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Every day a kitten went to greet him at the café: in the end she followed him home

A life in the company of a pet is definitely a life full of beautiful emotions, memories and loving gestures. A dog or a cat, for example, can become excellent friends, to be trusted for life and are…

A 6-year-old boy draws a map for the tooth mouse: "So you don't get lost and don't scare mom"

All children, at some point in their childhood, begin to lose their baby teeth. It is a physiological phenomenon, difficult to pin down to a very specific age, since some children lose their first tooth…

A gorilla sees a new mother and her newborn: she responds by showing her her cub through the glass

We human beings certainly have, in common with many animal species, a strong maternal instinct that drives us to protect our little ones and to look after them with love and patience. True, not all animals…

16 touching photos full of meaning that give us fresh confidence in humanity

How many times have we felt alone and abandoned in this world full of difficulties? Always inundated with bad news and worried about the future, we are so busy that we often forget how important and beautiful…

All the love captured in a glance: 21 tender photos of animals and their owners

What would we do without the company of our favorite puppy? A pet is a lifeline for many people, especially the elderly and children, and they are in effect important members of the family. Whether it's…

She leaves the cat home alone but then sees him "crying" on the surveillance camera

Cats are wonderful creatures, with often mysterious behavior. Unlike dogs, they are much more independent and hardly ever fall into that category of "clingy" animals. Still, there are plenty of examples…

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