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Video Rescues

A puppy that had fallen from a cruise ship is saved after swimming in the open sea for hours

There are times when it is really essential to be in the right place, at the right time. We do not often always have this luck, but when it happens, it can be great for both ourselves and others. Fortunately,…

Faustino's story is one of abandonment and severe abuse and he was found by his rescuer just in time

All over the world, unfortunately, many pets suffer various kinds of mistreatment - and there are no countries where cases of animal abuse do not occur. Both cats and dogs suffer in the same way when…

A girl returns from vacation and takes home the stray dog ​​that had remained at her side all the time

Traveling is the best way to enrich one's spirit because when one returns home from a vacation, one always carries a wealth of precious memories, some of which will remain forever. But how nice would…

A Paralympic athlete gets out of his wheelchair and saves a kitten in danger and the video goes viral

Having a physical disability is certainly not the ideal situation for any individual, but some may say that it is the lack of courage, heart, and altruism that represents a real handicap for a human being.…

A little dog with a fractured paw drags herself to an animal shelter to save her 13 puppies!

Animals often know how to give us profound life lessons, thanks to the dedication they show towards their own kind or to the people to whom they are attached. Their stories are capable of opening our…

During the night someone dumps a "creature" in front of an animal shelter! After being shorn, it reveals its true nature ...

Working with animals may seem, on first impression, a job that is very tempting. Caring for sweet little puppies, brushing beautiful cats, and at most cleaning their cages when necessary... seen from…

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