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A cyclist finds an abandoned dog on the street and saves it by putting it in her shirt pocket

What would you do if you encountered an animal in distress? Common sense, and in many countries even the law, should immediately make us rush to the aid of the poor victim. Such misadventures can happen…

"If I could live life all over again, I swear I would still only want to marry her": the words of a husband dedicated to his elderly wife

Love is one of the most common and most shared feelings in human experience; there are loves that last only a short time, others that instead manage to remain vivid for a lifetime, and that like little…

She finds a GPS tracker in her purse and warns the other women: "It's not mine, be careful"

Although gender equality is gaining ground every day, it is still evident how many differences there are between men and women in everyday life. We are not just referring to the fact that many women continue…

A horse steals the show during a photo shoot for a pregnant couple

There is nothing more unforgettable before the birth of a firstborn than the entire period preceding the arrival of the new family member. Among relatives and friends of the expectant couple who go out…

They damage a miniature village: parents force them to volunteer in the park as punishment

Being a parent does not only mean bringing up and feeding your children, but it also means knowing how to give them a system of values and good manners that will allow them one day to become extremely…

Young people "adopt" a 108-year-old homeless man and take him home with them

When you have the opportunity to do a good deed, you should never desist from continuing with your intentions. Defeating poverty with individual action is impossible, but a gesture of solidarity can still…

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