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This stray kitty has a black cat-like birthmark on its muzzle that has made it a true web celebrity

Sometimes, around us, we see totally unexpected sights that manage to amaze us even if, in life, we think we have seen a lot. With the advent and diffusion of the internet and social networks, moreover,…

This cute pup smiles every anytime someone talks to him or showers him with compliments

Life is not a bed of roses for dogs who have to live in animal shelters. Most were either abandoned as puppies, found injured and alone, or rescued from poor living conditions. What they all probably…

A disabled pup and a pigeon that doesn't know how to fly form an unlikely but wonderful friendship at the animal shelter where they reside

It's usually in times of difficulty that we form the closest yet most unexpected friendships. And we're not just talking about us humans; it happens often in the animal kingdom as well. The two protagonists…

Judge asks an autistic girl to participate in a dog show with her stuffed animal, as if it was a real dog

Anytime you turn on the TV these days, popular media would have you think that there is not an ounce of humanity left in the world. People think too much about themselves and are indifferent to what happens…

Every day, this dog waits on the driveway for the postman to give him a splendid welcome

Who said dogs and postmen don't get along? It is certainly one of the many stereotypes that we often mistakenly take for granted. If we broaden our views, however, we will realize that there are many…

This wild donkey jumps, runs, and wags his tail just like a dog when his human friend returns home

Who said that only a dog can behave ... like a dog? Of course, man's best friends are called that precisely because they manage to give us unique emotions, in an empathetic and unconditional way. Yet…

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