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Video Rescues

A 6-year-old boy saves his teacher's life during a lesson

Even a child knows when it is necessary to intervene as quickly as possible in the event of a serious accident. Little Max Meza, only 6 years old, immediately realized there was no joking around when…

Eleven-year-old saves her 6-year-old brother from a stranger who tried to kidnap him while they were playing

Any parent would do everything to protect their children from the various and possible dangers that surround them, but they don't always manage to be there in time of need. Not out of negligence, but…

He sees a little dog abandoned in a car under the hot sun and breaks the glass to save it

In summer the cases of abandonment of pets, especially dogs, are always increasing and cases of neglect towards them are no less frequent. When we take our four-legged friend on errands with us in the…

A cyclist finds an abandoned dog on the street and saves it by putting it in her shirt pocket

What would you do if you encountered an animal in distress? Common sense, and in many countries even the law, should immediately make us rush to the aid of the poor victim. Such misadventures can happen…

A firefighter helps a woman give birth and then adopts the baby girl: "I have always wanted a daughter"

When you take on the role of firefighter, you get used to saving lives. Marc Hadden, however, did not imagine that one day he would deliver a baby girl, saving her life, and that from that day on she…

A heroic policeman intervenes just in time to save the life of a newborn who was in danger of suffocating

Being a policeman is a profession that can attract many dangers, depending on the roles actually performed within the aforementioned law enforcement agencies. It's a job in which you never know what could…

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