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Croatia: more than a thousand ultras show up to help a hospital transport its baby incubators to a safe place after earthquake destroys maternity section

Once a national emergency hits, people are ready to take action. In Croatia, it's not only the Coronavirus that's been bringing their health system to its knees. Just the other day, Croatia suffered a…

Teenage boy invites his blind girlfriend to prom, writing his message in Braille with pieces of chocolate.

In the United States, prom is one of the most important moments in a high schooler's life. This is the time where usually the male student gets to declare his love for his girlfriend or secret crush.…

8 useful tips to better manage the anxiety and stress generated by the Coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus is now a sadly current reality in many parts of the world. The degree of diffusion varies from area to area, from country to country, but it seems clear that, to avoid making things worse,…

A wave of Golden Retriever puppies overwhelms this man who can't stop laughing

Who as a child has not had the thought of wanting to pet a puppy at least once? Some have been more fortunate than others and persuaded their parents to adopt a dog, others, however, have become adults…

He collected many books during his street sweeper career: now he has a degree in theology and speaks 3 languages

"Will is power" - our will determines the strength of our actions and even if the reality that surrounds us, the one in which we were born and perhaps the only one we know, is not exactly at the level…

Friends for more than 40 years, these three elderly women have decided to spend the quarantine under the same roof

With the spread of the Coronavirus emergency, the United Kingdom is also taking drastic measures to contain the contagion, including that of the quarantine in force for at least two weeks for all citizens…

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