Editorial values are the guiding principles that publishers follow in the process of publishing and disseminating content. We also adhere to these values and they guide us in the creation of every single piece of content.

All content and outputs that are attributable to Psycode are created by a group of passionate, professional and highly ethical people. What we produce every day ends up being seen or read by millions of people all over the world: we are aware of this and can guarantee that our content is consistent with the ethical and moral values that we profess and strive to uphold:

  • Objectivity : we are committed to presenting facts in an objective manner, without distortions dictated by biased interests.
  • Truth : verifying news is the order of the day at Psycode. Over the years, we have optimized a Fact-Checking process that allows us to distinguish fake news from accurate news and reporting on the latter in the most objective way possible.
  • Freedom of expression : we do not preclude ourselves from addressing any topic, including highly sensitive and/or controversial ones. We believe passionately in freedom of expression for ourselves and for others.
  • Quality : all our content is subjected to multiple review and revision steps. This is because we care passionately about publishing only high-quality content.
  • Responsibility : As a publisher, Psycode takes responsibility for what it publishes.
  • Equality : we are committed to giving a voice to all perspectives and ensuring that no category of person is excluded or disadvantaged by our content. Equality emphasizes that every voice deserves respect and consideration, regardless of factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or other personal characteristics.

Respect for corporate editorial values is a priority shared by all professionals who collaborate with Psycode.