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15 people who have undergone fabulous transformations thanks to the magic of makeup

Sometimes fairy tales are closer to everyday reality than we think. It is not enough for us to read imaginative books, watch films and television series where we can enjoy the fantasy of being like extraordinary…

They tried to have children for 8 years and in the end a "miracle" happened: she gave birth to quadruplets

Many couples want to experience the joy of becoming parents, but this strong desire does not always come to fruition. It is not uncommon, in fact, for a young couple to try to conceive for many years,…

15 meaningful tattoos that will bond family members forever

If you want to engrave forever in your mind and in your eyes the emotional bond that characterizes you and your parents, an original idea would be to convince them to have a shared tattoo; yes, because…

17 vintage photos remind us of all the charm of our grandparents and their timeless beauty

Naturalness is something that has gradually been lost in this modern age, in which millions of people are looking for the most effective filter to be able to look great in a photo to show to the whole…

Brad Pitt transported and hand delivered crates full of food for the neediest people in his city

When duty calls, not even one of the biggest movie stars on the planet holds back. Sure, many will wonder if it's all a publicity stunt to attract more media attention, but someone like Brad Pitt, who…

"I will never hide my past": a guy reveals his gender change against any prejudice

Feeling in perfect harmony with your body and mind is never an easy task, especially if you grow up in a context in which you perceive more and more that the body with which you were born does not belong…

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