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13 cats so cute that their owners couldn't help but take a picture of them

Our feline friends are among the most cutest and most cuddly living beings in the world; we are certainly all sure that, if cats did not exist, we would have to invent them. Those who share their homes…

A dog who wasn't pregnant began nursing a stray kitten, managing to save her life

After thousands of years of civilization, progress and technological achievement, nature still manages to surprise us. Plants and animals can adapt and have qualities that are extraordinary. These natural…
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15 cats intent on taking a nap in the cutest and wackiest positions

Do you feel down and think that everything has been stacked up against you lately? Don't worry, positivity and a smile are always around the corner, even when you feel that the days are darker than usual.…

A stray cat "asks" to come into a woman's home to give birth to her kittens in safety

Maternal instinct is not a prerogative reserved only for human beings. In fact, animals often manage to express the same tenderness and protection that people have for their children. These two worlds,…

14 people post adorable pictures of their cats that demonstrate why they are such great life companions

When we grow up around other people, we don't even realize how much they can change over time. That's just how life goes though. We grow older and, through the course of time, our bodies and appearances…

13 cats who didn't care about others' opinions and did what they wanted

Having a cat at home is no small job: demanding, elegant, apparently cold and detached, sometimes even selfish, our four-legged feline friends are among the most unpredictable and fun living beings there…

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