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20 photos describing some of the funniest and most absurd reasons why little ones cry

Parenting is for many the most beautiful "job" in the world, but it can undoubtedly be very tiring and even alienating if you don't take some space to breathe and get away from the incessant whims every…

15 children who were left unsupervised in the house and caused a real disaster

Never leave your children alone in the house; do not lose sight of them even if you are in the other room or in another part of your home: you never know what lovely surprise they could have in store…

20 pets that have grown "hand in hand" together with their owners

When we decide to take the plunge and adopt a pet, our life changes drastically, and for the better. Yes, because having an animal in the house not only keeps us company, but also grows with us, marking…

The bride throws the bouquet: her friend manages to catch it and the fiance runs away at full speed

There are traditions and customs recognized and carried on in many parts of the world, and to which people pay a lot of attention, so much so that they come to believe that they can really affect their…

A little girl sees that the neighbor offers her "4-legged brothers" a treat every day and decides to follow in their footsteps

Having animal companions enriches our lives, makes them more cheerful, interesting and in a word "better". Adopting a sweet furry friend is a good idea at any age. But when there are also young children,…

2 parrots having a nice chat: the tones and expression are incredibly "human"

Just when we think we have seen or heard almost everything, be sure that, thanks to the internet and the ability to get to know a good part of the world instantly with just a click, something new comes…

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