All the love captured in a glance: 21…
The daughter's cat alerts them that her father has cancer and refuses to leave him alone: A teacher cuts a student's hair without parental permission: the father goes on a rampage

All the love captured in a glance: 21 tender photos of animals and their owners

April 23, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would we do without the company of our favorite puppy? A pet is a lifeline for many people, especially the elderly and children, and they are in effect important members of the family. Whether it's a dog or a cat, or another type of animal, it doesn't matter: in his eyes and in his gaze you will clearly see all the love he feels towards you. A dog, for example, will be faithful to you forever if you manage to welcome him into a home full of love and never let him lack the essentials, that is pampering, care and food. Cats also know how to constantly reciprocate the affection of a good owner, although they are always portrayed as independent animals and averse to excessive displays of affection. In fact, our pets love us madly and are crazy about us. Do you want a clear demonstration? Just look at these photos to understand the deep bond that has been created between pets and their owners.

Let yourself be moved!

1. "This is the face she makes when my husband picks her up!"

2. His daughter taught him to take selfies and he chose his best friend to give it a try with!

Is there anything more tender than when seniors try to understand the mysterious dynamics behind new trends? Or behind new technology? This dad was well instructed by his daughter on how to take good "selfies" and he didn't waste a moment in putting these teachings into practice. To kick off his new and unexpected life as an influencer, the father-farmer took some photos with his dog. Needless to say, the two went viral thanks to being so photogenic and funny!


3. If this is not the look of love ...!

4. "We just adopted Bella and apparently she already loves her new mom"

5. "Find someone who looks at you the same way my cat looks at my husband!"


6. A portrait of tenderness

When we adopt an animal that has suffered a lot, that has been in a kennel or has perhaps lived on the street among a thousand dangers, we know we are saving another living creature. That dog, or cat, will thank us forever: even if our house is not a palace, it will always be better than being alone on the street! He will repay us every day with that look full of love and loyalty that binds him forever to us.

7. We can see that they love each other


8. The loving gaze of a puppy who knows he is safe in his owner's arms

9. "I no longer know if this is a look of love or if it's after my food"

image: Reddit

10. "She loves it when I work from home"

11. The look of complicity

12. "This is Simon, my best friend"

13. "I love how she looks at me!"

14. How sweet!

15. A friendship which lasts forever

A four-legged friend can be a faithful teammate, especially in old age. They raise morale, give an extra life purpose to the elderly person who takes care of them, motivating them to get up and leave the house. Not to mention the mutual affection that can be shared: dog or cat ... it will still be the right choice!

16. "What would I do without you?"

17. "Go on, give me a cuddle!"

And then, there are cats who are not at all bothered by excessive displays of affection and almost seem to demand cuddles from their master, at any time. They too know how to reciprocate the love we offer them every day with knowing and purring looks with which they express the joy of being close to us.

18. Competing for affection...

19. The first days!

20. "We love each other"

21. Look at him with eyes full of love!

And are you lucky enough to have a four-legged friend who looks at you this way?

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