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Not everyone is lucky enough to be with a Capricorn woman: she is a precious jewel

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is composed of individuals with very complex personalities, that are like individual enigmas to be solved but who profoundly live their own emotions and sensitivity.  The…

According to science, this is the type of woman's body that men value most. Do you agree?

Beauty is a subjective reality, but also a cultural one, especially in regards to women. In fact, the idea of what is female perfection has changed radically over the centuries - if we consider that…

I am tired and my body sleeps, but my soul finds no rest

A mother rarely has free time to devote to herself, to relax, to turn off her brain and not to think about anything: there is work, and then children, her spouse, the house, and each one requires her…

A homemaker works no less than a mother who works outside the home; in fact, mothers are all the same!

Every woman tries to be an ideal mother, but it is often social prejudices that question a mother's abilities.  In a world like today, where a woman works to be independent and actively contribute…

Franca Viola was the first Italian woman to refuse a "rehabilitating marriage" and her courage changed history

The name of Franca Viola represents a milestone in the affirmation of women's rights in Italy since her story marks a fundamental watershed in the evolution of Italian law in this area.  Before her…

20 photos that testify that our mothers were much more "cool" than us!

In our imagination, we are used to thinking of our mother as someone whose existence depends in some way on ours; because, we always see her busy, dividing her time between caring for children, housework,…

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