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Video Rescues

A police officer puts his life at risk to save a dog who had fallen and became entrapped in a canal

With all the hatred happening in the world today, it's nice to hear stories about people who go above and beyond what's expected of them to help someone else out. It's even more compelling when people…

She had spent her whole life in chains and no one had ever given her a name: she is now safe and lives happily with a new family

A dog absolutely does not deserve to live most of it's life in chains but, unfortunately, negligent and cruel owners always seem to be around. There are stories of animal abuse in every part of the world…

An old deaf and blind dog protects a 3 year old girl lost in the woods helping rescuers find her

The intelligence and attention that a dog can dedicate to us are things that will never cease to amaze us. There is certainly a serious and concrete reason that they are pften called man's best friends.…

Garbage man saves the life of an elderly woman after realizing she hadn't taken her trash out for 2 weeks

Sometimes it's the little things that makes a person happy. In extreme cases, even the smallest gestures can make the difference in a person's life. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, small gestures…

4 boys save a drowning girl: they are rewarded with a lifetime supply of hamburgers

There are moments in life when what happens around us leaves little room for thoughts and evaluations, because we must act and do so as soon as possible. We are talking about all those emergency situations…

A 3-year-old boy rescues his elderly neighbor who was accidentally trapped in the basement for 3 days

At just 3 years old, Eyas Tran is already a little hero acclaimed by the police for saving the life of an elderly woman who had been accidentally trapped in her basement for three days. When you are just…

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