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A mother is very ill so the family decides to celebrate an early Christmas

The father of seven children and a mother who is always radiant and full of life but who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease and therefore might not be able to celebrate Christmas with her beloved…

12 photos that show parents who are willing to do anything for their children

It is well-known: Parents will literally do anything for their children. And this is not just an expression! Because, other than friendships and the people we love during our life, the relationship that…

A mother encourages her daughter to consider plastic surgery to be successful in life

Good parents should encourage their children to pursue their dreams, to grow up learning to behave in a  respectful manner towards others and above all to accept themselves. In addition, this self-acceptance…

These 21 images show that being a "dad" is the sweetest job in the world

It is not true that the work of a father is lighter than that of a mother. In fact, both parents work every day to create a better future for their children! Therefore, no matter how and when, one thing…

She decides to donate a kidney to her ex-husband so her daughters won't lose their dad

A divorce between one's parents is among one of the most traumatic events that can happen in the life of a child. Very often a divorce is the result of irreconcilable differences and misunderstandings…

This 6-year-old boy invites his mother to dinner every month and pays with his savings

Today as yesterday, the phrase attributed to the famous English writer, Virginia Woolf, is still very powerful "Behind every great man there is always a great woman", especially when that woman is his…

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