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A 74-year-old woman reports her 4 children who left her out in the cold after changing the locks

The parent-child relationship is certainly one of the most complex to deal with, due to all the contradictions that characterize it. It is a special relationship which has always been a source of great…

Despite utter exhaustion after a long workday, this nurse dropped everything to provide medical care to a wounded homeless man

How many times in our lives have we found ourselves walking down the street - perhaps downtown where everyone's out shopping or checking out the latest trendy cocktail bar - only to stumble across a homeless…

After losing her puppies, this Beagle mother "adopts" an opossum: the two are inseparable

The instinct for protection that an animal has for its offspring is something that goes far beyond simple maternal affection: it is a visceral feeling that will push it to do everything it can to protect…

A stray dog spontaneously joins a marathon and after the race, the athletes help him find a family

When you are a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier and your owner has abandoned you to yourself, it is normal to get enthusiastic about a bunch of humans who seem to be having fun sweating and running…

This elderly gentleman lost his life while saving two schoolchildren who were about to be hit by a car

After many years spent working, it can be difficult to start a new chapter in life that for many retirees consists of "doing nothing" and having a lot of "free time." In fact, many people fail to adapt…

A young woman rescues and adopts a stray kitten and months later she discovers that it was a cougar cub

It could certainly happen that a person runs into a poor kitten abandoned in on the streets - and rescuing it would be the first thing to do, without any hesitation! In fact, Florencia Nobo did not think…

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