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A grandmother is diagnosed with senile dementia and her cat tries, in her own way, to "heal" her

Everyone knows that having a cat as a pet is good for their health and increases their sense of happiness and mental relaxation. It is, therefore, not a coincidence that, on a par with a dog, if you have…

They were abandoned together and since then the dachshund dog has been taking care of the paralyzed kitten!

Some friendships are meant to last forever. Like that of Idgie and Ruth, an unlikely pair of animals, a paralyzed kitten and an abandoned but still courageous dachshund, bound by a very special feeling…
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The story of Scarlett, the mother cat who went through fire 5 times --- to save her little kittens!

Sometimes animals know how to surprise us with behaviors that to define as "human" would be very reductive. In those situations, their way of expressing feelings, emotions, or performing unexpected and…

After a kitten almost lost its life due to licking a salt lamp, a vet warns us about the possible risks

We must pay close attention to taking care of our pets because we never know what kind of trouble they can get themselves into! Some dangers are lurking just around the corner, right within the four walls…

A young man takes a walk in the park ... and an insistent kitten forces him to make a difficult decision ...

Cats are very particular animals, capable of great independence but also of clear and obvious demonstrations of affection. When cats bond with a person, they end up building a very deep connection,…

A cat is freed after living for years in a cage! The way in which she expresses her gratitude is very touching ...

The expression "cats have nine lives" is not just a way of saying that cats can escape danger, fall unharmed from great heights or survive accidents. Fortunately, these mysterious and remarkable creatures…

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