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After suffering a humiliation at the airport, this mom asks for more breastfeeding education

After pregnancy and the birth of a baby, the breast feeding phase starts. This is a taxing period for every mother, not only for what she physically goes through, but also for all the criticism to which…

Wife reveals that she is expecting their third girl and her husband does not take this well: he wanted a boy

What do you prefer having: a boy or a girl? This is a question that is often heard when a couple is pregnant. Many state no preference and accept the child whatever the gender they turn out to be.…

"My neighbor insists on letting her children play in my garden without my permission; I had to file a complaint"

Whether their home is in the city or in the countryside, most people will have to deal with neighbors. While in some cases the relationships are good - you get along well and help each other - in others…

Mother-in-law fires babysitter and tries to secretly breastfeed her granddaughter: the father goes on a rampage

A father told his story on Reddit about the heartbreaking loss of his wife when she gave birth to Sammy, their first daughter. Unfortunately, the woman died during childbirth, and she left her husband…

2-year-old son accidentally orders 31 McDonald's burgers from his mother's cell phone

Today's parents know well that by giving a mobile phone to their young child can calm them down in a few moments. It is a babysitting shortcut that is certainly not the best and most instructive for…

Mother donates her own breast milk to those in need during a shortage of baby formula in stores

Breast milk is definitely the best food for a newborn baby. Those lucky enough to have it and to be able to breastfeed know how important it is to give their baby the proper and rich nourishment so…

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