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Pregnancy can be "contagious" --- a sociological study confirms this!

Having children is a wonderful experience, which must be approached with enthusiasm but also with a good measure of responsibility. Many women get pregnant without planning it, while others postpone it…

Sagittarians are unique people and here are 10 characteristics that make them special

Each zodiac sign is special in its own way, but perhaps the sign of Sagittarius deserves special mention. Perhaps, it is due to their spirit of adventure, or perhaps their ability to put people at ease,…

After 40 years of age you should only work three days a week --- Science confirms this!

Although labor laws can vary greatly depending on the state of residence and the company, the life of the vast majority of people is usually occupied mainly by work, specifically for a number of hours…

School backpacks are too heavy! What are the risks for children? The experts respond...

Suffering from back pain has become, unfortunately, a fairly common problem not only for adults, but also for school-age children. In fact, the very young are being forced to carry very heavy backpacks…

"You loved her, didn't you?" - Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful poems that a man has ever written for a woman

It is no longer common for lovers to write each other poems, in fact, perhaps it is no longer fashionable to write anything inherent to love that is not a message on a smartphone. Fortunately, we have…

For a woman, Prince Charming is her son --- and it is a bond that will last a lifetime

In the world of fairy tales, we have always seen that there is a girl or woman in search of her Prince Charming, who will make her dream come true, who will love her, and treat her like a real princess.…

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