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A single mother used to sell bread to pay for her studies: today she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher

"Desire is power" is one of the most over used phrases today. However this motto has becomes a real religion for some people. Amelia Ruiz Villaverde lives in Paraguay, is 26 years old, has an 11-month-old…
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She has 4 children and has no money to pay the builders: this mom rolled up her sleeves and is building her house by herself

Being a mother and a woman who doesn't give up in the face of anything, not even in the face of the most unpredictable obstacles in life; these are the great qualities of the heroine of this story, a…

A 40-year-old woman is criticized for dressing too young: "the important thing is to feel good about yourself"

Should your chronological age to be associated with the way you dress? Surely, it is advisable to adapt to the various contexts: in the office, for example, or at a university exam, it's not recommended…

She turned 72, but from her birthday party photos, she looks like she's barely 40

Aging is inevitable, but nowadays there are many products and solutions to delay this natural process, which is so dreaded by many women and men. Nobody has discovered the elixir of life yet, but there…

She gives birth to her son and then locks herself up in the house with the babysitter to isolate herself from the family

Are you familiar with the postpartum confinement technique? It was born and developed mainly in the countries of Asia and consists in the self-reclusion of the new mother as soon as she returns home after…

She is 45 but looks so young that they often mistake her for her 24-year-old daughter

There are people who never want to grow old and who are really obsessed with the fact that their face will one day no longer be as fresh and young as it used to be. Wrinkles, on the other hand, are a…

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