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A year after their divorce, women become much happier and more attractive, and here is why!

It seems almost obvious to say it, but divorce is one of the most traumatic moments one can experience. Not only for the causes that lead to the end of a relationship that may have lasted for many years,…

This 89-year-old grandmother travels the world with a backpack and a walking cane: she wants to spend her retirement creating memories

Traveling is probably the dream of many people, but few can make it happen. A backpack, some money, free time, a lot of desire for adventure and ... up and away, around the world, wherever we like the…

Here is what ailment a person suffers from who spends their time taking selfies while working out, according to scientific research

It is useless to deny it: we live in an era of appearances. What counts, first and foremost, due to the widespread emergence of social media networks and instant communication, is the image that others…

After 44 years, the turtles from the "Rocky" movie still live with Sylvester Stallone!

Exactly forty years ago, Sylvester Stallone played the protagonist role of Rocky Balboa in the movie "Rocky", for the first time. It was 1975 and that movie marked the beginning of a saga destined to…

Why do mosquitoes bite you more than anyone else? Here are seven reasons why you are being targeted

When the first heat waves hit that means only one thing: summer is finally upon us! However, every year, with the arrival of good weather, annoying mosquitoes also arrive, always ready to torment us and…

The real secret to happiness is when someone else cleans your house for you!

Doing household chores and cleaning are not really the most attractive activities we hope to do over the weekend, yet sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. A large and lively family, a dinner with…

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