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Video Of Animals

All the love captured in a glance: 21 tender photos of animals and their owners

What would we do without the company of our favorite puppy? A pet is a lifeline for many people, especially the elderly and children, and they are in effect important members of the family. Whether it's…

"So that's where you got to!": 16 pets with an innate talent for sneaking around everywhere

If you have a pet at home, you know better than us that our extraordinary and irreplaceable four-legged friends have a special talent for hiding and knowing how to sneak into the narrowest and most unthinkable…

Animals interacting with the human world: 20 funny photos show them in all kinds of situations

Animals are an important part of our life, especially if we choose to adopt them into the family, and enjoy the company of a dog or a cat (or any other domesticated animal) in our daily life. Often, they…

He quit his modeling career to build a shelter for all the stray animals in his city

Have you ever walked down the street and met a stray dog looking for water and food? Perhaps you also thought that, if you had the chance, you would have liked to take him and bring him home with you,…

A panther abandoned by her mother is raised by a woman and her dog: they are practically inseparable

Do you think it would be possible to tame a wild animal and keep it at home as if it were a dog or a cat? Scientific studies do not categorically exclude this possibility, even if they warn of the likelihood…

"Mom, I want it!": A child's desperate cry to his mother because he would like to adopt a kitten he found in the street

The emotional bond that is established between a child and a four-legged friend can be unique, moving and extraordinary; it is no coincidence that we say pets are great company for kids who are only children…

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