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He cheats on his wife while she is in hospital giving birth: the woman decides to ask for a divorce

It is not clear why some people behave in a way which is manifestly unfair to their partner. It could be a conscious choice or just an involuntary consequence. Sometimes it is the result of the lack of…

This girl is 2 meters tall and is the woman with the second longest-legs in the world

The legs have always been one of the most effective weapons of seduction in the female arsenal. Having them long and slender is considered a real gift. It is no coincidence that women all over the world…

15 before and after makeovers that made these women almost unrecognizable

The Makeup industry has seen a huge increase in sales over the last several years. Makeup tutorials posted on social media networks like Pinterest and Youtube have made applying makeup so easy that everyone…

11 girls who have decided to "cut" monotony by sporting wonderful short hair

Sometimes in life we are faced with radical choices, which at first, perhaps, make us a little scared, but which then turn out to be the right thing and very successful. We don't always manage to be satisfied…

This makeup artist shows her clients small tricks that drastically improve their look

How many times have you spent hours in front of the mirror fixing your hair and putting on makeup only to find that you're still not satisfied with your look? This is a problem that most women come across…

Cheap weddings: 11 brides who bought wonderful dresses without spending a fortune

Many of us know this well: when the time comes to plan the wedding day, the expenses start to come one after the other, and in many cases couples - and their families! - pay out astronomical figures,…

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