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21 cats that are absolutely irresistible due to their particularities and overall cuteness!

Irresistibly proud and independent, quietly disdainful, and sweetly charming. Cats are all of this and much more! These animals can be elusive as well as affectionate, but only with the people they choose,…

Curly cats are different from all the cats you have seen so far --- Just take a look at their fur to understand why!

Those who love cats find them all indistinctly beautiful and elegant: some races, however, are so particular that they deserve a separate discussion. Among the less well known is the Selkirk Rex cat,…

A woman adopts a tiny sick kitten and six months later it weighs half of her weight!

Three years ago, Justina Strumilaite adopted a very young Persian cat, saving its life. The kitten, a male, was born with only two toes on its right front paw and was the smallest and weakest of its…

Adopting a cat extends human life because cats help to fight depression and are good for the heart

If someone has not yet been won over by their sympathy and beauty, here is a very good reason to adopt a cat  --- according to a recent study, cats extend the lives of their owners. And not only. …

These 20 funny images demonstrate that cats are made of a liquid material ...

The body of a cat is an incredible combination of agility, strength, and softness. Sometimes cats look like soft stuffed animals, but when it comes to running, jumping, and hunting, they become unbeatable…

The magical moment when a doctor saves a cat's life from a revolving door at a hospital

We are so caught up in the frenzy of our daily rhythm of life that we often do not pay due attention to what surrounds us, with the consequence that we can end up inadvertently creating disasters.  This…

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