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This black woman has adopted three white children, and sometimes people confuse her for their babysitter

The story we are about to tell you contains some food for thought regarding how determination can help a person to achieve difficult goals, and how sometimes what seems like bias can still be present…

A woman gave birth to a very special pair of twin girls and one of them has Down Syndrome

When Nicola and Todd Bailey tried to conceive their second child, they had no idea that they would soon become the parents of a very special pair of twins. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors revealed…

Dear children, one day you will become the parents of your parents and in this way, you will return the love received

Everything that we are, from our birth to adulthood, largely depends on two great teachers—our mom and dad! They have always been there for us, but we must be aware that the day will come when we will…

A woman adopts all four young daughters of her friend who passed away due to a brain tumor

When Elizabeth Diamond, a single mother, was diagnosed with a stage-four brain tumor, her thoughts immediately went to the future of her four young daughters. Who would they be entrusted to? Would they…

The first Christmas without my mother will be different from all the others

They say that when someone dies, the first year is the most difficult because every situation and special date is still experienced as a memory full of life. Especially when Christmas comes, their absence…

She believed she had been abandoned at the age of 3, but she was wrong and 55 years later she meets her real parents

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to spend a happy and peaceful childhood in the loving embrace of their parents. Kim Gantt, for example, was not a very fortunate child in this regard. Her adoption…

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