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At school, they scolded him because he never stops drawing but he is hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant

Behind an "unruly" child at school, there may often be a sociable, creative, active child. For this reason, we must never judge by appearances, because the truth could be quite different. This is the…

The employees at this bus station offer shelter to stray dogs with blankets and reused tires

The problem of stray and abandoned dogs, forced to spend days and nights outside, without shelters and exposed to constant risks, afflicts many cities around the world. Fortunately, however, there are…

14 photos of children in disastrous but funny situations that surely exasperated their parents

Having children is something that is wonderful - and every parent can have their own personal opinion about it. But, mostly, parents are all united in regard to the infinite joy that they felt when they…

An elderly man brings his sick dog to a hospital for humans and the kind doctors decide to treat him anyway

There are countless stories that testify to how powerful the bond between a human being and a dog can be. Very often, they have been friends for many years and they take care of each other day after day.…

These triplets were born two and a half months early and against all expectations, they survived and are strong and healthy

When parents expect twins or triplets, they are immediately informed of the possibility of giving birth before the end of the pregnancy. In most cases, triplets are born around the 38th week, because…

She went to an animal shelter to adopt a dog but in the end, she saved three

Everyone should be more like this female protagonist, Shelley Blount, in this beautiful story that illustrates her love for animals. A love for animals that shows real compassion, especially for those…

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