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12 things that "alpha females" do differently from all the other women ...

Dominant and strong women are compared to the Valkyries (the Viking angels of death, hosts of female figures who decide which warriors die in battle and which live) precisely because of their character…

Women who wake up early are less prone to depression

On one hand, we know that sleep is a cure-all for our health and that its lack can have serious effects on our body. However, on the other hand, it is also true that we must strive to sleep as much…

People who cry a lot are stronger emotionally --- Science says so!

The standards of modern society require us to always be positive, bright, and cheerful. Anyone who cries is seen as a weak person who cannot handle their emotions. The truth, however, is another! In fact,…

Pregnancy can be "contagious" --- a sociological study confirms this!

Having children is a wonderful experience, which must be approached with enthusiasm but also with a good measure of responsibility. Many women get pregnant without planning it, while others postpone it…

A mother writes a letter to her daughter explaining what it means to "grow old" and her words are very touching

The cycle of life, birth, and aging can be something bitter to swallow; on the other hand, we are all sensitive to change, especially when it happens over time. We cannot reverse the direction of life,…
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Science confirms it --- one day's work as a mother is equivalent to over two days work of another person!

It is appropriate to say, that this confirmation is very similar to discovering "hot water". However, it is important that there is a scientific study demonstrating how difficult it is to be a mother…

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