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A child gets kidnapped, but eventually gets free thanks to his older siblings who followed the kidnapper

Relations between siblings aren't always a bed of roses. Many days end in fighting and disagreements, but that doesn't mean that siblings don't love each other. In fact, a bond between most siblings is…

"To my mother-in-law: I was wrong": daughter-in-law dedicates a letter to her mother-in-law after her death

It's no secret that mothers-in-law get a bad wrap for the way they treat their children's spouses, wives especially. Even so, they are an integral part of their grandchildren's lives, which is one reason…

A dad breaks his son's XBox into a thousand pieces as punishment: he had been secretly stealing from his brothers

All parents only want the best for their children and to make them happy, often and willingly do everything to satisfy them  and make them happy by fulfilling their desires. To date, the most coveted…

Mom goes on a rampage when she finds out that her sister-in-law has tattooed her children's initials without her knowledge

Getting a tattoo is one of the most artistic ways to imprint forever on our skin the names or faces of the people who have most indelibly marked our life. Whether it is our partner, our spouse, the names…

Cheap weddings: 11 brides who bought wonderful dresses without spending a fortune

Many of us know this well: when the time comes to plan the wedding day, the expenses start to come one after the other, and in many cases couples - and their families! - pay out astronomical figures,…

Parents deny the $20,000 for their daughter's wedding when they find out she is getting married to a woman

The dream of every parent is to see their son or daughter happy, perhaps with a beautiful wedding, a family of their own and children; but not all mums' and dads' wishes coincide with those of their children.…

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