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"Help, my daughter-in-law doesn't want me in the delivery room!": The outburst from a mother-in-law who feels rejected creates a stir

Giving birth to a child is certainly not a walk in the park - it's an exciting and joyful experience, but which, in practice, also involves a lot of stress, fatigue and pain. It's not surprising, therefore,…

A woman goes to the doctor for a visit and then disappears into thin air: the police find her 42 years later

If there is one thing we have learned from the numerous crime television series of the last decades it is that some cases, unfortunately, are not solved for the best, while others, on the other hand,…

This girl stopped shaving when she was 15 and receives insults about her beard every day

Although there is a famous popular Italian saying that says "donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta" (bearded woman are always liked), modern society quite explicitly imposes a certain standard of female beauty.…

This woman is a skilled plumber, electrician and welder: she has astounded everyone and built her own house

Over the course of a few decades, the role of women in society has changed a great deal, and although most Western women can be defined as emancipated today, the road to equal rights is still very long.…

A young mother is fired after only 10 days, the boss says: "She hid her pregnancy"

There are questions that should be banned during a job interview, as they are within the personal sphere of the candidate, but which some employers still persist in continuing to ask. Women are among…

Woman gives birth at the age of 57 and becomes one of the oldest mothers in US history

Becoming a mother in old age? Yes, indeed, even if the medical and scientific literature underlines how at a certain age it becomes an increasingly infrequent natural process, and sometimes difficult…

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