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Two friends "take revenge" on a stranger who parked his car in an inconsiderate way

In our daily lives there are many situations that annoy us and make us think about how badly the day has started. A spilled coffee or a misplaced word, and facing the rest of the day no longer seems a…
Absurd Cars Jokes

17 people who are in urgent need of a professional makeover!

When we decide to change, we often choose to do it starting with our appearance. We therefore rely on style experts or ask a friend or relative to improvise as a beautician or hairdresser. In the most…
Absurd Cute Funny

Makeup Disasters: 16 people whose makeup turned out to be a total failure

Knowing how to use makeup to enhance one's appearance is an art that not everyone masters perfectly. You don't need to be a makeup professional to put on light make-up every morning before going to work,…

Two best friends form a relationship with the same woman: they are happy and even want to have children together

Nowadays, almost no one is scandalized by so-called "open relationships", and even the most traditional can almost justify such habits with phrases such as: "each to his own". However, some particular…

41-year-old lawyer sues his parents: they have to support him financially indefinitely

A 41-year-old unemployed lawyer, residing in London, took his wealthy parents to court because he claims that they must continue to support him financially indefinitely as they were guilty of cultivating…

A guy discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him thanks to the reflection of her smartphone: she was on Tinder

If betrayal has always been a reason for breakups and paranoia in the past, imagine the level of stress that social media can cause nowadays, especially when used in bad faith. If once you went secretly…

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