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A girl is escorted by almost 300 motorcyclists to the school prom: she was bullied for being dyslexic

Bullying is a terrifying thing, psychologically devastating for those who suffer from it. There can be various examples of bullying, from the physical ones which result in violence, to the subtle and…

Elderly man uses a hair dryer as a "speed camera" to slow down cars that are going too fast

Forget the nice old men who stay at home all the time enjoying their retirement, today we want to tell you the incredible story of a 74-year-old man who, fed up with making constant complaints to the…

Teased because he was the son of a janitor, he was admitted to 9 prestigious universities: a great result

As we all know, education can sometimes be extremely expensive. For those who cannot afford university fees, studying at university can be a real challenge. Yet coming from a humble family is not a valid…

A young girl gives her clothes to a bullied classmate: "They targeted her because she didn't dress in fashion"

Being bullied in school is very common in all school grades. Every year there are many young people who decide to abandon their studies in order not to hear the criticisms and teasing from their classmates.…

A sweet Golden Retriever looks after the owners' daughter as if it were her babysitter

There are videos that are good for the heart and this is one of them! If you don't believe it, look at how this great Golden Retriever takes care of his owners' baby girl. It is an incredible sight:…

12 women who were turned into real princesses with the help of this make-up artist

Appearing in the best possible way is, of course, every person's dream. Women are renowned for taking particular care of themselves and their look. Of course, every woman would like to be a queen in the…

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