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A baby elephant is "caught" eating sugar cane and tries to hide behind a post

Sometimes the best fairy tales are the ones that happen in real life. As children we all grew up reading storybooks, or watching cartoons on TV that made us dream, have fun, cry, and certainly made us…

19 funny family photos that are so bizarre they will make you smile

What's better than browsing through old photo albums and reliving the memories of a distant time, which we only knew as children? Sometimes, precious surprises can be found within these nostalgic photos…

15 cute animals that know no differences when it comes to friendship

And who said that tender friendships cannot arise between animals of different species? Friendship is a feeling that goes far beyond diversity and the differences that coexist in this world; here we have…

Social media vs. reality: 15 fun photos show "behind the scenes" of some terrific shots

Professional photographers know every single trick of the trade to be able to get the best results and give the whole world  magical and  amazong shots. Sometimes it takes a bit of inventiveness and…

18 expensive pairs of shoes that we thought no one would ever have the guts to make

How much are you willing to pay for a pair of shoes? Although they are an essential commodity that over the years must be purchased over and over again, depending on the wearer, there are some designs…

17 newborn babies who at just a few days old looked like adorable old men

A child's smile always manages to cheer and move us, distancing us from any negativity and straightening even the most crooked day. The birth of a child, then, is an even more a unique and exciting event,…

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