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A pair of new parents have created the official rules for visiting a newborn baby and we all should know them!

The arrival of a newborn baby puts all the friends and relatives of the parents in a good mood and everyone cannot wait to meet the newborn baby! Often, however, these first encounters are not at all…

Police officers save a young boy after months of ill-treatment and the next day one of the policemen decides to adopt him!

To be a child, in the reality to which most people are accustomed, is not just a phase of growth, but a dimension that is protected and a sacred right for every individual. Unfortunately, in many parts…

A little girl destroys over $1200 of makeup at Sephora and the salesclerks blame the "distracted" mother

Whoever is a parent knows how difficult it is to get around with small children, while attempting to pay fines or fees, making purchases, and at the same time trying not to lose sight of them not even…

A four-year-old child became myopic because his grandmother let him play with his smartphone every day for hours

How many times have we seen children "kept occupied" by their parents or relatives through the use o a smartphone or tablet? Videos, music, games, cartoons, found on smartphones and tablets, which almost…

Her daughter was born with a rare birthmark, but her mother has an idea to help protect her from being teased

Every parent would like to see their children come into the world without pain and in perfect health. Unfortunately, there are many parents who are forced to accept their children's illnesses and to start…

A mother claims to have succeeded in improving her daughter's autism just by changing her diet!

In recent years, autism has been increasingly discussed. This term identifies a series of disorders that hinder a child's cognitive development and ability to form interpersonal relationships.  There…

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