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A woman's purpose should be to live a happy life, not to nurse a man

How many times have we convinced ourselves that to live a happy and fulfilled life we need to find a caring man, get married, create a perfect family, be a mother of sound principles and a model wife?…

17 people who didn't want a pet in the house and now treat it like a family member

There are certain things that people won't compromise on and one of them is having pets in the house: dad, mom, boyfriend or girlfriend may refuse to have a hairy being around and the excuses are "I don't…

"Monkey tail" beards are very popular: 16 examples that left us dumbfounded

A beard is a very distinctive look and many men let it grow in an attempt to improve their appearance. There are those who like it and those who consider it a distinquishing trait in men who care little…

19 men who found a certain charm by growing a beard

Beards can now be considered as real "accessories" for many men. Almost like make-up for women, a beard can, in many cases "camouflage" and even make the faces of some men much more seductive. It's clear…

A 56-year-old woman has been married 10 times but has no plans to stop: she has to find the right person

There are those who have been lucky enough to find soemone first time and those who, after repeated attempts, realize they have not succeeded. Cassey, a 56-year-old business woman residing in the United…

A man takes off his pants and gives them to a homeless man begging in the cold

When we meet homeless people and people begging on the street it's really difficult to ignore them and continue on your way pretending nothing has happened. Even if the problem of poverty in the world…

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