Mother forbids her children from using smartphones and tablets, and the results exceed her expectations

by Mark Bennett

July 01, 2023

Mother forbids her children from using smartphones and tablets, and the results exceed her expectations

Educating one's children is never an easy task: no matter how hard we try, it is not uncommon to end up failing. It is really a question of finding the delicate balance between what is right, what is more "appropriate to ignore" and how to allow for children to develop "mental flexibility". And there is no one perfect way to do this.

This mother noticed some anti-social behavior being displayed by her children: everyone seemed standoffish, short-tempered and cold towards her. So she decided to do a little experiment: she "confiscated" all their electronic devices. Did it work? Let's find out.

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Molly Defrank is a mother of 5 young, loving children. But they weren't always this affectionate. In fact, Molly said that there was a time when her kids were quite short-tempered, curt and "cold" towards her: "When I came home from work or the shops, they didn't even greet me properly: they ran towards me, but not to hug me - they just wanted my smartphone so they could play with it".

Molly begun to wonder what impact the electronic devices were having on the lives of her children. Her feeling was that they were becoming addicted to the devices. They needed and craved technology. They were certainly less creative and didn't know how to occupy their time except by being in front of a screen.

Then she had an idea, a little experiment to test if her intuition was right: no electronics for 30 days. What happened next was simply amazing.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but we are on week three of kid screenlessness. Why would we do this to them? To...

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When Molly and her husband confiscated the devices, the kids did not take it well at all: they protested and cried. But in the end, they had to submit.

Then, everything suddenly changed: over the next few days, her children "adapted" and even ended up thanking their mother for "freeing them" from technology.

Molly's kids started playing with games, drawing and coloring and, above all, reading a mountain of books! One photo in particular made an impression on the web.

We did not stage this photo. Months ago we removed screen time from our kids. Why? Because my precious babies were...

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In the photo, we can see the whole family reading their books. Molly revealed how things went and why she decided to immortalize that particular moment: "Shortly after banning their electronics, the kids saw my husband and I reading our books. One by one, they got their own books and joined us! Once upon a time, they would have immediately rushed over to turn on the TV or some other device".

"Furthermore, they also behave differently in public places: now they carry books with them to read and books have replaced their tablets," Molly added.

Molly stated that she wishes she could get her kids to give up technology completely - but obviously this is unrealistic: but no screen-time is "rationed" in Molly's house.

“We just want to stay in a place where technology is functional for us and not the other way around," Molly said. What do you think about this story?