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"So that's where you got to!": 16 pets with an innate talent for sneaking around everywhere

If you have a pet at home, you know better than us that our extraordinary and irreplaceable four-legged friends have a special talent for hiding and knowing how to sneak into the narrowest and most unthinkable…

The true face of jealousy: 15 funny photos to poke fun at this bad negative emotion

Jealousy is a real thorn in the side for many couples, but it can be worse than this. When it becomes pathological, it causes irreversible damage to the relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship…

She goes out with a young farmer and he gives her a 12 kg (25 lb) wheel of cheese on the first date

It's said that in love everything is allowed, if the aim is to impress the person who lights up our days every time we meet them, as much as possible. The first date is always an important moment, although…

Extraordinary families: 15 examples of families with a keen sense of humor

There are many types of families. There is the family that is all in one piece, all home and church, faithful to its values, very united and very, very serious; and then there are those families that…

For her birthday, he give his wife a dress two sizes smaller: "I did it to motivate her to lose weight"

Telling a woman that, perhaps, she might have put on a few extra pounds is already a rather delicate subject in itself, but completely mistaking how to communicate it is really equivalent to a kamikaze…

"I told you no!": 16 cats who politely refused to be pampered by their favorite humans

Do you have a cat at home? If so, you know very well that they often don't particularly like human hugs or cuddles, unless they are looking for them from you. Yes, our feline friends are just like that,…

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