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"Do your job": he asks his wife to hurry up and prepare dinner for the guests, she leaves the kitchen

There is still a long, long way to go so that the role of women is finally equated with that of men in society; many people still have a way of thinking that is too conservative, too tied to the traditions,…

Premature baby was born so small that she could fit inside a sandwich bag

The moment of a child's birth is one of the most exciting ever for a parent, especially for a mother who has guarded and protected her unborn child, the fruit of her love, for nine long months inside…

Businesswoman earns the same salary as her employees: "With the profits I bought them a new car"

In a historical moment in which the economic crisis is dominant and many workers around the world rightly complain about the minimum wage rate received at the end of the month in their paycheck, there…

She is in labor and her partner comes to hospital with an Xbox and starts playing while waiting for the birth

The moment of childbirth is one of the most important for a couple who have always wanted to have a baby all of their own; the anxiety of conception, the long wait of pregnancy, and then nine months that…

In 10 years she has cheated on her husband 25 times, but he always welcomes her back as if nothing had happened

There are those people who are cut out for a happy life as a monogamous couple and those who, after some time, just can't do it and cheat on their partner with other people; maybe there is not even a…

She finds a fox in her own backyard and it's immediately love at first sight

Not everyone happens to befriend a fox, yet that's exactly what happened to Emma Thompson, a London lady who owns a house with a beautiful garden. When she least expected it, two sweet foxes decided to…

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