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She believed she had been abandoned at the age of 3, but she was wrong and 55 years later she meets her real parents

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to spend a happy and peaceful childhood in the loving embrace of their parents. Kim Gantt, for example, was not a very fortunate child in this regard. Her adoption…

A woman forbids her mother-in-law who smokes from touching her baby until she has changed clothes and washed her hands

Just before the birth of a child, it can happen that the future mother is taken by a strong desire to clean the house so that the "nest" that will welcome the baby is safe and perfect in every way. At…

Family members can also be the cause of deep emotional wounds that are difficult to heal

In life, it is inevitable to feel deeply hurt by a situation or someone. But even as young children we learn that we have to overcome displeasure and sorrows in one way or the other. Unfortunately, it…

A three-year-old girl holds her little sister in her arms for the first time and instantly feels a strong bond of sisterly love

For the first-born child, when a new baby arrives, a big change occurs in the family! In fact, the biggest challenge is to accept the fact that their parents, from now on, will be shared with another…

New parents in their 60s and social services take away custody of their 1-year-old son

The desire to have a child is very strong in many people, but not all of them are lucky enough to see this wonderful dream come true. The reasons can be among the most varied, both economic and social,…

Parents should involve their children more in household chores, research studies confirm

We often tend to believe that today's children are more spoiled than in the past. While before, in fact, the children in the family were real helpers to their parents in their work and in doing household…

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