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Video Rescues

A woman finds a refrigerator by the roadside: inside she discovers 9 puppies abandoned in the sun

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves telling stories of abandoned or maltreated animals, who have done nothing to deserve this treatment. Regrettably, such situations are the daily reality of many creatures…

His boat starts sinking unexpectedly in the middle of the ocean: his dog stays by his side for 11 hours, finally finding someone to rescue them

A dog that's been well-treated by his owner is one that will never leave his side, no matter what the circumstances are. It's a sensation that fisherman Lance Schloss knows all too well. And for the better,…

The dog runs away while the family is out of town, but luckily a courier saves him and brings him home

When you have an animal it is normal to become attached to such a point that you consider it as a member of the family. As such, it is also normal to worry when they get sick or disappear without a trace:…

A courageous courier took off his uniform and threw himself into a frozen pond to save a dog in difficulty

When you are on duty and crossing Montana with your delivery van, among the inhospitable icy roads of the country, and you hear a request for help coming in the middle of nowhere, you definitely have…

A young woman rescues and adopts a stray kitten and months later she discovers that it was a cougar cub

It could certainly happen that a person runs into a poor kitten abandoned in on the streets - and rescuing it would be the first thing to do, without any hesitation! In fact, Florencia Nobo did not think…

After a tragic car accident, this dog takes care of his owner for 40 hours until help arrives

The world is full of brave dogs and their owners and human friends who need to be rescued or saved. And a dog knows very well how to show loyalty and affection by returning all the love it has received…

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