"I will never split a dinner bill with a man and I'll tell you why"

by Mark Bennett

August 13, 2023

"I will never split a dinner bill with a man and I'll tell you why"

Meeting new people, looking for the right person to share one's life with and socializing in general is something we all do. Most humans are gregarious and need company. It's human nature, but there are some things that, according to some people, should never, ever be done.

For example, when you go out on a date with someone you care about, who gets to pay the bill: the man or the woman? The subject of this article has very clear ideas about this and she shared them on her social network accounts, sparking a heated debate.

via Daily Mail

Ella Freimann is 24 years old and is a life coach and influencer from New York, USA. Having become famous for her work, the young woman caused quite a stir when she claimed that she would never, ever pay for her half of the bill when on a date with a man. And her statement garnered quite a bit of support from many of Ella's followers. There was, however, some push-back.

Others called Ella a "gold-digger" but Ella denied this and explained why:


"A man who expects to split the bill is a person who doesn't appreciate the effort and time that a woman dedicates to her preparations to look good for him. That's why I will never split a bill 50/50 with a man," Ella stated.

According to Ella, if a man isn't generous, he's not a man worth dating. Ella is absolutely sure bout this and encourages other women to behave like her. In short, Ella urges her female followers not to be "exploited".

"We improve men's lives, it's useless to deny this. That's why we must be aware of our value and expect it to be appreciated. We know what we are able to give in a relationship, so why shouldn't we expect this to be recognized? That's why, when I'm dating someone, I expect him to pay for dinner," Ella stated.

Ella explained where her ideas come from: the traditional gender-based lives her parents led. And Ella has been in a stable relationship now for some time which, she believes, proves her point. And, being a life coach by profession, one might think Ella knows what she is talking about.

But can you really be sure that Mr Right is the man who always picks up the tab? What do you think?