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She has worn her hair long for 20 years and decides to cut it and the change in her look is amazing

When a woman or a man decides to let their hair grow, in the end, their hair becomes an integral part of their body. Therefore, to think of cutting their hair, after a few years, is a very difficult idea…

Whoever is absent too long ends up losing their place in the lives of others

The worst form of absence, the most painful one, is perhaps that of those who are only physically present, whose hugs are distracted, whose glances are empty, whose smiles are forced, and whose attention…

These delightful drawings show us what it means to be truly in love

Love is a powerful and universal feeling, which for centuries a myriad of poets, painters, and artists of all kinds have tried to describe and explain. In some epochs, it has been idealized and presented…
Art Drawing Love

Those who are happy with themselves do not speak ill of others.

It happens every day to deal with people who do nothing but criticize the work of others, point fingers, and make judgments. These individuals are most likely unhappy. Being comfortable with yourself,…

A squirrel visits a photographer's house every day, so he creates a different scene every time and takes a picture!

Nature photography is a branch of photography that no doubt requires a lot of patience and experience. There are many variables to take into account in order to be able to take the perfect picture: the…

More than expensive toys, a trip is the most beautiful gift you can give a child

The marketing world submerges us with gift items designed to fill the world of childhood: so we quickly find the house submerged with toys, of which - almost as fast - the child will get tired of, to…

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