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A kitten who won't stop thanking the girl who rescued him from a shelter just before he was put to sleep

Dogs and cats seem to understand languages and situations much better than we imagine at times, and often it seems to be only the lack of language that differentiates them from us. When Adelle, a volunteer…

A stray cat "thanks" the woman who saved her by bringing her 6 kittens to the front door

A strange friendship was born between Lisianne, the woman protagonist of this sweet story, and a shy kitten named Usagi, who showed up at the door of the woman who lives in Quebec Canada, accompanies…

She stopped the freeway traffic to save a distressed kitty before it was too late

You are driving on a particularly crowded highway with your car, when you notice something moving on the side of the road, something very small and defenseless that seems to need urgent help, before it…

The dog wants to get to it's owner, but the cat won't let him pass: after a few seconds he returns with reinforcements

The eternal rivalry between dog and cat is now a myth that has been debunked several times. Despite the great character differences that distinguish the two animals, both have been able on several occasions…
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15 cats who dozed off in the most unthinkable places and positions

We have known for some time that our feline friends are four-legged animals full of surprises. But not only do they manage to be truly surprising, sometimes they assume positions, attitudes and expressions…

A cat comes home after 3 days with a message around his neck: "he ate 3 fish without paying"

If your pet cat is not used to staying within the house, as might be safer, it will be very likely that the animal in question, however cuddly and affectionate in your presence, will hang out for many…

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