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17 photos of celebrities look-alikes

Many people would like to be movie or record industry stars and try look as much like their favorites as possible. Of course, it's the star life that attracts ordinary people the most, but are we so sure…

15 people who found themselves in such disturbing situations that they ran like hell

All of us have felt fear at least once in our life. Call it terror or whatever you want, but this emotion is so primal and common among human beings that no one is immune to it. When we were children…

19 men who found a certain charm by growing a beard

Beards can now be considered as real "accessories" for many men. Almost like make-up for women, a beard can, in many cases "camouflage" and even make the faces of some men much more seductive. It's clear…

A 56-year-old woman has been married 10 times but has no plans to stop: she has to find the right person

There are those who have been lucky enough to find soemone first time and those who, after repeated attempts, realize they have not succeeded. Cassey, a 56-year-old business woman residing in the United…

A childless couple decide to get sterilized: a choice that causes some discussion

The world has changed, and with it society and people's way of thinking; some prejudices have lapsed, while other values linked to freedom of choice have returned to the fore. For this reason, very often…

A talented hairdresser shows how liberating it can be to take a drastic cut to your hair

Cutting one's hair is an act of pampering not only towards one's appearance but also towards one's self-esteem; many women, especially those who have always proudly sported their long hair, have over…

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