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A teacher cuts a student's hair without parental permission: the father goes on a rampage

Dear parents, if you are the mom or dad of a beautiful little girl you know perfectly well that her hair plays a fundamental role in her identity, in the way she sees and appreciates herself and how her…

He makes fun of a poor girl: his aunt forces him to work as a street vendor for a few hours

When we have children, we have to be very careful about the upbringing we give them as parents and how the values we teach them are received and put into practice in everyday life. What if our children…

"I don't like my name!": a 5 year old girl writes a letter to her mother to convince her to change it legally

Imagine having a child and suddenly discovering that they don't like the name you gave them at all and would like to change it; you would be definitely amazed, but at the same time not too surprised,…

Autistic boy has a meltdown and throws himself on the ground: a stranger decides to lie down with him and manages to calm him down

"In a world where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind" - if we all lived by this mantra, perhaps, the world would be a better place. Today, however, kindness makes the news and we are surprised,…

"My son was born looking 6 months old!": Mom gives birth to a baby three times bigger than normal

The expectation that accompanies the birth of a child is always full of conflicting anxieties and emotions, but the joy of being a parent, perhaps for the first time, is indescribable. Nowadays, technology…

Mom gives her 2-year-old daughter up for adoption as soon as the boy she wanted is born: the family goes on a rampage

Dear mothers and fathers, we have an uncomfortable question to ask you: when you were considering bringing a baby into the world, did you hope in your heart to have a boy or a girl? Of course, the correct…

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