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Pregnancy can be "contagious" --- a sociological study confirms this!

Having children is a wonderful experience, which must be approached with enthusiasm but also with a good measure of responsibility. Many women get pregnant without planning it, while others postpone it…

Sagittarians are unique people and here are 10 characteristics that make them special

Each zodiac sign is special in its own way, but perhaps the sign of Sagittarius deserves special mention. Perhaps, it is due to their spirit of adventure, or perhaps their ability to put people at ease,…

In love, we all cheat every day without realizing it

When one speaks of betrayal one immediately thinks of sexual betrayal such as when a man or woman employs their energies and time more pleasantly with another person than with their partner. But if we…

Science confirms it --- one day's work as a mother is equivalent to over two days work of another person!

It is appropriate to say, that this confirmation is very similar to discovering "hot water". However, it is important that there is a scientific study demonstrating how difficult it is to be a mother…

If you often encounter butterflies it means that they are there to tell you something

Butterflies have always been associated with the concepts of freedom, fragility, and beauty in every culture. No one would intentionally hurt a butterfly and when we see them flitting around they always…

Everyone needs an Aries in their lives for these five reasons

Aries is a zodiac sign characterized by a strong personality, that is as stubborn as the horned animal that represents it. An Aries is a great friend, with whom you could often find yourself arguing…

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