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This kind dog saves a kitten from the chilly rain and brings it home with her as if it were her friend

Even if movies, cartoons, and other forms of entertainment seem to suggest otherwise, dogs and cats can definitely be friends and this true story proves it. Hazel is a female dog that is a nice mix between…

Neighbors hear sounds of female screams and call the police, but it was only a mischievous parrot

Anybody, at some point, can happen to have noisy neighbors. Living in a condominium - but also in an independent house - it is not rare that people around us can cause unpleasant inconveniences. From…

This "hard-headed" little corgi refuses to move when he realizes that his favorite park is closed

As far as his owners and family can remember, Waffles, the little corgi that is the protagonist of this funny story, has two favorite things: his plastic run and fetch balls and his daily walks in his…

Every morning this dog decides when his owner must wake up and the man films the scenario because nobody believes him

When you become a parent, you are preparing to face a long period of sleepless nights, due to the possible and frequent nighttime awakenings of the newcomer. In a short span of time, you will even find…
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A horse enters a stranger's house and its owner confirms that the animal loves indoor spaces

In the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, the spirit of tolerance and good neighborliness is truly present more than in other cities. A horse, (a mare) named Sharq is well aware of this, and therefore, had…

A man accidentally bought an inflatable Santa Claus as tall as his house

Online purchases are now within everyone's reach and are often preferred to brick-and-mortar purchases, for obvious convenience. One of the disadvantages of shopping on e-commerce platforms is the fact…

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