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This 5-year-old has called an ambulance to save her father, maintaining an enviable calm

Staying calm while a parent is in trouble is by no means easy, especially if a 5-year-old has to handle the situation alone. Savannah, however, not only saved her dad who couldn't breathe by calling the…

A boy blows soapy bubbles from his terrace: the neighbors call the police to fine him

In a district of Ostia, a seaside resort near Rome, a classic battle between neighbors is taking place, even if the performers are a little less typical. On the one hand, Brando, an autistic child who…

A 6-year-old boy saves his teacher's life during a lesson

Even a child knows when it is necessary to intervene as quickly as possible in the event of a serious accident. Little Max Meza, only 6 years old, immediately realized there was no joking around when…

A girl is sad because she has to wear glasses: web users console her by showing her their prescription lenses

It's very easy for children to feel different, the slightest physical defect can easily be picked upon by peers. "Four eyes" or "mole" are just some of the expressions to which little ones are often subjected…

15 parents from the past who today would be arrested for the way they looked after their children

Being a parent is as difficult today as it was twenty or thirty years ago: a manual with the golden rules to follow in order to infallibly educate one's children does not exist and has never existed.…

A pregnant woman skips mass to take her children swimming and ends up saving a child from drowning

Sometimes destiny is capable of changing our life in a completely unexpected way; some call them coincidences, others signs from heaven, but the fact is that chance is always an element that has strongly…

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