She leaves the cat home alone but then…
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She leaves the cat home alone but then sees him "crying" on the surveillance camera

February 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Cats are wonderful creatures, with often mysterious behavior. Unlike dogs, they are much more independent and hardly ever fall into that category of "clingy" animals. Still, there are plenty of examples of domestic cats who can't stay away from their owners for a minute. And if by chance the necessities of life force a cat owner to leave him alone for a day or a few hours, we can be sure that the feline will "make him pay" in some way. A perfect example of this type of feline behavior can be seen in the video by a Chinese woman, known to users as Ms. Meng, in which her beautiful cat even seemed to cry during her absence.

via: Metro

Ms. Meng had gone to visit her parents, to celebrate the Chinese New Year together. The girl is the owner of a beautiful 2-year-old blue British Shorthair cat named Fu Fu. The cat in question is very fond of his owner and has always demonstrated a rather melodramatic attitude towards her. Ms. Meng, however, loves Fu Fu and has installed a video surveillance system for when she is forced to go away. That evening when she went to visit her parents, Ms. Meng had something else on her mind, but in the middle of the evening she wanted to check, as always, on the condition of her cat. It was a great surprise when she saw, in the video, poor Fu Fu with a desperate attitude: he was meowing and "crying" before the camera! 

 In the video were Fu Fu's big shiny eyes full of tears. The cat meowed in the direction of the camera, as if to say "please, come home!". Ms. Meng's heart broke upon seeing that scene and immediately decided not to extend the visit to her parents too much that evening. Perhaps, this was the best choice: as soon as she got home, the girl called out the cat's name and he rushed in her direction, delighted to see her again! Fu Fu is a true master of being able to "make his beloved owner feel guilty", confirming how cats are able to enter our hearts and make us pay every time they feel "betrayed".

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