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Tell us how many dogs you see in this picture and we will reveal your mental age

How many times have we met people in our lives that we have always considered to be younger than the age that is on their birth certificate? Sometimes not even the arrival of the various infirmities of…

A father goes through several red lights and his 5-year-old son calls the police and says: "Arrest him."

Nothing escapes children. This statement could be the moral of this singular story that we are about to share with you. The story is set in Germany, in the Bavarian city of Wurzburg, and was posted on…

A husband gives his wife a birthday cake in the shape of her favorite object --- a giant Amazon package!

Online shopping, as everyone knows, is a great convenience. With a single gesture, anywhere and at any time, it is possible to have at your fingertips an enormous quantity of items to buy --- all delivered…

19 photos that show in a fascinating way the passing of time ... and the continued evolution of positive feelings.

Time rolls on relentlessly, and it is not always easy to live with this thought. Yet, it is precisely this awareness that should serve to encourage us to live each moment of our lives with greater intensity…

Do you want to live longer and with fewer problems? Here are the unforgettable suggestions of three centenarians!

We all want to live as long as possible, in good health and, even if the infamous elixir of life or immortality is only a legend, we can certainly change our lifestyle and adopt some tricks to improve…

Amazon is selling a leash for walking pet hens! It is adjustable and comes in 5 different colors!

For many people, it may not be a primary necessity, but we know that today the creativity of those who invent objects to be sold has no limits! Furthermore, thanks to the Internet and e-commerce websites,…

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