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This heroic teenager saved a mother and her 3 children by pulling them out of a burning car

There are people who have an innate, wonderful and very practical ability to know how to act with courage and level headedness at the most critical times, those who can make quick and decisive decisions…

A man makes a rude comment about a girl with cancer: her father responds by giving him a life lesson

In life episodes happen that are apparently small and insignificant, about which, with good reason, we often decide to let things go. We are talking about all those situations in which someone does us…

A man adopts a girl who has been locked up in a room with her mother for 6 years, giving her a new life

There are stories that have the power to leave a profound mark not only on those who live through them, but also in those who learn about them. These are perhaps "extreme" cases and incredible events,…

The mother-in-law dresses in a white dress and dances close to her son stealing the show from the bride during the wedding

The wedding is - or at least it should be - a day to remember for a lifetime, a splendid moment in which the love of a couple for each other triumphs and they habe decided to form a family together. Fortunately…

A mother bursts into tears when only one guest shows up at a party for her child with Down syndrome

A small child's birthday is not only a happy moment for children, who have the opportunity to spend hours of pure fun dedicated to them, but it is also and above all for parents, proud to be able to give…

They celebrate their girl's first birthday with photos: a woman attacks them and destroys the set

For their little daughter Anja's first birthday, parents Isaiah and Kelyn Allen wanted to do something special and memorable, having a day that would be nice to remember in the future. As with all parents,…

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