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15 cats who invaded the aisles in shops…
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15 cats who invaded the aisles in shops and have no intention of leaving

December 31, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Have you ever seen a cat spend all day in a grocery store or supermarket? Sometimes they are so good and so still in their position that they blend in perfectly between the boxes, shelves and various food products. Customers should be very careful which shelf they visit or which product to buy: you may unwittingly find yourself facing a peacefully sleeping cat; like these people, who have published their ironic photos of cats who like to go shopping.

You weren't expecting me, huh?

His favorite department!


What are you looking at human?

Sweet dreams...

I'm ready to checkout this cat!


What a yawn ... good morning!

Pie is his favorite food ...


Do you need something frozen, my friend?

Are you talking to me?


I'm waiting for you inside!

This is my food!

Excuse me, do you need assistance?

Leave me be, I'm comfortable!

Sometimes there are very sweet customers ...

A cat...among the bottles!

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