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A cat hears a dog cry at the vet's and tries to "defend" it by scratching the veterinarian

Sometimes animals have behaviors so surprising and unusual that there is the doubt that they only miss having language to be practically the same as us. Among them, there is often a particular instinct…

This homeless man took in an abandoned cat, now they are inseparable

We come across many people in our lives that, due to the different hardships they suffered in life, are forced to live in extreme poverty. This doesn't mean, however, that they've lost their sense of…

A kitten waits every day in front of the grocery store "asking" passersby to buy food

Animals never cease to amaze us. Even if we think that reasoning and certain strands of thought are impossible for them to think up, it is not uncommon to change one's mind. Tania Sants, is a Mexican…

8 litte hedgehogs are orphaned and refuse to eat, but then a cat starts to take care of them

In all circumstances, even the most adverse, it seems that Nature knows very well how to carry on. When 8 small hedgehogs suddenly lost their mother due to an accident, the hoglets found themselves alone…

The cat and its little owner are so inseparable that they always sleep hugging together

When your child's desire is to have a pet, as a parent you can only satisfy it. And so it was for the little Noah, who at Christmas 2018 received a beautiful and very gentle 2-month-old kitten; Noah gave…

This stray kitty has a black cat-like birthmark on its muzzle that has made it a true web celebrity

Sometimes, around us, we see totally unexpected sights that manage to amaze us even if, in life, we think we have seen a lot. With the advent and diffusion of the internet and social networks, moreover,…

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