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Women who TALK A LOT live longer and more serenely and this study confirms it!

There could be a connection between talkativeness and longevity. This was discovered by a scientific study carried out by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of…

"A good wife does not contradict her husband". These photos show us how the roles of both women and men have changed over the years.

Anthropology studies human beings in various ways, including that of cultural evolution and their behavior within society. However, to do that we do not need to study a primitive tribe, actually, it is…

Menopause - Let's learn about the symptoms and effects of this hormonal change

Menopause is a phase of very significant change in a woman's life. It usually occurs around the age of 50, with subjective differences that may relate to both the type of symptoms and the timing of their…

When the love of your life is also your best friend, you will have met the perfect soul mate

If you are lucky enough to find true love and also have a true friend by your side, you can feel satisfied and complete. However, when both coexist in the same person then one can almost speak of a miracle,…

Here is why anxious women are often the STRONGEST women

Women who suffer from anxiety are well aware of the feeling of anguish that suffocates, paralyzes, annihilates, and always makes one feel in a state of alarm and discomfort. Experiencing chronic anxiety…

Unhappy forever! Here is why some couples whose relationship has ended still don't have the courage to leave each other!

There are so many couples who, despite having been together for a lifetime and yet sharing the same roof, are deeply out of touch and disconnected from each other. They say they love each other, but spend…

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