Grandchild discovers her grandmother's…
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Grandchild discovers her grandmother's honeymoon clothes perfectly preserved in a suitcase since 1952

May 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Sometimes it happens that lucky people find a priceless treasure on their hands. We are not talking about gold, diamonds or something similar, but about a simple and everyday object, such as a suitcase. A suitcase full of well-preserved clothes like the one that the subject of our story was lucky enough to find.

Colored green and perfectly intact, the suitcase in question belonged to this girl's grandmother and was a veritable treasure trove of memories from the past. But let's find out together what came out of this "magical" suitcase:

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Maddy Bill stars in this story along with her 91-year-old grandmother, Marie D'Alesandro Donato. The latter is also the owner of the suitcase and the contents that, some time ago, turned up in the hands of her niece.

The suitcase in question, closed for the last time in 1952, kept the contents, mainly clothes, worn by the elderly woman during her honeymoon. You read that right - the suitcase held stylish and perfectly-preserved clothes to be passed on to her heirs.

Marie D'Alesandro Donato and Anthony James Donato, her future husband, had met shorly after the Second World War and, in 1952, had decided to get married. At that time, the woman was only 22 years old, while her future husband 27. After the wedding ceremony, the two newlyweds had decided to take a trip to New York and Marie packed all her best clothes (in a suitcase) to spend some day in the metropolis.


Once they returned from New York, the woman washed and repacked all the clothes in her green suitcase, in order to keep them intact for posterity.

The now elderly woman said in an interview: "The suitcase contained all my excitement and hope for the future. My honeymoon, after all, was all about thiat: hope and anxiously waiting for the future. I kept the clothes in the suitcase for all those years. It was like keeping all my hopes and wishes for the future intact. I believed it was only in this way that they would be passed down to my daughters and grandchildren".

The suitcase remained closed and kept all her memories intact until the day it finally turned up in the hands of Maddy, one of the woman's granddaughters. It took a good 70 years before it was reopened and the clothes were exposed to the light of day again.

Maddy said: "The suitcase was given to me by my mother. The intention was to have me wear my grandmother's clothes on the most important moments in my life. Since I was little, I had seen my grandmother's photos when she was young and, when I opened the suitcase, the images materialized right in front of my eyes. It was an indescribable feeling, it seemed as if the past had returned. Wearing one of the dresses, for the first time in 70 years, was incredible. All the clothes were all perfectly preserved and beautiful".

For the elderly woman, seeing her granddaughter dressed in her clothes was like taking a dip into the past and reliving the best moments from her honeymoon. The woman, in 1952, was not rich, but that has never stopped her from dressing fashionably and keeping up with the times and her photos of her granddaughter show this perfectly.

Don't you think they both look gorgeous?


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