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17 pet cats that do nothing but behave…
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17 pet cats that do nothing but behave in a somewhat bizarre and "worrying" ways

January 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Everyone who has a cat at home knows exactly what we are referring to; it will have happened to everyone, at least once, looking at your beloved feline and exclaiming: "What the hell is wrong with it?". Well, we have collected for you some of the photographs taken by cat owners which are among the most hilarious and curious, which feature our beloved four-legged friends, caught in the act or in situations (and positions) so bizarre that they made us wide eyed in amazement!

Look where my cat ended up!

He's looking at me quite threateningly, help!


Look at his frightened face! Doesn't he look like a guinea pig?

Shhh, don't make a noise: he's meditating!

I swear he doesn't do it on purpose, that's just him!


A nice bath with company!

It is not a pillow, it's my head; but he likes to rest like this ...


They look like two statues, but it's my two cats staring at me in a disturbing way ...

image: Reddit

Even in times of greatest need there is no peace!


Aargh, he got me!

I think he's still mad at me, don't you agree?

image: L-nn/Reddit

I think he's melting, or he just loves sitting like that!

I go to the bathroom, and what do I find? A very well trained cat who knows how to "use" the toilet!

I don't understand why she always licks the window in the house ...

image: Exidor/Reddit

He wanted to try a daring escape, but he didn't succeed!

What a surprise!

I assure you that there was absolutely nothing under there, yet the cat was sat there for hours!

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