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For a woman, Prince Charming is her son --- and it is a bond that will last a lifetime

In the world of fairy tales, we have always seen that there is a girl or woman in search of her Prince Charming, who will make her dream come true, who will love her, and treat her like a real princess.…

The father figure leaves an indelible mark on the life of every woman

It is said that in regards to a woman's companion or spouse there is an attempt to find again what her father was or what was missing in his personality or character. This statement leaves room for all…

This is what bullying does! Here is the painful denunciation of a mother tired of seeing her daughter in the hospital

Little Sofia's story reminds us how minimizing bullying and saying that it is only "the typical behavior of children" is dangerous. A mother, Carrie Golledge, has published a post on Facebook to warn…

Piercing the earlobes of very young girls is not a good idea and here are the reasons!

Taking your young daughter to get her first earlobe piercing is an unforgettable moment. Of course, most young girls have been waiting for what seems like forever to get their earlobes pierced and their…

While taking photos of their newborn baby near a forest ... a deer approaches them and something magical happens!

The photographer Megan Rion is well-known in her field for her photo shoots of children and families. With her beautiful artistic shots, she wants to represent the purity of childhood, its delicacy, and…

A teacher creates an "I Need" box and when she reads her student's wants and needs she is very surprised

A teacher is never a person who teaches only subjects to children because when it comes to raising a child, a teacher is an authority figure like a child's parents, indeed, in some cases, even more crucial.…

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