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Video Rescues

An infertile woman finds a baby girl abandoned in a plastic bag near her home: now she wants to adopt her

The desire for motherhood in some women is very strong, but among them, there are those who for years try to have a baby with their partner without being successful. Then, there are those who for various…

A stray dog won't stop barking until a motorcyclist follows him: he wanted to save an abandoned baby

It's not so wrong to believe in phrases such as "my dog is almost human", since our four-legged friends have always proved to be very capable and receptive, especially when they relate to humans. It is…

A baby girl is abandoned in a box near some dumpsters: a passer-by saves her just in time

There are many reasons why a mother might decide to abandon her child and this choice is not always dictated by malice or disinterest. Often, young mothers realize they cannot take care of that little…

A brave 7-year-old boy returns to his burning house to save his little sister of just a few months old

Courage is an attribute that we learn with experience, throughout our life. Being brave does not mean getting rid of your fears, but continuing with determination on your own path despite these fears.…

Two men see a paralyzed fawn in the middle of the road: the video of their moving rescue

When you come across an animal suffering or in need of help, you have a duty to intervene or, at least, to call someone who can help the poor beast. This Youtube video showing a frightened baby deer…

A student saves a fellow student from choking by carrying out the Heimlich maneuver

Accidents can happen at any moment and the pitfalls can be hidden behind the banality of simple daily activities. A high school boy, attending the Jordan School District, Utah (USA), found himself on…

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