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It is a cross between a lion and a tiger | This giant "cat" is one of the largest in the world

Those who love cats will be happy to know that there are some very particular specimens, with dimensions that are definitely out of the ordinary. In truth, it is not correct to speak properly of cats,…

These two identical twin sisters have always shared everything in life and now also the same man

As children, our parents always taught us the importance of sharing - be it toys, food or anything, as good brothers and sisters, usually, we always tried to share as much as possible. When it comes to…

At 74, she gives birth to twins and becomes the oldest mother in the world

Some news seems so incredible, that it is very difficult to believe that it is true. In 2016, an Indian woman named Daljinder Kaur gave birth at the venerable age of 70 - and needless to say, within…

Many women choose to apply makeup before giving birth, but not everyone agrees with this trend

Childbirth is a painful, intense moment of emotion, and physically very exhausting ... and from today also glamorous! It has become, in fact, a trend to arrive in the delivery room not only psychologically…

This woman with a huge baby bump gave birth to a wonderful 13 lb girl

For a mother, having a child never loses its novelty, regardless of the number of children she has previously had. In fact, for Chrissy Corbitt, it really was an experience never felt before, namely…

In Russia, a beauty salon launches a new fashion --- nails with hair extensions!

Perhaps it is due to extravagant nail art, or modern fashion that says that not even one inch of your body should escape some sort of special aesthetic treatment! And consequently, nails are becoming more…

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