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He marries both women he's in love with and now hopes to get them pregnant at the same time

There are people who feel the need to express their love towards more than one person, without feeling judged or stuck in a traditional relationship which doesn't fulfill them. Have you ever heard of…

20 people who should have ordered take-out instead of cooking

Many of us have always wanted to get in the kitchen, follow the recipes of starred chefs to the letter and give our contribution and our best, wishing to turn out a real culinary masterpiece, to eat alone,…

"Women are always right": a child's answer to the math test assigned by the school

And who said that the new generation of children is just addicted to technology and doesn't notice the reality that surrounds them? Perhaps some of these children will surprise us thanks to their thinking,…

A baby is born with very thick blond hair: "My husband and I are brunette!"

How much do we love our children, especially if at their birth they come into the world with an unusual characteristic that is the envy of all; when such a thing happens, mom and dad feel doubly proud…

He toured the world with his mother who has Alzheimer's: he wanted to give her one last gift

We would do anything for our mothers, even literally go around the world to make her feel good and to see her smile again. A bit like Sean O'Sallaigh has done; the 44-year-old man from Ireland decided…

Every day a kitten went to greet him at the café: in the end she followed him home

A life in the company of a pet is definitely a life full of beautiful emotions, memories and loving gestures. A dog or a cat, for example, can become excellent friends, to be trusted for life and are…

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