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17 hairstyles so extravagant that people couldn't help but immortalize them

Sometimes it is said that the worst never ends. While this is a generalized saying, in some cases it seems very apt. In fact, how many times has it happened that we find ourselves in staring at sights…

This engaged couple are chasing an absurd dream: she wants to become the fattest woman in the world

People's ideals of beauty are something very personal, and anything but "standard". After all, perhaps this is what makes our world and the people around us interesting, and which perhaps helps us to…

A boy photographed a beam of light between the clouds that looks like Christ the Redeemer

Those who believe in God know they always have someone on their side; but in the darkest moments, perhaps, even the most devout of the faithful look for concrete signs that allow them to confirm their…

A young man attends the birth but is ashamed of his partner: "stop screaming, you are embarrassing me"

There are situations in which, if we do not know what the people around us feel, it is often better to keep quiet, especially if they are people who are not having a good time. Childbirth is certainly…

Man rushed to the emergency room after mother-in-law bludgeons him with a skillet for calling her fat

Be careful who you choose to pick on; they might not see things as funny as you. Let's face it, some people don't know how to take a joke and so you're better off saying nothing it at all. The key to…

He wanted to buy a car online but by mistake he ordered it 27 times: he gets a 1.4 million euro bill

Online purchases are definitely a great way to speed up the sales process and often constitute a nice saving for the customer. Each purchase, however, needs the right amount of attention: the site from…

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