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The owner of this cafe hired a homeless man who had come there to beg

The world is full of people in need and of other people who can help and do a lot of good for others. In those moments, when we decide to do something for those who are less fortunate than us, we are…

A couple welcomed a pregnant pit bull into their house so she could give birth in a warm and safe place

Adopting a dog requires having enough time and desire to meet all the pet's needs. Imagine how much time and effort a person needs to take care of eight dogs! A case in point is Chris and Mariesa who…

She skips one day of school to go to her mom's funeral and she is not allowed to go on the year-end school field trip

When a parent or family member dies, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that you are not allowed to attend the funeral. Unfortunately, this is what happened to 11-year-old Maddie Stevens, a…

This black woman has adopted three white children, and sometimes people confuse her for their babysitter

The story we are about to tell you contains some food for thought regarding how determination can help a person to achieve difficult goals, and how sometimes what seems like bias can still be present…

A police officer gives a woman a traffic ticket for stopping her car on the roadside to breastfeed her newborn baby

While on duty, a police officer noticed a car parked illegally on the side of the road. In fact, when this New York City Police Department officer approached and inspected the car, he discovered a mother…

This kind dog saves a kitten from the chilly rain and brings it home with her as if it were her friend

Even if movies, cartoons, and other forms of entertainment seem to suggest otherwise, dogs and cats can definitely be friends and this true story proves it. Hazel is a female dog that is a nice mix between…

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