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The wonderful spiritual mission of the dogs in our lives

Dogs have always been considered "man's best friend". But not everyone knows that these four-legged friends also play an important protective role in regards to those who take care of them. In fact, for…

For two people to truly love each other, they must first of all be best friends.

Perhaps because of the romantic films that we watched when we were children, or possibly because of the idealization of love that we were taught at school, many of us grew up thinking that the basis of…

Curly cats are different from all the cats you have seen so far --- Just take a look at their fur to understand why!

Those who love cats find them all indistinctly beautiful and elegant: some races, however, are so particular that they deserve a separate discussion. Among the less well known is the Selkirk Rex cat,…

A photographer discovers some mice living in his garden and builds them a fantastic miniature village

A photographer named Simon Dell became famous on social for his captured images depict breathtaking landscapes and animals in their natural habitat. Lately, the man came across in a small family of country…

Here are some adorable animals that have grown up together ... remaining inseparable for life

Most animals - with the exception of species that lead a solitary life - have a natural inclination towards friendship and solidarity. Not infrequently, in fact, we see news about wild animals that, separated…

A woman rescues a dying fish from a store and its transformation in just four weeks leaves her stunned

When Victoria Schild entered a household goods store, she noticed on a shelf a tiny bowl with a motionless fish inside. It was a barely recognizable Betta Splendens male (what is commonly called a "fighting…

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