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After many attempts, this girl with Down syndrome finally managed to go down the stairs alone

Couples who cannot have children often have a great opportunity to opt for adoption. In many countries the adoption process is not very simple and could be exhausting in the long run, but surely the satisfaction…

A letter of gratitude to the mother-in-laws, a priceless treasure for the youngest grandchildren

Although in contemporary and western culture they are often made fun of for their often authoritarian, "intrusive" and all too protective role within a new family, the mother-in-law is instead a real…

They ask her to disguise herself as her favorite superhero and the little girl chose to "makeup" as her father

When superheroes are not the subject of comics and films, they can be found around the corner, perhaps next door neighbors, capable of using their greatest superpower of all: love, affection, generosity.…

15 exciting shots that show the wonderful bond between parents and children better than words can

Few things in life are able to change a person's life like the birth of a child. When you become a parent, everything changes. And, despite difficult moments, sacrifices and contrasts, a child will always…

He risks being late at the father-daughter dance because the plane is late: passengers let him off first

For their children, they are willing to do anything - especially when they are still young, parents try to be present as much as possible, making sure they don't miss any birthday or other important event.…

"Your mother consoled you with just the beat of her heart": the touching letter a father wrote to his newborn son

Having kids is a big step in a person's life. And with it comes so many changes and transformations. It's what transforms us from simply men and women into moms and dads. It also challenges/changes our…

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