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She doesn't like to play with her children and prefers to have time to herself: "I'm a terrible mom"

Being the perfect parent is never easy and, unfortunately, there is no manual to learn how to be a perfect dad or mom. Once you have chosen to have a child, however, there is a series of natural responsibilities…

She gave up nursing her son long time ago but discovers that her mother-in-law does it secretly for him: mother goes on a rampage

The relationship between mother and mother-in-law has never been idyllic, especially when a newborn baby is involved; on the one hand there is certainly a very protective mother who wants to grow, nurture…

A young woman asks a couple to leave a restaurant because their son is crying and yelling too much: "He's ruining my dinner"

Usually, we plan a nice dinner at a restaurant to celebrate some special occasion or, simply, to spend a nice relaxing evening in the company of the people you love the most. In short, usually, you don't…

This 9-month-old baby has so much hair that he looks like he's wearing a wig: "People stop me all the time on the street!"

Some babies are born with a lot of hair, while others appear to be almost bald. Why this difference? It should be noted that no child is born really bald, since the so-called fetal fleece, or a thin…

He is mocked after posting the photo of his newborn with his wife: the child's skin is "too light"

He has a crowd of followers who follow his wife's pregnancy, labor pains and, ultimately, childbirth. This couple live a life without secrets and have allowed thousands of people participate in a very…

A poor father builds a little train to entertain his three children: the way to live life is to always live with a smile

What a father wouldn't do for his children. Even if life often doesn't go our way and every day is a daily struggle to earn some bread to bring to the table, smiles should never be missing within the…

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