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This cat was put in "solitary confinement" because it always managed to escape and also take other cats along with him

Here we introduce Quilty, a naughty tom cat who has lived for a long time in an animal shelter in Houston, Texas, called Friends For Life. The main characteristic of this cute feline is that every time…

He finds his girlfriend sleeping in bed with another and take selfies for revenge and posts them on social media

In certain situations, a healthy dose of irony never hurts, even in those contexts of life that we would never expect. If by chance you find out that your partner is cheating on you - right there in front…

He is 31 years old, she is 91 and this English couple shows everyone that true love has no age

He is 31 years old and she is 91 and if you double-check it, the mathematical difference amounts to 60. Just like the age difference between young Kyle Jones and the elderly lady Marjorie McCool is exactly…

Despite customers' complaints, a restaurant owner decides not to ask a mother and her autistic child who is making a lot of noise to leave

Every day on the street, on public transport, in bars, in restaurants and in many other places, people cross paths. And some people with a single superficial glance oftentimes presume to understand everything…

A mother forgets her son at the airport and only notices when the plane is in flight forcing the pilot to turn back

Who does not remember the hugely popular movie "Home Alone", where little Kevin was literally forgotten, twice, first at home and then at the airport, by the whole family about to leave for the Christmas…

A teenager lost her life after her smartphone exploded on her pillow as she listened to music

The news of smartphones that catch fire or explode, unfortunately, are not rare, and in recent years they have followed each other with a certainly not reassuring frequency. Bearing in mind that such…

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