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Mom arrives in class during math to teach her son a lesson on respect

Parenting is not easy and also involves making drastic choices that are not always appreciated by children. This is exactly what Becky Crandley, a 30-year-old woman and mother of a 12-year-old son, did.…

17 curious photographs from the past that we don't usually see in history books

Nowadays, anyone can have a camera or, more often, a mobile phone with a camera, and take any kind of photo at any time. With the advent of digital images, we don't even have to worry about "wasting"…

17 vintage photos remind us of all the charm of our grandparents and their timeless beauty

Naturalness is something that has gradually been lost in this modern age, in which millions of people are looking for the most effective filter to be able to look great in a photo to show to the whole…

Once upon a time parents didn't know these 8 inventions from the past were so dangerous for their children

The life of a parent is not easy: mum and dad always try to do the best for their child, and to do so they must be able to evaluate the many options that are constantly offered to them. Which would be…

He invented "igloos" for the homeless: warm and safe shelters to allow the less fortunate to survive the winter

The problem of homelessness, that is of those who live well below the poverty line, without being able to afford even a room or a warm bed to sleep in, is a structural problem that won't be solved in…

A sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator: one trick to survive the winter and save on the heating bill

During the winter months having a well-tested heating system is a must, ensuring the desired warmth within the walls of your home. It's true that winter can be quite long and especially in some regions…

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