants to adopt a pit bull from an animal shelter but the dog refuses to abandon his best friend

Being friends does not just mean having fun together, but also - and above all - supporting each other when times are difficult. When facing life's challenges, we understand the difference between having…

A Paralympic athlete gets out of his wheelchair and saves a kitten in danger and the video goes viral

Having a physical disability is certainly not the ideal situation for any individual, but some may say that it is the lack of courage, heart, and altruism that represents a real handicap for a human being.…

A little dog with a fractured paw drags herself to an animal shelter to save her 13 puppies!

Animals often know how to give us profound life lessons, thanks to the dedication they show towards their own kind or to the people to whom they are attached. Their stories are capable of opening our…

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