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Errors To Avoid To Save At Least $10 A Month On Utility Bills

Every day without realizing it, we waste so much money that if we were able to put it aside, that money could be very useful in times of real need. Saving, in fact, does not mean paying attention only…

24 Images Of Good Deeds That Remind Us That There Is Still Hope For Our World!

It is always nice to do or receive a good deed from someone. These spontaneous gestures are able to revive a day that started out badly, have beneficial effects on mental health, on the personal satisfaction…

An Entrepreneur Wants To Buy A Cruise Ship To Make Homes For The Poor And Homeless

In the last few years, the city of Portland, Maine, has been facing a problem common to many large cities, namely, the lack of affordable housing, for those who need it most. A local entrepreneur seems…

Choose A Stone Among These Six ... And Find Out What It Reveals About You!

What do you know about opalite, or malachite, heliolite, hexolite, obsidian or Dalmatian jasper? Leaving out the color and beauty, you probably do not know anything about these stones, but maybe they…

Hot Salt, A Natural And Economical Remedy Against Colds And Neck Pain

When you suffer from light neck pain, menstrual cramps, colds, and bronchitis you can resort to a natural and economic remedy to alleviate the symptoms, namely, hot salt. This is a remedy that is within…

Do You Also Cover A Public Toilet With Toilet Paper? Here Is Why You Should Stop Doing It Immediately!

In regards to public toilets, each of us has our own habits. As much as we try to avoid them, sometimes we find ourselves having to use them. In fact, our parents taught us when we were children the basic hygiene…

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