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Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected

Have you ever lost sight of a person dear to you because of the distance, and realizing, upon meeting him or her again, that time and distance had not affected your relationship? Probably yes, and this…

Here is why according to astrology, Capricorn women are the most "unattainable" ...

They always manage to reason with a cool head and their heart is a coded message. Astrology and their horoscope describe them as "unattainable". Yes, it's them: women born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn!…

Friendship among women is better than an antidepressant medication ... words from the experts

Friendship is an inestimable treasure: it is the hand stretched out in times of need, the carefree chatter in moments of leisure, and the companionship that never fails even when it is miles away.  If…

Women who remain single for a long time end up being happier in the long run

Have you ever talked to your single friend and envied the subtle sense of freedom and calm joy that emanates from her expression? Maybe for a moment, you have also fantasized about abandoning your partner…

The main source of stress for mothers is not their children, but their husbands!

We all know that being a mother is a stressful job. Between taking care of the children, doing the housework, and working outside of the home, it is only at night that you can throw yourself on the bed…

12 things that "alpha females" do differently from all the other women ...

Dominant and strong women are compared to the Valkyries (the Viking angels of death, hosts of female figures who decide which warriors die in battle and which live) precisely because of their character…

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