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"I told you no!": 16 cats who politely…
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"I told you no!": 16 cats who politely refused to be pampered by their favorite humans

April 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you have a cat at home? If so, you know very well that they often don't particularly like human hugs or cuddles, unless they are looking for them from you. Yes, our feline friends are just like that, apparently indifferent to human warmth and affection, stoic and statuesque, but at the same time to four-legged friends who know how to be of enormous comfort and company when we need it most. For this reason, and precisely because we know that cats tend to shy away from the effusive emotional outpourings of human owners, we have selected for you the funniest images that immortalize cats with irony and a sense of humor who try in every way to send a resounding NO to cuddles from mom and dad!

Please leave me, let me go!

image: Reddit

The look in this cat's eyes says more than a thousand words: perhaps it has suffered a trauma that we are not aware of? 

"I'm sorry my dear, but today I really don't want to!"

image: KWG89/Reddit

 A kitten who, despite seeming rather picky, at least refuses human contact .... politely!


My cat is very kind when he wants to shut me up!

"Stop cuddling me, human: it's not fun!"

 The look of this cat's face seems to embody a mood that we all share sometimes: we get you, feline!

"Let me be!"

 A cry of suffering and pain that seems to come from a horror movie!


"No, no kisses please!"

Our feline friends have a unique talent for never letting us finish a task: they will always be in the middle, putting a spoke in the wheel! 

"Put me down human!"


Help, my human is squashing me!

Do not approach!

Can you imagine what this cat would like to say to his human? "Enough! Put me down!"


Okay, maybe it wasn't the right time ...

 Even among cats things are not always .... calm!

Okay, okay, we understand you don't like being hugged!

image: Reddit

Not one, but three cats that hate being picked up!

image: Reddit

An image that more than expressing the joy of Christmas, expresses ... alarm!

image: _Magna/Reddit

"Get this stupid hat off me, human slave!"

image: Imgur

My cat wasn't in the mood, apparently ...

image: Reddit

Guess what this cat hates most?

After seeing these hilarious photographics, one wonders if our feline friends do it on purpose sometimes: when we get close to them they do nothing but dodge us, while if we are having a moment of relaxation when perhaps we want to be alone, there they are always ready sit on our work or demand our attention.

In short, instead of truly understanding the psychology of the cat, we would be better to first enjoy them, accept them for what they are, and always love them, despite everything!

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