The secret symbolism of roses: each color symbolizes emotions or intentions

by Mark Bennett

September 24, 2023

The secret symbolism of roses: each color symbolizes emotions or intentions

Roses, with their enchanting beauty and delicate scent, are the symbol of delicacy and love par excellence. However, perhaps not everyone knows that this beautiful flower has within it a silent language, intrinsic to meaning, icons and symbolism.

The red rose is probably the best known of roses - the undisputed protagonist of romantic interactions in famous books and films. But there is much more than the usual clichés about roses: these flowers are essentially bearers of profound messages and emotions that speak directly to the heart.

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The secret message behind the colors of roses

The secret message behind the colors of roses


It's all a question of knowledge: you certainly don't want to appear indiscreet and inappropriate by conveying the wrong message, right? Each rose color has a very specific meaning. So, let's find out more about this.

An orange rose is a rather particular color, but this does not mean it is without its symbolism: it represents enthusiasm, the desire to live and joy. It is usually given as a gift to express appreciation towards a person you respect and for whom you feel admiration.


Red rose

The red rose is certainly the most famous of flowers and its symbolism is known by most: it represents love in its most passionate state; it is a symbol of a "burning" love that consumes mind and body - a celebration of an intense and unbridled passion.

Red roses are given to a person for whom we have deep, romantic feelings: it should be given to those we cannot live without.

Purple rose

A purple rose is one color that is rarely seen, and therefore - often - its meaning is not known. The color itself, elegant and luxurious, holds a distinct symbolism. In detail, its meaning is associated with a "lightning" love, ie. one that  catches you off guard, fascinates and enchants you in an instant. Not only does it represent a sense of enchantment, but it can also express luxury, nobility and mystery.

A purple rose is a bold and "complicated" flower to gift given its "complex nature". We suggest you give purple roses to people who are important in your life.

White or pink roses

On to the white rose: this rose symbolises the purity of soul, kindness, innocence and simplicity. This color, however, varies in its meaning based on who and in what context it is given as a gift: at a baptism or for the birth of a child, it expresses joy and a new beginning. But if given as a gift to an adult, it takes on the meaning of eternal love !

A pink rose indicates affection and gratitude: it is suitable to give to a person who is very close to us.

Yellow or blue roses

Yellow or blue roses


One of the most controversial and "sensitive" colors when talking about roses is yellow: a yellow rose has very different meanings depending on your culture. In general, these roses represent friendship and happiness. However, in some countries, yellow roses can also be a symbol of jealousy or betrayal. So it's important to consider the cultural context when giving yellow roses!

The story is different for blue rose: beautiful and - sometimes very difficult to find - this is a flower that indicates rare beauty, and represents purity, mystery and uniqueness at the same time. It is therefore difficult to find a well-defined occasion to give a blue rose as a gift. We advise you present them at important occasions and prestigious events.


Black rose

A black rose is perhaps the color that is the least popular due to its association with mourning, something dark and threatening. And in fact, one of the occasions when you buy black roses is precisely when you are attending a funeral... but there's more.

This rose, superficially "macabre", is also elegant and magnificent in its own way: it can also represent the strength and will for radical change.

Now you are ready to surprise everyone with roses of all colors, so what are you waiting for?!