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This female Husky puppy was taken to an animal refuge center to find a friend and she chose a female kitten

Little Raven is a female Tamaskan Husky puppy that needed a friend to grow up with. But her human "mom", Christina, knew that she could not find or choose one independently without first consulting young…
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After losing her litter, this mother cat found new happiness by cuddling and nursing orphaned puppies

For a mother, not being able to take care of her children is enormously distressing. It is also true that the maternal instinct often overlooks or even ignores obstacles, such as a difference in species.…
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In this moving video, a 4-year-old girl sings a gentle song to comfort her terminally-ill cat

Pets are among the most significant companions that accompany us in our lives. Even though they are not human, dogs and cats have the ability to become our best friends and have a special place in our…

A mother allows her son to adopt a puppy but he chooses a large, older, and overweight cat

As a child, it is quite common to dream of having a pet, a dog or a cat, and maybe growing up with it. Many children continue to hope and try to convince their parents to adopt a puppy or a kitten and,…

21 entertaining photos show that having a cat at home can be a very demanding job

If you have a four-legged feline friend at home, you know that they are not only extraordinary pets but also very challenging animals for their human owners. Every owner loves his or her own cat, but…

A truck driver cries tears of joy when he finds his lost cat that had always accompanied him on his trips

Who said that cats are pets that can only be kept in the house? You can still be a cat fan and cat lover even if you have a job or profession that forces you to always travel from one state to another…

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