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4-year-old girl falls from a balcony…
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4-year-old girl falls from a balcony on the second floor, but a passer-by manages to catch her in time

July 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you have small children at home, a hundred eyes and a thousand checks are not enough to ensure that no one gets into any danger or gets hurt. Unfortunately, moments of distraction can happen at any time, especially in a family, and if mom and dad are very tired. Fortunately, not all mistakes turn into a tragedy and an episode that happened in Treviso is proof of this. A little girl fell from the second floor of a building in an attempt to grab a tablet that had slipped out of her hands. The little girl was miraculously saved by a passer-by who realized just in time what was happening.

If we often get the feeling that miracles do not exist and that no one is really guiding us, holding our hands from up in heaven, then, at other times it seems difficult to believe otherwise. Perhaps this was the case when a young man miraculously found himself passing by a block of flats at just the right spot and at just the right time. A 4-year-old girl, during a hot summer afternoon, was playing on the balcony with her tablet when, without warning, the device fell from her hands, tumbling from the second floor apartment. At that moment, a young man who happened to be passing by underneath, and by chance immediately understood what was happening once he saw the tablet fall. In an instant, he looked up and saw the little girl fall. In a flash, the young man managed to catch the little girl who miraculously escaped from the fall unscathed.

This is a story that, just by telling it, gives one the chills, but which fortunately had a happy ending.

The police rushed to the scene, but noting that it was an accident and that the child had not suffered any injuries, no investigation or complaint was made. The child was immediately returned to the arms of her parents who, for sure, must have had a huge fright. Luckily for them and for the little one, at just the right moment, "an angel" passed by to save her.


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