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This girl was born with a singular tuft of white hair: a unique and fascinating distinctive trait

Each of us, as we know well, is unique in his own way. Although we can think that in the world there are people with a character and appearance similar almost entirely to ours, originality and personal…

An 11-year-old girl sells fairy tales she wrote herself to help her parents rebuild their house

When the whole world seems to collapse on us, the most important thing we can do is stay united in the hard battle of life and give value to the unity of the family; in these cases it is the love and…

2-year-old almost dies of secondary drowning hours after inhaling pool water

Summer has arrived and, with it, comes a lot of dangerous situations, especially involving small children. The Sun is out, the weather is almost too hot to handle, and so everyone has one thing on their…

Boy with prosthetic legs walks 10 km and raises 1 million euros for the hospital that saved his life

Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it. And this isn't just an expression we say to ourselves to make us feel better. Men, women, and children everywhere have pushed through so many obstacles…

They desperately searched for an envelope containing $1000 only to find that their son destroyed it in the shredder

Children, we know, are not always clear on the value of money. For them notes and coins are simply pieces of paper and shiny objects that can be used for play, or maybe for some fun pastime. Fun for a…

Every day, this baby boy falls asleep in the "arms" of his canine siblings, and the photos are adorable

Whenever you're bringing a new baby into the world, one of the things you have to think about, if you're a dog owner, is how to introduce them to your dogs. Although dogs are notorious for being man's…

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