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Video Rescues

4-year-old girl falls from a balcony on the second floor, but a passer-by manages to catch her in time

When you have small children at home, a hundred eyes and a thousand checks are not enough to ensure that no one gets into any danger or gets hurt. Unfortunately, moments of distraction can happen at…

Three teenagers stop to help a woman with a broken down car: they push the car for 9 km

If you are amongst those who have lost faith in the younger generation, this story, perhaps, will make you think again. Young people, in fact, are able to show all the compassion in the world and know…

Police officers find and save a newborn abandoned on the streets: the mother is arrested (+ VIDEO)

It seems impossible to believe that a mother could abandon her newborn on the streets, yet such cases are not so rare. A mother may have multiple reasons for abandoning her child - perhaps not acceptable…

Female victim of violence gestures with her hand to a cashier of a shop and he intervenes to save her

Social networks are a double-edged sword, it is true, but if used with a little responsibility they can be very useful - even in very serious situations. The story we are about to tell you certainly…

17-year-old homeless man leaves his dog in a shelter, but thanks to strangers, he manages to embrace him again

The love that unites a master with his dog is truly boundless and despite the difficulties of life, our four-legged friends continue to hold a special place in our hearts. A homeless 17-year-old boy…
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Abandoned puppy found in an airport bathroom with a touching letter: "Take care of him"

Being forced to choose between your own safety or that of your pet is a real injustice, which leads us to reflect on the poor living conditions of some people. The story of Chewy, a 3-month-old puppy…

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