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Twin sisters date identical twins: those who meet them on the street think they're "seeing double"

We present two engaged couples who, every time they walk down the street, leave people who don't know their incredible story speechless: are they seeing double or are their eyes deceiving them? Well the…

A boy blows soapy bubbles from his terrace: the neighbors call the police to fine him

In a district of Ostia, a seaside resort near Rome, a classic battle between neighbors is taking place, even if the performers are a little less typical. On the one hand, Brando, an autistic child who…

Couple lives aboard a minibus that consumes only £ 10 a week: a lifetime of savings

Would you have the courage to give up everything in your life and change it completely? First of all, to make a real leap into the void you need some guts, but the reality is that to transform your life…

She saves a bear cub from a troubled zoo and it becomes her pet - now they are inseparable

We are all used to thinking of a pet like a dog or a cat, at most a bird in a cage or an exotic fish inside a transparent tank full of water. Instead, there are some very remote realities far from the…

15 women who turned to a make-up artist and were transformed into "Hollywood divas"

Do you believe in magic? We do, especially when it comes to women's makeup. Just contact your trusted beautician to be convinced you that you don't need a magic wand to turn a pumpkin into a carriage,…

A pregnant woman skips mass to take her children swimming and ends up saving a child from drowning

Sometimes destiny is capable of changing our life in a completely unexpected way; some call them coincidences, others signs from heaven, but the fact is that chance is always an element that has strongly…

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