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Teen makes fun of classmate after losing her hair to chemo: as punishment, her father makes her shave his head

When it comes to teaching our kids how to behave, there's really no one "right way" to do it. Usually, all it takes is some common sense and, most of the time, kids will turn out just fine. One of the…

6 seniors who meet every day in the same park observing a safe distance: respect in a photo

We can say anything about this new generation of teenagers who will soon shape the future of our planet, but certainly one thing must be admitted:they are a rather contradictory generation. Of course,…

13 funny photos of unmanageable children who gave their parents a hard time

As you know, children are often unmanageable: most of them have the natural need to let off steam running and jumping from one part of the house to the other, devising "evil" plans to spite their parents…

Cheap weddings: 11 brides who bought wonderful dresses without spending a fortune

Many of us know this well: when the time comes to plan the wedding day, the expenses start to come one after the other, and in many cases couples - and their families! - pay out astronomical figures,…

Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman

The dream of every parent is to see their son or daughter happy, perhaps with a beautiful wedding, a family of their own and children; but not all mums' and dads' wishes coincide with those of their children.…

An entire village remained in the dark for 35 days to save the lives of a sparrow and its young

When you are faced with an animal in distress, you have a duty to help it just as you would a human being. In India, a village located in the state of Tamil Nadu decided to make some sacrifices in order…

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