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This girl was born with a singular tuft of white hair: a unique and fascinating distinctive trait

Each of us, as we know well, is unique in his own way. Although we can think that in the world there are people with a character and appearance similar almost entirely to ours, originality and personal…

Stylist celebrates her 71st: she demonstrates how age is just a number, posting pictures of herself in outfits usually worn by women half her age

For centuries, people have been searching for that miracle elixir that will finally keep them looking youthful despite their advanced age. Obviously, living a healthy lifestyle (i.e. staying active and…

The needle threader: the objects from the past that were used by our grandmothers when they learned how to sew

The fast and progressive advance of technology in every area of life is making our everyday lives "easier" and more immediate; from cell phones to PCs, from new forms of communication, to the latest hyper-galactic…

Nails decorated with little hands and feet: the bizarre, new and somewhat disturbing trend

Fashion has no rules and boundaries, or if it has them, it loves to break and overcome them. The only thing that never changes is the desire to amaze, upset and sometimes scandalize. What drives people…

The doggy test to find out your mental age: test yourself with a fun game

Age does not matter when you feel young "inside". We often hear this phrase repeated which, in many ways, is not wrong. Physical problems aside, it is always very good to try to keep our mind as fresh…

Grandmother dresses up in unicorn blowup costume so she could hug her grandchildren during Covid

How far would you go for a hug? If you're Maureen Sweeney, you would go as far as dressing up in a blowup unicorn costume just to feel the sweet embrace of your grandchildren again.  The love of a grandmother…

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