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This woman hasn't been on vacation in years as she has to look after her pet toucan who is afraid of being abandoned

Having a pet is wonderful in many ways, but it certainly depends on the pet in question! No animal lover will tell you that keeping a particular species is hell, but for some animals there are certainly…

Photographer deletes the bride and groom's wedding photographs in front of their eyes: a wedding that will be difficult to forget

Have you ever attended a wedding in which the photographer's behavior ruined that extraordinary day for the couple? A rather rare but at the same time absurd situation that can happen for very different…

A troubled mother asks for help from her daughter who is in work but is called "the worst mother in the world"

There are many stories of families experiencing financial difficulties in a world where, at times, young people can earn more than their parents. Very often, children are unwilling to help their parents…

They won £1.7 million on the lottery but still lives in social housing: "Being rich doesn't make people better"

Imagine winning a big stack of money in the national lottery - how would you use all thise piles of cash? Would you use it to travel around the world or to buy yourself a new car? Would you spend it on…

She lives in a van so as not to pay rent and saves over 13,000 euros a year

Rental costs have become a luxury on today's wages. There are many young people who are looking for alternative solutions to avoid having to work just to see a large part of their salary go out in a monthly…

Couple find a stone the size of a bean in a park: it's a 4.38 carat diamond!

Imagine walking in a park, completely immersed in Nature, and suddenly finding a very unusual stone that immediately strikes you with its shape and color: it looks so beautiful that it could even be mistaken…

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