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The death of a parent resembles a nightmare. So do not tell me "I have to get over it" ...

Grieving the loss of a family member leaves an unbridgeable emptiness in the home, in the concept of family, in the sense of completeness of each of us. We feel as if a part of us has been suddenly mutilated…

Here is why my wife counts more to me than my children

Mike and Kristin Berry are a couple happily married for 17 years who do not seem to be affected by the time spent together. For them every day is like the first, also thanks to their eight children, all…

Luca, a single dad, adopts Alba who had been rejected by seven families because she has Down's Syndrome

We would like all the best for our children, we would like them to be better than us ... Then disability arrives unexpectedly that shatters future plans and perspectives. And in any case, the acceptance…

The shop owner's wife is sick so his customers buy all his donuts early every morning so he can go back home

With the advent of large retailers and shopping centers, small business owners and shops, mostly family-run, are disappearing all over the world. In fact, many are closing or have no longer existed for…

This is what bullying does! Here is the painful denunciation of a mother tired of seeing her daughter in the hospital

Little Sofia's story reminds us how minimizing bullying and saying that it is only "the typical behavior of children" is dangerous. A mother, Carrie Golledge, has published a post on Facebook to warn…

This dog survived a fire but due to the pain could not stop moaning ... the gesture of this veterinarian will bring tears to your eyes!

The story you are about to read regards an incident involving an unfortunate animal and a doctor with a big heart. The protagonists are an 8-year-old dog, Taka, and his guardian angel, Emily Garnto Martin,…

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