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Video Rescues

He threw 8 puppies into a garbage bag and the police intercepted it and arrested him!

Never before has the animal rights movement counted so many supporters all over the world, not to mention the increasing number of people who have changed their diet and lifestyle by becoming vegetarian…

He finds a Husky dog in the street and when he finds its owners, their reaction is not what he expected ...

Those responsible for the abandonment of an animal can face very severe penalties and fines, but if the animal is not equipped with a microchip, then they cannot even be traced.  However, when you are…

A little 3-year-old girl gets lost in the woods but her dog stays with her all night, and then "calls" for help!

Little Aurora, a child only 3 years old, was playing on her family's farmland when around three o'clock in the afternoon the family realized that the child had gone missing.  Immediately the alarm was…

This "special" dog has had dozens of owners, but in the end, someone has fallen in love with him

Ms. Jamie Hulit is one of those women who are always ready to volunteer to help in her city's kennels in Austin (Texas), as well as offering a temporary home for those animals waiting for a family to…

The police find her emaciated in a locked room: now the puppy is unrecognizable

That evening, the New Castle (Pennsylvania) police were responding to a phone call that had reported a home burglary. However, when they arrived at the site of the reported crime; the police officers found…

They found him on the streets looking like a "monster" but 8 months later he does not seem to be the same dog!

The health conditions of this dog when it was sighted wandering on the streets in Croatia were so horrible that they probably kept many people away from him.  Even when a person with a heart of gold…

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