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As a child, they told her she would never find a job but 20 years later she is the first female lawyer with autism

It must be terrible for parents to be told by a doctor that their daughter will live her entire life with a mental disability and that it will be almost a miracle if she will ever be able to find a job…

The accident that happened to this child makes us understand why popcorn should not be given to small children

One of the positive aspects of social media is the sharing of personal experiences, which can help other people to learn about important things before it happens to them.  This is exactly why a mother…

From homeless to successful manager! Here is the story of Drew, who today gives jobs to those who live on the street like he did

Life is very often absolutely unpredictable. There are situations in which everything seems to be going in the right direction and then suddenly everything collapses, or vice versa, circumstances that…

She discovers that her daughter speaks every day with a man in front of her school --- but his intentions deserve applause

Every mother must learn to live with a certain amount of worry, which can sometimes lead to anxiety. In fact, the more children grow up and expand their spaces of autonomy, the less they are subject to…

Franca Viola was the first Italian woman to refuse a "rehabilitating marriage" and her courage changed history

The name of Franca Viola represents a milestone in the affirmation of women's rights in Italy since her story marks a fundamental watershed in the evolution of Italian law in this area.  Before her…

A Thai businessman offers a dowry of $315,000 USD to anyone who marries his daughter

In many countries, it is still in use the tradition that the promised groom or his family must offer a bride price to the family of the future bride, as a condition of marriage.  However, there is a…

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