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Adopting A Cat Extends Human Life Because Cats Help To Fight Depression And Are Good For The Heart

If someone has not yet been won over by their sympathy and beauty, here is a very good reason to adopt a cat  --- according to a recent study, cats extend the lives of their owners. And not only. …

People Who Speak Aloud To Themselves Are Not Crazy, But Smarter Than Average

Have you ever seen people walking around the streets or in supermarkets thinking aloud? Well, even though it may seem that they are out of their mind, in reality, they are not and it is a recent US…

She Has A Miscarriage And Loses Her Baby And Then Finds Herself Paralyzed --- All Because Of A Tattoo!

Satisfying a whim and getting a tattoo at the wrong time in life cost a 16-year-old Colombian girl dearly. In fact, Luisa Fernada Buitrago wanted at all costs to tattoo something under her right breast…

Keeping Mice Away From Your Home Without Using Dangerous Chemicals

Mice are biologically very fascinating creatures because they are able to adapt to an infinite number of environmental conditions, thereby, colonizing every corner of the planet. Unfortunately, however,…

14 Signs That Demonstrate You Have Had The Best Mom In The World

If we were to describe a moment in our life when we felt peace, harmony, and security, we would probably choose a moment spent with our mother.  Few relationships in life can indeed match that deep…

A Doctor Asks Terminally-ill Children What Are The Most Important Things In Life And Their Answers Leave Him Speechless

We adults can really learn a lot from children, especially when it comes to setting priorities in life. In the course of our existence, we often focus on very marginal things, such as buying a new car…

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