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A woman gives birth to a newborn weighing 6.3 kg: "I thought it was twins"

The birth of a child is always an event that brings with it joy, apprehension and curiosity, at the thought of what the unborn child will be like, what his characteristics, his appearance, his character…

The bride throws the bouquet: her friend manages to catch it and the fiance runs away at full speed

There are traditions and customs recognized and carried on in many parts of the world, and to which people pay a lot of attention, so much so that they come to believe that they can really affect their…

17 hairstyles so extravagant that people couldn't help but immortalize them

Sometimes it is said that the worst never ends. While this is a generalized saying, in some cases it seems very apt. In fact, how many times has it happened that we find ourselves in staring at sights…

17 people who compared their photos with those of their relatives and discovered a remarkable similarity

It's not until we have in our hands an old photograph of our parents, our grandparents or our relatives from the past, that we will notice how striking the similarity between us and them can sometimes…

2 parrots having a nice chat: the tones and expression are incredibly "human"

Just when we think we have seen or heard almost everything, be sure that, thanks to the internet and the ability to get to know a good part of the world instantly with just a click, something new comes…

12 everyday problems that only people with long hair will understand

Having long hair can be a beautiful thing. Whether it's blond or brown, black or red, our hair and our hairstyle always say something about the person who wears it every day. A common feature of long…

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