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A wife sets fire to her husband's collection…
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A wife sets fire to her husband's collection of toy cars because she considers it a waste of money

By Alison Forde

In a couple, personal space should be sacred: each of the two has the right to pursue their hobby, or to have more than one, always in full respect of coexistence and mutual love. But what happens when these hobbies are not the slightest bit understood by the partner? Harsh arguments can arise that, in the long run, might even ruin the relationship. Then there are extreme cases in which a sort of personal "revenge" seems to be triggered. A Facebook user wanted to share his immense sorrow for this disagreement with his wife on a group for collectors: the woman, in fact, not only does not share his great passion for collecting toy cars, but hates it to the point of wanting to destroy them.

via: Debate.com

"I told you," the woman commented when her husband was lamenting desperately about his destroyed collection of toy cars. The wife, in fact, exasperated by her husband's constant purchases, decided to set fire to the precious collection of "Hot Wheels", the famous cars produced by Mattel, which were especially in vogue in the 90s. The wife's feeling was that her husband was "spending too much on unnecessary things." These toy cars, in fact, can cost as much as $100 for those who want to have the "rarest" pieces.

Here is the heartfelt post published on a Facebook group of passionate collectors like him:

"I have been collecting Hot Wheels for about 2 years, but my wife told me last week that I am spending too much on these cars and that if I brought any more of them home, she would burn them. I thought she was kidding me, and anyway I had bought some models earlier. The next day while I was at work she sent me a photo of the collection before burning it, saying 'I told you so'. "


image: Pxhere

The man did not have the courage to continue his building collection, not even following the messages of solidarity that promised to replace some of his lost collection. Very probably, the man in question will take legal action against his wife. We don't know how it will end, but surely it will be difficultfor these two to kiss and make up.

What do you think of the woman's behavior?

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