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"NO pets in the house!": 14 people who now can no longer do without their four-legged friends

There are people who categorically refuse to have pets in the house, considering the environment unsuitable for coexistence, both for the animal and for themselves. "I don't want a dog in the house!"…

A dog reassures a newborn by bringing her his favorite toy

Nick Elliott and his wife brought their baby daughter Macie home after she was released from the hospital in early July. At home they had to introduce her to another important member of the family, the…

A blind dog can see after surgery: the video of his irrepressible joy

Caring for a pet is expensive, but caring for it can also become very expensive if your pet has health problems. Duffy, an Irish terrier living in Pennsylvania, has found a very loving family that has…

Every day a kitten went to greet him at the café: in the end she followed him home

A life in the company of a pet is definitely a life full of beautiful emotions, memories and loving gestures. A dog or a cat, for example, can become excellent friends, to be trusted for life and are…

A 6-year-old boy draws a map for the tooth mouse: "So you don't get lost and don't scare mom"

All children, at some point in their childhood, begin to lose their baby teeth. It is a physiological phenomenon, difficult to pin down to a very specific age, since some children lose their first tooth…

A gorilla sees a new mother and her newborn: she responds by showing her her cub through the glass

We human beings certainly have, in common with many animal species, a strong maternal instinct that drives us to protect our little ones and to look after them with love and patience. True, not all animals…

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