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A little girl can no longer keep her kitten and leaves a note to those who adopt it "to take care of her"

When you are lucky enough to have a pet at home from an early age, be it a dog or a cat, as a child, you develop a special friendship with your pet that you will never forget for the rest of your life.…

12 photos of naughty cats who display to everyone their mischievous destructive tendencies

Isn't it wonderful to have a cat? That sweet, soft, and affectionate four-legged friend who spends all day resting, getting ready for his or her usual dose of pampering, is really a great life partner.…

20 photos that confirm how much our pet cats have a strange sense of humor

You will never get bored if you have a cat at home. Say goodbye to all those common prejudices about these beautiful cats! It is not true that they are indifferent, cold, and calculating, they are simply…

16 photos showing the domestic adventures of our feline friends

Cats can be strange, very strange animals. Despite their tender, sweet and calm appearance, a rather restless nature often hides inside them. It can be said, without exaggerating, that they are never…

This cat was put in "solitary confinement" because it always managed to escape and also take other cats along with him

Here we introduce Quilty, a naughty tom cat who has lived for a long time in an animal shelter in Houston, Texas, called Friends For Life. The main characteristic of this cute feline is that every time…

A truck driver allergic to cats rescues one from the road and then lets it sleep on his truck seat

Can you become great friends with a cat while being allergic to these four-legged feline friends? The answer is yes, and the protagonist of this true story can personally testify to this! Matt is an American…

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