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After many attempts, this girl with Down syndrome finally managed to go down the stairs alone

Couples who cannot have children often have a great opportunity to opt for adoption. In many countries the adoption process is not very simple and could be exhausting in the long run, but surely the satisfaction…

His family was too poor to buy him toys; at 10 years old, he makes his own action figures out of molding clay

Life's difficulties can befall on us at any age; it doesn't matter whether we're young, old, or even a child. What really matters is that we don't let our circumstances limit what we are capable of achieving.…

A small girl was trampled by a crowd of people racing to buy toilet paper in an Australian supermarket

The Coronavirus epidemic may have started out in China, but has since then spread across the entire planet. Panic and hysteria are two of the biggest words on everyone's lips, and they only seem to be…

These motorcyclists accompany abused children to court to make them feel safe

There are things that should never happen to a child but which, unfortunately, are the reality of very sad episodes that many minors have to deal with, and which they will remember for a lifetime. We…

This teacher made handwashing fun for her 3rd graders. Each morning she puts a stamp on their hand; if it's gone by the end of the day, they get a prize

Teach kids good hygiene habits is a rewarding but not so simple task. This is especially true when it comes to making them understand why it is so important to wash their hands. Kids love to touch anything…

This young boy grew out his hair for two years in order to donate it to sick children suffering from cancer

For many parents, raising children not only consists in clothing and feeding them, but also instilling in them positive values that will last their entire lives. There's satisfaction in knowing that you…

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