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A single gay man has adopted a little girl who had lived alone in hospital for a year

Pablo Fracchia is one of those people to admire who has dedicated his whole life to helping others, especially the most unfortunate. The 36-year-old man has always been involved in various humanitarian…

Grandmother dresses up in unicorn blowup costume so she could hug her grandchildren during Covid

How far would you go for a hug? If you're Maureen Sweeney, you would go as far as dressing up in a blowup unicorn costume just to feel the sweet embrace of your grandchildren again.  The love of a grandmother…

A girl cruelly destroys her aunt's wedding dress: her father forces her to compensate her for $ 15,000

When it comes to "exemplary punishment", each parent has their own ideas. All children do wrong and all fathers and mothers, at the same time, look for more or less effective - and striking - ways to…

A 4-year-old girl fighting cancer manages to hug her father after 7 weeks of distancing

When a child is born, it is difficult to imagine being able to love any other person more. After all, it is absolutely normal: the relationship and the bond that is created between a parent and their…

Dad smacks his daughter hard and she tells all at school: he is charged and arrested for intentional injury

The work of a parent is very hard, knowing how to teach the rules of life to a child often requires difficult choices and sacrifices, and can at times seem severe; but no child should ever be physically…

A father gets tattoos of his stillborn child's tiny hands on his chest as a way to keep his son's memory alive

The arrival of your first born child fills you with all kinds of joyous and anxious emotions. It's the moment you've been preparing for for at least 9 months, and, although you're a little anxious about…

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