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Video Of Animals

20 pets that have grown "hand in hand" together with their owners

When we decide to take the plunge and adopt a pet, our life changes drastically, and for the better. Yes, because having an animal in the house not only keeps us company, but also grows with us, marking…

She remained with her horse stuck in the mud for more than three hours: mistress and animal are saved by a miracle

It's not just pet dogs and cats, many people have a passion for horses. Of course, these splendid equines are absolutely not pets, but there are many people who own more than one in a riding stable, taking…

A woman on a zipline is surprised by an alligator jumping out of the water to bite her

There are people who love to experience new and exciting thrills, perhaps by launching themselves into rather "extreme" activities that are able to give them pleasure that is difficult to experience with…

An old man dies of a broken heart shortly after his faithful dog passed away due to illness

The bond that can be created between a human being and his pet can be so strong that the death of one of them can have truly tragic consequences for the other. When four-legged friend and owner are inseparable,…

A little girl sees that the neighbor offers her "4-legged brothers" a treat every day and decides to follow in their footsteps

Having animal companions enriches our lives, makes them more cheerful, interesting and in a word "better". Adopting a sweet furry friend is a good idea at any age. But when there are also young children,…

15 dogs that could melt even the toughest hearts with their sweetness

Anyone who has a four-legged friend in the house knows perfectly well that he has found a priceless treasure; not only can a dog prove to be a faithful and lasting friend, but it can also become the best…

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