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This woman only washes and showers once a week

Most of us are used to washing ourselves every day. It makes us feel good, we get clean, fragrant and also become energized. A nice refreshing shower, in fact, can help you wake up and get your whole…

Criticized because she is 57 and "too old" to wear a bikini: the ex-model responds in kind

Do you think there is an age limit to wearing a bikini at the beach? As with all clothing, every woman should feel free to wear that which makes her feel comfortable with herself, and without having…

This girl transforms herself into another person thanks to her make-up skills

In recent times, we have been hearing more and more about make-up techniques, especially thanks to social media networks and to the many people who have created and published video tutorials covering…

"I asked for the minimum wage during an interview, but they refused: I thanked them and left"

These days, it seems increasingly difficult to find a stable and well-paid job, even after getting a good education. The factors that determine this state of affairs are numerous, but a worker cannot…

Man gives his girlfriend a ring worth nearly £ 1,300 ($1,600), but for her, it is a big disappointment: "It's too small and cheap"

What is the moment that many women look forward to in their lives the most? There are many that it could be, it is true, but among these we would certainly expect to find the moment of the engagement…
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Female victim of violence gestures with her hand to a cashier of a shop and he intervenes to save her

Social networks are a double-edged sword, it is true, but if used with a little responsibility they can be very useful - even in very serious situations. The story we are about to tell you certainly…

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