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This 5-star hotel recovers leftovers from the kitchen to give to dogs that live in animal shelters

It is known that in regards to large chain restaurants, one of the most disputed aspects is the enormous waste of food. In fact, every day tons of food still in perfect condition that could be easily…

Here is what you can do during the summer to alleviate annoying water retention

Water retention is a widespread disorder, affecting mainly women, and during the summer it usually causes much more discomfort, since the heat causes vasodilation and the accumulation of liquids. Not…

It is much more than a simple summer fruit! Here are the remarkable effects of watermelon on our body ...

The mere sight of a tray filled with slices of watermelon immediately evokes the summer season since as a fruit, it absolutely dominates the table during the summer. Many people are mistakenly convinced…

Here is what to do IMMEDIATELY when you find tick eggs!

Ticks are among the most harmful and annoying pests that can be found in circulation! Unfortunately, it is not so difficult to come across these tiny and annoying animals, especially in warm and sunny…

Hair loss is often due to a lack of vitamins, so here are the essential ones to keep your hair healthy and strong!

Hair loss can have different causes, including a genetic predisposition, stress, an illness, or the side effects of drugs, but also diet deficiencies. Therefore, in this article we will specifically deal…

6 bad habits that cause water retention, and how this disorder can be successfully treated!

The excessive accumulation of liquids in the body is called water retention, a symptomatic condition linked to the reduced or poor functioning of the lymphatic or circulatory system. In most cases, this…

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