Mother gives precedence to the relationship with her partner rather than to their children: "We come first, they will leave us one day"

by Mark Bennett

May 30, 2022

Mother gives precedence to the relationship with her partner rather than to their children: "We come first, they will leave us one day"

Usually, when a couple decides to have children, the children become the focus of their lives. Everything and anything is done to satisfy the needs of one's offspring: we constantly dedicate ourselves to them, to their needs, to their education and we almost forget our own relationship with our partner. This isn't always the best choice, as every relationship needs to be nurtured and strengthened in order to withstand the passing of time and any adversities which may arise.

And this is why Aubree, the subject of the story we are about to tell you about, decided that she and her husband would always take first place. No child, even if she were madly in love with them, would made her change her mind about this. Let's read about her story in detail:

via Facebook/Aubree Paige


Aubree Paige is a young American social media influencer who, some time ago, posted a message on Facebook that many users took issue with.

The woman wrote in her post: "We come first. This is the answer I give every time people ask me for explanations about the numerous trips I take alone with my husband and get criticized about. As a couple, our relationship comes first, even above our relationship with our children. I know that many will not understand, or agree with this statement".


Married to Aaron Kervin, Aubree is the mother of 3 children: two girls and a boy. She and her husband love their children deeply, but they are convinced that this feeling should never, ever intrude on their relationship. The believe that for love to stay alive and not fade over the passage of time, it needs to be nurtured and kept active.
For the woman and her husband, the best way to achieve this is to carve out some private moments of their own. Aubree writes in her post: "Life with children is not easy and if you do not prioritize the relationship with your partner, it will slip away from you in the blink of an eye. One day, our children will go their own way, they will leave us and if we have not consolidated the foundations of our relationship, we will have nothing left and we will end up being alone ".
Many of her followers have disagreed with her approach, while others admit that they would like to follow her example and behave in the same way, but that it is not really feasible. Certainly, this approach that Aubree and Aaron have adopted is unusual and unorthodox, but which, if you think about it, could also be a valid alternative to just following tradition and habit.

Now that it’s been a over a year, I think it’s safe to announce to world that Aaron is no longer leaving us two weeks at...

Pubblicato da Aubree Paige su Giovedì 7 aprile 2022

The woman, in addition to talking about her relationship, also gives advice on how to keep a relationship with one's life partner alive by citing themselves as an example: "We try to have at least one romantic, private evening a week. Then, every 3 months, we plan a trip of 3 or 4 days for just the two of us. This routine works well and helps us to move forward as a couple. If that means putting ourselves before our children, then yes, we come first and I'm not ashamed to admit it."

Enjoying a relationship does not implicitly mean neglecting your children or not giving them the love and attention they need. The couple reserves moments just for the two of them, but they never neglect attending to the needs of their children. Indeed, travelling and attending events with them are the order of the day most of the time and they love to spend these occasions together as a family.

There is no lack of criticism and sarcasm levelled against this couple, but they are not interested in letting themselves be hurt by this or influenced to change their life choices. They will continue on their way, as they always have, regardless of any of these external attacks.

What do you think of this way of dealing with family affairs?