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A woman gives birth to a record-breaking baby: at her birth, she weighed over 17 pounds

Having a baby is one of the most extraordinary gifts that life can give us; although for parents the long period of pregnancy can be characterized by emotional ups and downs, in the end the birth of child…

An impoverished 5 year old boy picks up some books from the trash to share them with his siblings

In the world, there are thousands of children who suffer from poverty, and who, despite everything, try to cling to their fantasy world so as not to have to completely give up their childhood. In Brazil,…

17 newborn babies who at just a few days old looked like adorable old men

A child's smile always manages to cheer and move us, distancing us from any negativity and straightening even the most crooked day. The birth of a child, then, is an even more a unique and exciting event,…

15 lively children who know how to get to their parents

Being a full-time parent is never an easy task. Of course, having a child is one of the greatest blessings that life can grant us, yet how arduous and steep is the path that mothers and fathers all over…

An insensitive mother-in-law doesn't want the groom's disabled sister to be the bridesmaid: "it's the wrong choice"

When organizing a wedding, there are many elements that can bring nervousness and stress to the future spouses; be it the organization of the ceremony, the number of guests, the menu, what clothing to…

A 1-year-old almmost drowns in a pool, but his dog throws himself into the water to save him

A dog is man's best friend and they are also extremely intelligent and affectionate when it comes to showing gratitude towards their owners. And that's exactly what happened to Stanley Drauch, a 14-month-old…

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