Mother forces vegan daughter to cook meat as punishment for wasting food in the house -
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Mother forces vegan daughter to cook…
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Mother forces vegan daughter to cook meat as punishment for wasting food in the house

April 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The eternal rumbling of public opinion on the rightness of choosing a vegan, vegetarian or, let's call it, "carnivorous" life, is splitting the world into distinct and sometimes quite aggressive factions. There are those who defend their choice to live a life proclaiming to all the absolute necessity of the prohibition of the consumption of animal flesh or even of any product derived from the animals themselves, and those who instead attack this decision by defending the consumption of meat and animal products as a natural part of human evolution. 

Beyond the various opinions on this thorny topic, there are many strange stories we hear or read about it, and certainly the one we'll tell you today is no less strange. On a Reddit discussion group, a mom tells of her personal experience with her 14-year-old daughter. The daughter is vegan, while her other family members eat meat, although not all that often. Although her daughter has long been trying to convert her mother, father and brother to veganism, she had already been told there was no need to coerce anyone.

One weekend, her mother had grilled peppers for her; she had served some of them with meat for those who wanted it. For her daughter she had prepared an exclusively vegan dish and the leftover meat was put in the refrigerator, so as not to waste it and to be able to use it up in the following days. Her daughter, however, complained a lot about this: not only did she say she couldn't stand the nauseating smell of meat in the fridge, but said that they also had to throw away the vegan food that was left over "because it was tainted with the smell of cooked meat."


The mother was incensed by this; as punishment, she sent her daughter to the supermarket to buy the missing ingredients, and forced her daughter to cook the left over meat: "She screamed and begged, but I kept to my position. In the end, she did it, she cooked. I told her that wasting food was not a point to argue and complain about."

On Reddit this mom asked users for advice, for fear of having implemented too cruel punishment against her daughter; however, many have sided decisively on the side of woman, convinced that any type of food waste is not tolerable, whether someone is vegan or not.

What do you think of this mother's punishment?


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