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Video Of Animals

16 incorrigible dogs with whom it is practically impossible to get angry

A dog is man's most faithful friend, yes, but he also knows how to be a real bungler. And no matter what rules you teach him, how much you play with him or how many times you fill his bowl - he will always…

Before and after adoption: 15 pets who found a new home and love their humans

Those with a very sensitive soul know perfectly well that not all our four-legged friends have the privilege of living surrounded by the affection of a loving family, sleeping under a safe roof, being…

15 photos that show what great medicine our pets can be

For people who live alone, four-legged company is exactly what they need. It is enough to adopt a dog, or a cat if you have the chance and our days, our daily lives, suddenly become full of energy, dynamism,…

"Your child needs a dog": 17 photos full of sweetness describe the friendship between children and their puppies

If you believe your child doesn't need a dog, well, you're wrong and a Cambridge University study proves it! Regardless of whether or not you have the opportunity to adopt a puppy, a 2017 study, carried…

19 photos of cats that are so cute and tiny they should be considered "illegal"

"So adorable they should be considered illegal": that's how many viewers on the internet ironically define the most beautiful kittens around. In fact, these people are not wrong! Who wouldn't want to…

17 parents who didn't want animals under their feet but who wouldn't be parted from them now

First they had peremptorily said that they didn't want any dogs or cats under their feet or inside their home, then after a few days of tolerating coexistence with the newcomer, they can no longer do…

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