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Couple lives aboard a minibus that consumes only £ 10 a week: a lifetime of savings

Would you have the courage to give up everything in your life and change it completely? First of all, to make a real leap into the void you need some guts, but the reality is that to transform your life…

15 women who turned to a make-up artist and were transformed into "Hollywood divas"

Do you believe in magic? We do, especially when it comes to women's makeup. Just contact your trusted beautician to be convinced you that you don't need a magic wand to turn a pumpkin into a carriage,…

The girlfriend doesn't want to take care of her partner's children: he leaves her and cancels the wedding

When two people are together and decide to get married, it's assumed that they love every aspect of each other's character, strengths and weaknesses, shadows and lights; after all, there's no perfection…

This face cover is worn by Chinese women to avoid a suntanned face

Summer is the season of heat, high temperatures, sun, sea and beaches: who doesn't like to go to the nearest beach to swim in the blue waters, to bask under an umbrella and work on their tan? We all crave…

He has graduated six times at the age of 25 and has a message for young people: "Don't set yourself limits"

Six degrees at the age of 25 is a record that, certainly in Italy, the young Samuele Cannas has achieved for the first time. His goal, however, was certainly not to break any records, but to achieve the…

A dog runs away from home because of fireworks: at 3 am the door bell rings

Pets, especially dogs, can be terribly frightened by fireworks, so much so that every New Year, in every country, pet owners become alarmed about this tradition which is so unpleasant for our pets. The…

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