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High altitude rudeness illustrated with 12 photos showing the worst side of airline passengers

Air travel, fears aside, for many can be wonderful experiences, while for others they are situations to try to forget. Quarrelsome and rude passengers or those who absolutely cannot give up their favorite…

For years, a teenage boy eats almost only potato chips and French fries and risks becoming totally blind

We already knew that junk food is not good for our body, but that the consumption of certain foods could lead to serious health consequences is hard to believe. This is more or less what has happened…

This zoo park puts the tourists in a cage instead of the animals - for an even more thrilling visit!

The "up close and personal" encounters with felines that the tourists can have in this New Zealand zoo park are truly unforgettable! We are talking about the Oran Wildlife Park, a Christchurch "open range…

A bee colony settles on the seat bottom of this young man's jeans!

Sometimes, nature surprises us in the most unexpected ways. There are some exceedingly rare natural phenomena that no one would hardly believe but which actually do happen. What happened to this 25-year-old…

This 93-year-old man has built a huge cathedral with his bare hands

We all have a dream - perhaps even more than one that we would like to make come true. Every day, we strive to get closer to that dream as much as possible, adding to it piece by piece, making our lives…

The behaviors of some tourists in a foreign land are real acts of rudeness and vandalism

When we go on long trips to countries and places different from ours, it is always a good idea to first find out about the uses and customs of that place to avoid making a fool of ourselves.  Or even…

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