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They desperately searched for an envelope containing $1000 only to find that their son destroyed it in the shredder

Children, we know, are not always clear on the value of money. For them notes and coins are simply pieces of paper and shiny objects that can be used for play, or maybe for some fun pastime. Fun for a…

From puppy to dog: 10 funny photos show how fast our four-legged friends grow

When we adopt a puppy dog there is a part of us that wishes it would never grow up: cuddling that bundle of softness full of sweetness forever is the dream of many. Too bad, however, that dogs, like all…

15 DIY haircuts and beauty procedures that failed miserably

Have you ever felt the urge to cancel your appointment at the hair salon and just cut your hair yourself? What about other beauty procedures? It definitely will save you some money, but if the results…

15 images that show how life is amazing and full of tenderness

Life is a beautiful gift. Yes, even if very often we are forced to walk a path of darkness, made of tears, sadness and loneliness, know that it is all part of the baggage of human experience that we all,…

A man saves a fawn in the woods: every time he stops stroking it's belly, it "cries"

What would you do if you met a little fawn in the woods, caught among the thorns, without a mother and in terrible difficulty? We are sure that you would not think twice, and you would help to free him…

Try out this fun visual test: look for the leopard hidden in the image

For a lone or unwary person, venturing into an environment like Savannah can be really dangerous. Predators and pitfalls can pop up at every corner, and it's good to know how to find them in time. Whoever…

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