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Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman

The dream of every parent is to see their son or daughter happy, perhaps with a beautiful wedding, a family of their own and children; but not all mums' and dads' wishes coincide with those of their children.…

An entire village remained in the dark for 35 days to save the lives of a sparrow and its young

When you are faced with an animal in distress, you have a duty to help it just as you would a human being. In India, a village located in the state of Tamil Nadu decided to make some sacrifices in order…

He wins 22 million in the lottery and shares the sum with his friend: as they had promised 30 years earlier

An agreement is an agreement, and Thomas Cook had made a very important one with a close friend of his more than 30 years ago: if he had a big cash win on the lottery, he would divide the sum in half…

Woman frees over 1,500 child brides and sends them to school to earn an education

According to the United Nations, 1 our of 3 females get married before the age of 18 in certain underdeveloped countries. Unfortunately, child marriage is a phenomenon that's deeply rooted in African…

12 children who fall asleep in the strangest/most unlikely places

Children are what make the world go round. It's thanks to their smiles, innocence, and pure curiosity that give the world a reason to continue existing. Even adults from time to time like to revert back…

13 baby animal photos that are so cute they are almost irresistible

Whoever has an animal at home, especially a baby one, probably spends a lot of time taking pictures of it. Let's face it, as pet owners, we think that our animals are the cutest on Earth. That's why we…

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