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Life is not the same after the death of our parents

We are never adult enough not to suffer due to the death of a parent. Never mind that as an adult, a person already has their own family, a job, and a life to be pursued that is detached from their parents.…

These 15 images prove that grandmothers are a force of nature!

Nowadays our grandmothers can appear vulnerable and defenseless in a world in which they do not seem to belong. Given their age, we should be the ones who are taking care of them but the reality is…

When a father is absent he influences the emotional development of his children

Both parents are important; their presence or absence affects the life of a child and that of the future adult. When the father figure is missing, however, the consequences are different from the case…

Why the maternal grandmother is so important in raising and educating a child

In the life of each of us the role of our grandparents, paternal or maternal, has been fundamental to our growth.  According to some scientists, however, there is an important difference between the…

His sons do not want to stop using their smartphones at the table but this father knows how to keep them in line in the most hilarious way!

Smartphones have become an extension of our arm, for this reason, it is it becoming more and more difficult to stop using it even at times when it would be appropriate to do so. However, there are situations…

Having a sister who is cheerful and "chatty" reduces the risk of depression --- a study confirms

Siblings are fundamental protagonists in the developmental process of a child. Through contact with them, we learn the basics of socialization, communication, and conflict management which are all abilities…

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