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This dog was abandoned at a train station with a luggage cart next to it full of its favorite objects

In the UK, the news story about a male dog, named Kai, abandoned at a train station in Scotland, with a luggage cart filled with his favorite things, has had a strong echo. This is a story full of mystery…

21 fun reasons why cats will one day conquer the world

Whether you love them or hate them, our feline friends possess a charm all their own that is impossible to resist. Anyone who loves cats or has one at home knows that, sooner or later, felines will conquer…

A taxi driver accepts 8 stray dogs as passengers together with an elderly woman

Love for animals is always a noble feeling, even when it may appear a little excessive in the eyes of those who perceive some gestures as a bit exaggerated and peculiar and express their disapproval.…

These 16 exciting photos show that money cannot buy happiness

How many times have we heard repeated that happiness does not depend on how much money or wealth that each of us has? Probably many times, and in truth, this concept is much more than a simple proverb,…

Good people often go to a psychologist to learn how to protect themselves from bad people

Since when has trust and respect for others gone out of fashion? Since when has telling lies and being so competitive that cheating and being insensitive and rude have become the rule? Many sociologists…

This 84-year-old man traveled 37 miles (60 km) every day to drive a blind child to school

It is never too late, and one is never too old to help others. The story we are about to tell you about, has as its protagonist of an energetic 84-year-old Italian man, from Consuma, a mountain village…

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