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A man is attacked by a shark while swimming: his pregnant wife dives in and saves him

There are people who, due to a series of particularly unfortunate circumstances, have truly disturbing experiences, which they will surely remember for the rest of their lives. Think about a quiet boat…

At 99, she has survived an attempted murder, cancer and a plane crash: now she has also beaten Covid

There are people who bring with them stories destined to leave an indelible mark on other human beings. Whether it is for their abilities, for what they have done or for the events they have experienced,…

A guy sees a puma behind him during a mountain run: he is chased by it for 6 thrilling minutes

The video posted by this young athlete is incredible. We could make a comparison with one of those films that make you hold your breath for the duration, but in this case the tension is concentrated…

A man buys the bank which 18 years earlier had refused him a loan to start his business

In life you have to be able to take risks and have the courage to improve your condition. As long as you have complete confidence in your possibilities, and don't think that the road  to success is…

This dalmatian gave birth to 18 puppies: the pictures remind us of "101 dalmations"

There are creatures able to amaze us when we least expect it, revealing abilities and surprises that are certainly not for everyone. Think of the dogs that give birth to entire litters of little ones:…

A man dumps his garbage in the woods: after identifying it, the mayor has it all unloaded in his garden

There are people who will always think that they can treat the environment we live in as they please, not caring about pollution, regulations or the preservation of nature. Unfortunately, this is precisely…

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