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In this restaurant, all the staff is made up of former homeless people in search of social reintegration

It is not just any restaurant that you will find in Rua Sao Jose, 54 in Lisbon, in the heart of the capital of Portugal. The restaurant with the name "E Um Restaurant" is the first in Portugal to be…

Sleeping near snoring people can be harmful to our health as revealed by scientific research

Many people have relatives, partners or friends who, when they go to sleep to get their well-deserved rest, they start to snore and make noises that make the sleep of those around them a real nightmare.…

These 16 exciting photos show that money cannot buy happiness

How many times have we heard repeated that happiness does not depend on how much money or wealth that each of us has? Probably many times, and in truth, this concept is much more than a simple proverb,…

Sometimes, it is not such a good idea to prefer DIY beauty tips to a professional beautician

Going to a hairdresser or beautician for a woman is a moment of complete relaxation and the opportunity to dedicate some of her precious time to herself for a change! These are moments that can be used…

Love them or hate them but Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is a mix of mystery and sensuality

Welcome to the eighth house of the zodiac, that of Scorpio. A person born under this zodiac sign has a charismatic personality; he or she is enigmatic, fascinating and is incapable of being ignored by…

Nicknamed "a small sumo wrestler" this newborn baby weighed in at almost 12 lb (6 kg)

The birth of a child is always a moment that parents await with trepidation and anxiety. Despite the many sophisticated medical examinations that a pregnant mother can undergo today, there is always the…

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