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A woman catches her husband at the altar with another woman: the surreal scene shot by one of the guests

What could be more horrifying than having your wedding day ruined? Perhaps, only discovering that your husband is marrying another woman in secret! This is what happened in Zambia to a woman who surprised…

A little girl takes a nap hugging her dog and cat: a moment of rare warmth and tenderness

When you have a dog or a cat at home to keep you company, you really have everything you need: affection, closeness, unconditional love, and why not, a lot of understanding. It's difficult to feel lonely…

A man is attacked by a shark while swimming: his pregnant wife dives in and saves him

There are people who, due to a series of particularly unfortunate circumstances, have truly disturbing experiences, which they will surely remember for the rest of their lives. Think about a quiet boat…

At 99, she has survived an attempted murder, cancer and a plane crash: now she has also beaten Covid

There are people who bring with them stories destined to leave an indelible mark on other human beings. Whether it is for their abilities, for what they have done or for the events they have experienced,…

A 70-year-old man is looking for work to get the pension he is entitled to: his photo goes viral

If for young people, finding a new job is not easy, consider those who have passed a certain age and no longer seem "attractive" to the labor market. Guillermo Martínez Castillón is a 70-year-old man,…

A neighbor ruins a 3 year old girl's birthday by knocking over the table with all the food

We all have indelible memories of our birthday parties when we were just kids; memories made of joy, lightheartedness, cakes and beautiful gifts. Too bad that there are also those who remember their birthday…

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