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A premature baby is born at 5 months gestation: he was as small as a Superman doll

Do you believe in miracles? There are those who firmly believe in them, and those who don't, but beyond personal beliefs, many parents who have seen their children's lives hanging in the balance only…

14 people whose lives changed for the better after they were finally adopted

Not all children in this world are lucky enough to have a father and a mother and a roof to live under. Many have lost their parents, are orphaned, or for a multitude of reasons they have been abandoned…

These twins have become celebrities thanks to the unusual genetics of their startling eyes

Fame is never easy to manage, especially when there are minors at the center of attention. The "baby star" topic has been a source of social debate for several years, and the more time passes, the more…

Bullied at school for wearing a pink shirt 'til teacher shows up with a shirt of the same color

The issue of bullying has now been debated and brought to the fore in many ways, yet cases of this kind still persist in schools, even among the youngest children. The pretexts for a campaign of mockery…

A little girl takes a nap hugging her dog and cat: a moment of rare warmth and tenderness

When you have a dog or a cat at home to keep you company, you really have everything you need: affection, closeness, unconditional love, and why not, a lot of understanding. It's difficult to feel lonely…

A neighbor ruins a 3 year old girl's birthday by knocking over the table with all the food

We all have indelible memories of our birthday parties when we were just kids; memories made of joy, lightheartedness, cakes and beautiful gifts. Too bad that there are also those who remember their birthday…

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