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Coronavirus: China is gradually reopening their "wet food markets," selling bats and snakes for consumption

After months of lockdown and mandatory quarantine, things are finally getting back to normal in China. As the fight against the Coronavirus becomes gradually more distant in people's minds, the citizens…

He sees a girl on the roof opposite and sends his number to her with a drone: a flirtation is born at a distance

Jeremy Cohen, a young man from Brooklyn in New York, hadn't had a romantic date for a year, and certainly the sudden forced quarantine imposed by the American government to stem the devastating effects…

A boy licks the toilet in a public bathroom to "challenge" the Coronavirus: he is now hospitalized

A British boy, a real web influencer, reached hundreds of thousands of views on the social platform TikTok (very popular among teenagers) when he published a short video in which he literally licked the…

Coronavirus: a 101-year-old man recovers completely from Covid-19

The miracle happened in Rimini, a charming seaside town on the Italian Riviera Romagnola. In the midst of one of the darkest periods in the history of the European nation, to date one of the largest outbreaks…

He cannot leave the house because of quarantine, so he sends his chihuahua "on a mission" to buy chips

In difficult days of forced quarantine, whose restrictive measures by various governments around the world are trying to be as effective as possible to contain the contagion from Covid-19, the population…

Friends for more than 40 years, these three elderly women have decided to spend the quarantine under the same roof

With the spread of the Coronavirus emergency, the United Kingdom is also taking drastic measures to contain the contagion, including that of the quarantine in force for at least two weeks for all citizens…

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