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This is dedicated to the best friend who lives far away from you, but who understands you better than the friends you see every day.

Too often the word "friend" is used lightly, indiscriminately assigning this title to practically all the people who one considers to be a little more than mere acquaintances. And yet, it is a noble adjective…

If you love wearing your hair short, here is what it reveals about your personality

For many people, hair represents a large part of a woman's charm, after all, hair frames the face, softens facial features, hides defects, and highlights qualities. Beyond this, however, long and thick…

Strong women often attract immature men and here are 6 reasons why this happens

Strong women are neither invincible nor infallible, they are simply aware of their own value, they know how to learn from their mistakes and every time they fall, they are able to pick themselves up again.…

Many women choose to apply makeup before giving birth, but not everyone agrees with this trend

Childbirth is a painful, intense moment of emotion, and physically very exhausting ... and from today also glamorous! It has become, in fact, a trend to arrive in the delivery room not only psychologically…

"Don’t take the small stuff so seriously and live a little.” she wrote. This young woman's last words are an ode to life!

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives." (William Wallace) says in a famous line from the film "Braveheart". Nobody knows how much time is granted to them in life and too often time is not fully…

The actress of "Gone with the Wind", Olivia de Havilland, turned 102 and here she is in all her beauty!

In more than 120 years the film industry has given us masterpieces that have entered the collective imagination and marked unforgettable moments, one of these is without a doubt the mythical movie "Gone…

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