Woman tells the incredible story of her extended family: "I'm 34 and have 12 kids"

by Mark Bennett

August 19, 2023

Woman tells the incredible story of her extended family: "I'm 34 and have 12 kids"

When you think of an ideal family, everyone has their own standards: a cottage in the countryside or by the sea, your "sweetheart" by your side and perhaps one or two children, for example. Then there are those couples who prefer not to have any children at all but still consider themselves a family. But, even among those who choose to become parents, there are very few who decide to have a dozen children.

You got it right: 12 is the number of children Britni has had since she started giving birth to kids at the age of 16. Let's find out more about this mother:

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¡Una mujer de 33 años tiene 12 hijos y ha estado embarazada por casi 17 años en total! 😱

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Britni Church is 34 and is happily married to partner, Chris. But her "parenting epic" began long before she met Chris.

Raised in a strongly Christian family, Britni was forbidden any kind of romantic involvements with men. But then Britni fell for a boy at her high school.

At just 16 years of age, she got married to this boy. From this relationship, Britni's first 5 children were born. But unfortunately, the marriage broke down...


Eventually, Britni got divorced. Later, she had another child after a "casual affair" and then she met Chris.

Chris was more than happy to accept Britni's kids and the two got married! 6 more children were born thereafter (including a set of triplets). Britni has said she's "done now" and doesn't want any more children - but she doesn't regret the ones she's had. Chris, on the other hand, would like to have more children.

The couple spend more than $200 dollars a month on milk alone and their home is quite "noisey" with a small "army" of children charging around all over the place!

Some people labelled Britni's behavior as "irresponsible". Britni states that her religious faith has nothing to do with her choices, but the criticisms keep coming. What do you think about this story?