Family dog warns parents of abuse being suffered by their child (+ VIDEO)

by Mark Bennett

July 16, 2023

Family dog warns parents of abuse being suffered by their child (+ VIDEO)

One of the major issues that many new parents have to deal with is entrusting their children to a carer whilst they are at work, for example. Schools are generally "sufficient" to "take care" of young children, combining security and education. But what about infants? What about children who are still too young to go to a nursery school (or similar)?

If parents need someone to look after their infants from time to time - and relatives or friends are not available - they might need to employ the services of a babysitter. But what considerations are there in this regard? Let's find out together:

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Family dog warns parents of abuse being suffered by their child (+ VIDEO) - 1

Benjamin and Hope Jordan, a couple from Carolina, recounted their babysitting experience: they needed someone to look after their 7-month-old son, Finn. Since they didn't know anyone they trusted, they checked out the CVs of potential babysitters in the area.

Eventually, they selected a young girl of 22, Alexis Khan. The couple had thoroughly checked Alexis' background and found everything to be in order, so they hired her.

Five months later, however, the atmosphere in the house had changed... there was tension in the air but only the Jordan's dog had noticed.


The Jordans have a dog, Killian, who is a cross between a Labrador and a German Shepherd. Finn's parents had become suspicious just by observing the dog's behavior: he was nervous and had begun to bark often, which was very unusual given that the couple knew the animal to be sweet and tame.

But then they realized that the dog's "mood" changed only in the presence of the babysitter ... Killian growled aggressively and often stood between the 22-year-old and the baby. This behavior immediately made the couple suspicious of the babysitter. So they decided to check their suspicions.

They hid one of their smartphones in the living room, under a sofa, and started the recording function. The audio captured by the mobile device shocked them: Alexis was recorded shouting and swearing at the infant and even the sounds of slapping were heard.. the Jordan's called the police, of course.

In the end, the woman was jailed after she confessed to abusing the infant. What do you think of this story?