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The heartwarming image of a woman with dementia in her husband's arms: she remembers nothing but feels safe

Being lucky enough to share your life with a special person, who we know will stay with us forever no matter what happens, does not happen for everyone. There are those who, after years of marriage and…

Australian firefighters pose with animals for charity in the new 2021 calendar

The Australian fire brigade calendar is now an important tradition which has been in production since 1993. It is a charity project, which aims to provide concrete help to the Children's Hospital Foundation,…

A guy sees a puma behind him during a mountain run: he is chased by it for 6 thrilling minutes

The video posted by this young athlete is incredible. We could make a comparison with one of those films that make you hold your breath for the duration, but in this case the tension is concentrated…

A teacher fills her trolley with school supplies: a stranger offers to pay for everything for her

Teaching is not an easy job. Even if at times it may seem quite the opposite, having to deal with many small children, to be educated, kept under control and even - why not - entertained for many hours…

A 3-year-old boy is bullied in kindergarten for wearing a Frozen backpack: "It's for girls"

Children, especially if they are of preschool age, should be left free to play and dream of whatever is able to tickle their imagination. Even if society has always imposed on us very specific gender…

15 fun photos of cats who refuse to give their owners some privacy

How much joy can we derive from the presence of a small animal like the much loved and desired domestic cat? A lot, despite their reputation of being cold and reserved animals, almost hostile towards…

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