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The roads are icy and unsafe: the school bus driver stops and buys breakfast for all the children

Driving on icy roads isn't exactly pleasant; you have to equip yourself with chains, thermal tires and use the car steering slowly and carefully to avoid skidding and causing accidents on the road. One…

Every year a woman invites a guy she met by accidentally texting him four years ago, to dinner

An annual tradition that has turned into an unmissable event. Would you believe that an elderly woman has invited a guy every year for four years to have dinner with her and her family on Thanksgiving…

A baby elephant is "caught" eating sugar cane and tries to hide behind a post

Sometimes the best fairy tales are the ones that happen in real life. As children we all grew up reading storybooks, or watching cartoons on TV that made us dream, have fun, cry, and certainly made us…

A sweet little dog climbs up next to the coffin of her deceased master and accompanies him on his last earthly journey

A dog's loyalty is forever. Even when the beloved master passes away and "abandons" him forever, he will always be close to him; for this reason a sweet little dog wanted to accompany her favorite human…

A woman gives birth to a record-breaking baby: at her birth, she weighed over 17 pounds

Having a baby is one of the most extraordinary gifts that life can give us; although for parents the long period of pregnancy can be characterized by emotional ups and downs, in the end the birth of child…

An impoverished 5 year old boy picks up some books from the trash to share them with his siblings

In the world, there are thousands of children who suffer from poverty, and who, despite everything, try to cling to their fantasy world so as not to have to completely give up their childhood. In Brazil,…

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