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A 5-year-old boy wakes up alone and scared after his operation and the nurse hugs him like a son

Hospitals are not really the most comfortable places in the world and, generally, we are all more or less frightened by the idea of ​​spending time in a hospital. Especially if it is for a surgical…

This child suffering from cancer makes colored keyrings to help pay for his medical treatment

Cancer is a terrible disease that makes those affected suffer greatly, but it also influences their loved ones who try to support the patient to the best of their ability. Seeing a loved one suffer, breaks…

A twelve-year-old boy lost his life because his school had confiscated his asthma inhaler

Dealing with the loss of a child has to a harrowing experience for any parent, but when their death is due to futile and avoidable reasons, then to utter desperation, we must also add indescribable anger!…

A woman gives her 2-year-old daughter her smartphone to play with and the little girl mistakenly buys a $500 armchair!

Today's children are so used to technology from an early age that the very term "digital native" is now becoming obsolete. In fact, seeing little children with a smartphone or tablet while still in their…

Before and after! 20 hilarious photos of children on their first day of school after summer vacation!

Admittedly, for many, the first day of school after summer vacation has always been a traumatic experience. After months of tranquility, light-heartedness, vacations, flexible hours, and no one planning…

This psychologist has translated certain behaviors of children into a language understandable to parents

The lack of communication between parents and children is a constant for every new generation. However, there is a specific period of life in which young children do not yet possess the proper tools to…

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