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12 puppies small enough to fit in a teacup: they are unbelievably sweet

If it is true that everyone loves puppies, then no one in the world could ever hate these tiny dogs. Yes, they are puppies, but of dog breeds that will remain extremely small. Their degree of sweetness…

12 photos that show just how adorably funny are canine friends really are

What would life be like without a dog or two at your side? They aren't called "man's best friend" for no reason, and their presence only makes our life that much more worth living. Dogs are affection,…

11 illustrations that show how true happiness is in the small things in life

With the passing of time, we eventually learn that it's the small things that make life so great. Spending time with loved ones, witnessing/doing small acts of kindness, or just enjoying a beautiful day:…

14 people post adorable pictures of their cats that demonstrate why they are such great life companions

When we grow up around other people, we don't even realize how much they can change over time. That's just how life goes though. We grow older and, through the course of time, our bodies and appearances…

16 times animals surprised us with demonstrations of love and affection

Unconditional love, loyalty, genuineness, innocence: these are just some of the many wonderful qualities that animals possess and grace us with. Their emotions may not always be the easiest to read, but…

15 photos where dogs and cats have given their owners the most adorable looks

Whoever has the fortune of having a dog or cat at their side knows exactly just how capable our four-legged friends are of showing us affection. Animals are wonderful living creatures that absolutely…

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