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Before and after pregnancy: these 9 photos describe movingly what it means to give birth to a child

Although it may seem frightening and certainly also painful, giving birth to a child is probably one of the strongest and most significant experiences a woman can ever have. Not everyone feels the desire…

Real class isn't just knowing how to dress, it's also knowing how to respect others

When we hear the word "class," we most likely think of someone who knows how to dress well; they know what colors to pair together, what styles are "in" and the more expensive the price tag, the better.…

Women who have chosen to no longer dye and proudly show their gray hair

In a society like today's, where images and appearances prevail over any form of content and any flash of intelligence, it is almost "strange" to see on Instagram - a means of conveying a little about…

Some people made fun of her because she suffers from a rare form of dwarfism and today she teaches children to accept and respect others

Life is not easy for anyone, not even for those who seem to have been born with much more luck or good fortune. Yet it is undeniable that some people have had to struggle much more to be accepted and…

A sign has been displayed informing all mothers that in this bar that they can breastfeed their baby in peace

As is to be expected, not all public places are hospitable to new mothers who breastfeed in public - as a result, initiatives like the one we present today automatically become noteworthy. The striking…

A woman gets a flat tire in the middle of the traffic and no one helps her except a homeless man

Anna Davidson and her husband live on the first floor of a building where there is also their cafe and coffee shop that she manages. One day her husband, looking out the window, witnessed a scene that…

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