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Sometimes indifference is the most intelligent answer we can give

There are situations in which the best answer is --- not to answer. Not only that: It is even better to just pretend like nothing happened, and go on your own way. Especially, if by responding - with…

People who know how to truly love their partner have these 5 behaviors

If you think that the art of loving someone is an innate instinct, according to the writer and philosopher Erich Fromm, you are totally mistaken. According to him, knowing how to love is, in fact, a…

Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected

Have you ever lost sight of a person dear to you because of the distance, and realizing, upon meeting him or her again, that time and distance had not affected your relationship? Probably yes, and this…

A hug, given at the right time, works better than a thousand comforting words!

A hug is a gesture that expresses a large range of affection. According to scientific studies, hugs would also have a beneficial effect at the physiological level, increasing the level of oxytocin and…

Disappointments happen to make you open your eyes --- not close your heart!

Each of us has hopes and expectations that do not always come true. Then we feel disillusioned and troubled because disappointments hurt and it is even worse if they come from the people we are particularly…

15 quotes from Einstein that will make you change your perspective about everything

Albert Einstein was one of the great personalities and symbols of the twentieth century whose name is still synonymous with intelligence and genius! Einstein was a German physicist with Jewish origins…

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