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"As I Began to Love Myself" a poem by Charlie Chaplin that will remain etched in your heart

Charlie Chaplin was an actor who became one of the world-famous icons of silent movies and also one of the most important filmmakers of the twentieth century. Charlie Chaplin has always been best remembered…

A child needs to sleep near their mother for up to 3 years - but not in the same bed

When a newborn baby arrives in a family, the problem of nighttime rest becomes a topic of primary importance. Small children, it is known, cannot be said to have regular and longlasting cycles of sleep,…

These are the clues that reveal to you that you have found a gentleman

The term "gentleman" comes from the Latin gentilis, which means belonging to a gens, and is found in many languages, such as French - gentilhomme, Spanish - gentilhombre, English - gentleman, and in…

Sometimes indifference is the most intelligent answer we can give

There are situations in which the best answer is --- not to answer. Not only that: It is even better to just pretend like nothing happened, and go on your own way. Especially, if by responding - with…

People who know how to truly love their partner have these 5 behaviors

If you think that the art of loving someone is an innate instinct, according to the writer and philosopher Erich Fromm, you are totally mistaken. According to him, knowing how to love is, in fact, a…

Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected

Have you ever lost sight of a person dear to you because of the distance, and realizing, upon meeting him or her again, that time and distance had not affected your relationship? Probably yes, and this…

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