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Patience and silence are the main virtues of strong people

Silence and patience are two sides of the same coin, two behavioral attributes that if properly cultivated and combined can help us live better and make our actions more effective. Many people - the most…

While all focus on the newborn baby, a grandmother focuses on the new mom

Pregnancy is usually a beautiful period for every expectant woman, both for that life that grows in her womb and for the prospect of having the baby soon in her arms, and because she, as a soon to be…

A nephew or a niece changes your life. They are not your child, but they are still a part of you

It is often said that "a baby changes your life", and nothing is extra true than that: with the arrival of a new living being, so small and in need of care and love, one's life will never be the same…

5 practical tips to attract positive karma in your life

We often hear that "beautiful things happen when we least expect it". Sometimes, without any apparent explanation, we feel like we are being guided by a positive force, as if the whole universe is rooting…

The powerful prayer to St. Benedict to remove bad and envious people

According to legend, St. Benedict left Rome to escape a life that was too chaotic and heavy to sustain. He settled in a small town, finding refuge in a cave, praying, and living as a hermit. The shepherds…

To my mother-in-law --- Thank you for raising the wonderful man I fell in love with

It is said that a man seeks as a companion in his life, a woman like a mother. Yes, she who raised him, protected and loved him above all things in the world, and who often remains as an indispensable…

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