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A couple give their adoptive son to a stranger after discovering they're expecting

No child should suffer, let alone feel like he or she has been abandoned by their family. This is why it's even more heartbreaking to hear about an orphan who has not just been abandoned by his biological…

Cemetery removes the headstone of a 4 year old boy, because it is not "in line" with all the others

For those who have lost a loved one, a place to cry or simply feel closer to them is important. There are those who do not need a physical place and those who instead want to take care of a headstone,…

A woman adopts a newborn girl and discovers that she is the biological sister of her adopted son

Sometimes life brings us such incredible episodes that it is difficult to believe that they are completely random. Destiny, in fact, really seems to plan meetings and events so that they happen in the…

At 113 she defeats Covid-19 with only mild symptoms: she is the oldest woman in Spain to recover from the virus

At 113 years of age Maria Branyas is the oldest woman in Spain to be completely cured of Covid-19 infection; after weeks and weeks of preventive home self-isolation starting from the very difficult month…

A 90 year old man claims to have 50 children: 17 with his wife, 15 with his sister-in-law, and one with his mother-in-law

When we think about enlarged families, we most likely imagine a family like the Brady Bunch, where two divorced parents with three kids each get married and, thus, now have 6 kids altogether. This phenomena…

A woman gives birth to the heaviest newborn twins recorded in Scotland's history

When Alanna Merrie found out she was pregnant, she and her husband Paul knew it wasn't out of the realm of possibilities of having twins. Several members on both sides of their families have twin siblings,…

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