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He announces on live TV that he has won the lottery and wants to quit his job, but then discovers that the jackpot is only €5,000

Winning the national lottery is probably the dream of the vast majority of ordinary citizens who, every day, struggle to survive in dignity. Winning a large sum of money could solve most of the problems…

15 parents from the past who today would be arrested for the way they looked after their children

Being a parent is as difficult today as it was twenty or thirty years ago: a manual with the golden rules to follow in order to infallibly educate one's children does not exist and has never existed.…

A mom takes her one-year-old son with her to a job interview and dresses him in an elegant jacket and bow tie

An economic crisis necessarily brings with it many negative consequences to people who have a job; imagine a crisis caused and inflated by a global pandemic, what harmful effects it could have on certain…

17 people who accidentally fell asleep in the most absurd moments and places

When fatigue makes itself felt overwhelmingly, there is little to be done: try to sleep and rest as much as possible. Unfortunately, the times and current modern society force us into a rather frenetic…

16 pets that just can't help but invade their owners' space

A puppy can save lives. We've said this many times in previous articles, but here we want to reiterate it once again. Not only is a small pet able to improve the life of the human being who welcomes it…

"We didn't know whether to laugh or cry": 15 children who made mom and dad tear their hair out

Dear moms and dads, we know very well that being a full-time parent is not easy at all. Especially if your child gives you a hard time every day when you wake up and open your eyes; it's not easy to keep…

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