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He posts disgusting photos of the kitchen in the restaurant where he works and gets fired on the spot

Working in restaurants is never easy and we often hear of waiters who advise against going out for dinner. The reason? Well, they see everything in the kitchen, both cooked and raw, and they wouldn't…

They get married on the dock of a lake and when the wedding rings are exchanged, the bride's ring falls into the water: the scene is surreal

A wedding celebration should be, for those who choose to get married, one of the most beautiful days to experience together with their partner and with all those who love them and who are part of their…

For her birthday, he give his wife a dress two sizes smaller: "I did it to motivate her to lose weight"

Telling a woman that, perhaps, she might have put on a few extra pounds is already a rather delicate subject in itself, but completely mistaking how to communicate it is really equivalent to a kamikaze…

"My son was born looking 6 months old!": Mom gives birth to a baby three times bigger than normal

The expectation that accompanies the birth of a child is always full of conflicting anxieties and emotions, but the joy of being a parent, perhaps for the first time, is indescribable. Nowadays, technology…

A grudge in the family: a man builds a very narrow 3-storey building to ruin his brother's sea view

How far can a sibling feud go? We know that family quarrels are more frequent than one thinks, even if parents, especially if they are elderly, always tend to want to placate family members in some way.…

A couple buy a house but the ex-owner refuses to give them the keys: he has been illegally occupying it for more than a year

Renting a house is not easy, and buying one even more difficult. There are laws in these areas that aim to protect the most vulnerable, but which sometimes end up favoring those who take advantage of…

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