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"Adoption is not charity": woman defends herself from those who criticized her for having welcomed black children into the family

Although the society in which we all live today has made great strides in civil rights and the equality of all before the law, whether it is ethnicity, nationality, and so on, the problem of racism in…

She becomes pregnant with twins and her ex's partner asks to take care of them

Managing a pregnancy without the supoort of a partner can be a long and very, very hard process. Of course, there will always be parents, relatives or friends who will do their part and lend a hand to…

Autistic boy has a meltdown and throws himself on the ground: a stranger decides to lie down with him and manages to calm him down

"In a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind" - if we all lived by this mantra, perhaps, the world would be a better place. Today, however, kindness makes the news and we are surprised,…

For her birthday, he give his wife a dress two sizes smaller: "I did it to motivate her to lose weight"

Telling a woman that, perhaps, she might have put on a few extra pounds is already a rather delicate subject in itself, but completely mistaking how to communicate it is really equivalent to a kamikaze…

A single dad raises his four children without anyone's help: "They are the ones who give me the strength to go on"

Life after the divorce of a couple is never easy, especially if there are children involved. Essentially it's the children who suffer from the separation of mum and dad; in fact it is no coincidence that…

15 touching photos show us how people are capable of making small but important gestures

Some people have the power to make the world a better place, thanks to their empathy and kindness. Anyone who thinks that all people are selfish and insensitive is wrong: a small gesture is enough to…

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