Two men see a paralyzed fawn in the…
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Two men see a paralyzed fawn in the middle of the road: the video of their moving rescue

December 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you come across an animal suffering or in need of help, you have a duty to intervene or, at least, to call someone who can help the poor beast. This Youtube video showing a frightened baby deer stuck in the middle of a road, unable to move, went around the world and, fortunately, had a happy ending. Two men, Paul and Steve, came across the creature and promptly moved it off the road.

They were driving in their car when they spotted something unisual crouching in the middle of the road. When Paul and Steve got a little closer, they realized it was a frightened fawn who, for whatever reason, had found himself in the middle of the main street, a dangerous place, where the animal could have been injured by some careless driver. The two didn't think twice about saving him!

Steve walked over to the little deer and gently tried to lift it out of the way.

The fawn's eyes were wide with fear, its legs curled up strangely, and it made no move. Once picked up, however, it must have realized that someone was taking care of it and that, shortly, it would be free to run back into its natural habitat. As soon as it reached the side of the road, in fact, the fawn woke up from its torpor and the fear it had felt up to that moment must have partly disappeared: it took off from the man's arms and immediately ran away into the woods.

The two guys couldn't be happier about doing a good deed. Now the little one was freed and could run around happily again!

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