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A daughter is always deeply influenced by the relationship she has had with her father

If parents are the most important people for a child, then it is true that this concept can be further specified; since, for example, fathers are fundamental figures in the life of their daughters. Not…

"The best one is YOU" --- A wonderful letter that all parents should read

The dissemination of information via the internet has allowed us all to become much more aware of certain aspects of daily life. For example, if we want to know how to change a bicycle wheel, we can easily…

According to psychologists, parents who raise their children in a healthy and positive way do these 5 things

One of the effects of the profound technological changes of our time lies in the fact that today's children grow up accompanied by a multitude of different instruments and games, able to keep them entertained…

The 5 behaviors of parents that their children will remember their whole life!

Being a parent is a difficult task. All parents would like to have wonderful offspring who are polite and kind as children and responsible and useful people as adults. However, parents often focus more…

A godfather and godmother are important figures in the life of their godchild. Here are their commitments!

Being a godfather or godmother is not an easy task. In fact, many accept this responsibility, because they also feel honored for having been chosen, but then continue their lives as if nothing has happened.…

Take your young child's tablet away and give him or her a musical instrument

Today, technology offers children and adolescents increasingly more complex and captivating games and pastimes.  Video games and tablets seem to be able to provide much more elaborate stimuli to children…

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