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This stray kitty has a black cat-like birthmark on its muzzle that has made it a true web celebrity

Sometimes, around us, we see totally unexpected sights that manage to amaze us even if, in life, we think we have seen a lot. With the advent and diffusion of the internet and social networks, moreover,…

17 cats who look like they could be in a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" book

Cat lovers adore cats so much that you would never hear them say they've seen an ugly cat. They might admit to having their favorite breeds, but we all do. Some cat breeds are, let's face it, objectively…

When she found out that her cat had a best friend at the shelter, this woman decided to adopt him too

You recognize two friends from afar, because staying together is for them a special bond that wins every challenge and difficulty. A friend is someone to laugh with in life, but he is also the one who…

World record holding Maine Coon specimen Omar measures 120 cm

When he was adopted and was only a kitten, Omar, a splendid specimen of the Maine Coon cat, was soft, tender and very  sweet and, but owner Stephy Hirst could not have imagined that growing up he…

Here is the moving moment in which a cat "introduces" her kittens to her dear canine friend

In the common imagination, dogs and cats do not get along very well. So much so, that for "encounters" of this type, countless sayings and proverbs have been written that describe the two four-legged…
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This young cat is affected by vitiligo | The images before and after its rare transformation

The protagonist of this incredible story is a woman called Nicole who lives in Germany. In 2016, she had gone to a local farm, and while she was there, suddenly she had noticed two kittens hiding inside…

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