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16 women who, after the age of 40, wanted to cut their hair short to maintain a more youthful look

When you reach a certain age, you feel the need to continue to feel "young", especially aesthetically, using various tricks that include the judicious use of make-up and a haircut that enhances the natural…

15 mothers who look so young that they don't show their age at all

Sometimes a real problem can arise at home between mother and daughter; not so much because the daughter wants to feel free to do what she wants without being constrained by the parent, but because the…

Short hair is better after 40: a fashion expert reveals 8 golden rules for mature women

Nobody can tell us what we should do with our life, or how we should dress or have our hair cut, especially if we are women of a certain maturity and age. But often, following celebrity fashions and trying…

A man refuses to give his seat on the bus to a pregnant woman because he feels too tired after work

On public transport, there are usually places reserved for disabled or elderly people, a consideration that allows these types of people to almost always secure a seat during the journey ahead. In many…

15 brides that make-up artists have turned into fairytale princesses thanks to an extraordinary makeup job

When a woman decides to get married she knows perfectly well that the day of her wedding ceremony will be one of the most important and unforgettable of her life. Everything must be perfect: from the…

15 women who transformed into completely different people with the magic of makeup

If there is anything at all like magic in our gray reality, then it's surely linked to the secrets of women's makeup and wigs. A good beautician or hairdresser can completely transform people from ugly…

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