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It may seem to be a horse like all the others, but looking at it closely, you will understand why he is considered the most beautiful horse in the world

Did you know that even some particular horse breeds are currently on the endangered species list? There is a breed of horses that has risked extinction from the planet Earth three times, and today it…

Drawing on stones is a new hobby that centers and relaxes you. Here is everything you need to get started right away!

There are different activities that can foster a state of calm and inner peace. There are those who prefer sports, some who enjoy reading, and others who love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and handicrafts.…

This is dedicated to the best friend who lives far away from you, but who understands you better than the friends you see every day.

Too often the word "friend" is used lightly, indiscriminately assigning this title to practically all the people who one considers to be a little more than mere acquaintances. And yet, it is a noble adjective…

A house that is TOO organized and sterilized is a symptom of unhappiness, a psychological study states

Perfection is not only boring but it can also be depressing. In particular, keeping one's home immaculate, always as if one were to undergo a military inspection from one moment to the next, bears witness…

If you love wearing your hair short, here is what it reveals about your personality

For many people, hair represents a large part of a woman's charm, after all, hair frames the face, softens facial features, hides defects, and highlights qualities. Beyond this, however, long and thick…

At 10 years of age, she receives a tortoise as a gift and 56 years later they are still inseparable

Whoever owns one or more pets, knows very well that pets become full family members. In fact, pet owners know their pet's character, their daily habits, and take care of them every day, knowing they can…

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