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Pregnant wife is allergic to the cat and asks her husband for a solution: he proposes she move into her parents' house

Allergies are now a very widespread reality and those who suffer from them know very well how debilitating it is to live with the allergens that cause adverse reactions. Whether it is dust or animal…

Cat saves her mistress's life by jumping on her stomach: she didn't know she had a tumor

Gill Kelly, a 56-year-old woman, had no idea she was sick until her cat unwittingly warned her. Did you perhaps think that a pet couldn't save the life of a human being? Well, Gill's story is one of many…

"It's either me or the cat": man with a cat allergy gives an ultimatum to his partner

It is not easy to make a choice when we are faced with two distinct, but at the same time, tempting life opportunities; imagine if your partner approached you and asked you to choose between them and…

This cat is so big, many mistake it for a dog: it weighs nearly 13kg (29lbs)

If you are a cat lover, this incredible story is definitely for you. In fact, we are sure that you will have never seen a cat so big and so bulky as the subject of the photos that are going viral around…

Cat owner asks company to send her empty boxes because her felines took over the original package

If you have a cat at home you know very well that these faithful, four-legged felines have a tendency to behave like kings and queens inside the house. They love to be pampered and revered so much that…

Stray cats meow at a drain and attract the attention of residents: there was an abandoned baby girl in there

Abandoning one's own child is incredible, but we can never know what really motivates a mother to resort to this desperate act. Behind the abandonment of a child there can be a thousand reasons and an…

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