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A teacher cuts a student's hair without parental permission: the father goes on a rampage

Dear parents, if you are the mom or dad of a beautiful little girl you know perfectly well that her hair plays a fundamental role in her identity, in the way she sees and appreciates herself and how her…

A poor guy hugs his little dog after performing in front of a traffic light: he was heartbroken and desperate

We leave the house every day, cross city streets full of unknown people and, among all these, even those apparently "invisible" to us, there are those who are there on the side of the road in the cold…

He studies by the streetlight after finishing the evening shift: between school and work, he doesn't have time to do it at home

That the economic crisis we are experiencing is putting a strain on everyone is a more than certain fact, but those who are really suffering from the lack of a steady job are the younger generations,…

Trans mom adopts three children rejected by their parents: she tries to give them a better life

Adopting a child is never easy and the paperwork to sign and the bureaucracy to go through before being able to host a child in your home are different from country to country. In fact, not all states…

"Mom, today I made a teacher cry": the daughter tells of her caring gesture towards a classmate

Teaching children to be more empathic should be a top priority in the family and also at school, because very often emotional intelligence is much more valuable than an a particularly high IQ. The world…

He posts disgusting photos of the kitchen in the restaurant where he works and gets fired on the spot

Working in restaurants is never easy and we often hear of waiters who advise against going out for dinner. The reason? Well, they see everything in the kitchen, both cooked and raw, and they wouldn't…

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