Three teenagers stop to help a woman with a broken down car: they push the car for 9 km -
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Three teenagers stop to help a woman…
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Three teenagers stop to help a woman with a broken down car: they push the car for 9 km

June 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If you are amongst those who have lost faith in the younger generation, this story, perhaps, will make you think again. Young people, in fact, are able to show all the compassion in the world and know how to be generous - just like everyone else. Everything is determined by the education and upbringing one receives. Aeron McQuillin, Bailey Campbell and Billy Tarbett, for example, didn't think twice before stopping to help a lady on the roadside in her broken down car. The woman was desperate because she did not have the money to call a tow truck and she could not imagine that these three "angels" were there help her to solve the problem.

The three teenagers were on their way to a donut shop when they spotted something that was not quite right. A woman parked on the side of the road, was standing next to her car from which was smoking. Experts in mechanics, the three teenagers stopped and offered their help. Within a very short time, they were able to identify the cause of the problem: a leak had caused the engine coolant and oil to mix. If the woman had continued on in the car, she would have completely destroyed the engine.

Since the woman could not afford to pay for a tow truck to have her car taken away, the three teenagers did the unbelievable: they pushed the woman's car back to her home. In total, the distance covered several kilometers - 9km (5.6 miles) to be precise -  which is not exactly a walk in the park.

A passer-by who witnessed the scene couldn't believe his eyes when the boys started pushing the car, and offered his help by lighting their way with his car's headlights as they progressed. As tiring as it was, the teens enjoyed themselves and faced the situation with a great spirit of adventure. For them it was like taking a walk with friends, while listening to the music from the speakers of the car.
The man who followed them with in his car to help them see better in the dark, later published a post on Facebook dedicated to this amazing event:
"Last night, on my way home from work, I saw a person stuck in the middle of an intersection with her car smoking. I've been through something like this and it's really horrible. So I slowed down, checking to see if everything was okay. The poor woman had only had the car for six weeks and it looked like it already needed a new engine. After a while, a group of 3 teenagers stopped, saw the broken down car and helped push it into a nearby parking lot. Unfortunately, the woman couldn't afford to pay for a tow and she couldn't leave the car where it was. Then I heard the one of the guys say, 'Are you guys ready to push?' They couldn't leave this lady stranded, so they pushed a stranger's all the way back to her home... 9km away. "

I’ll share my side of the story. Last night, Bailey Campbell, Billy Tarbett and I were out for a drive to Tim Horton’s...

Pubblicato da Aeron McQuillin su Mercoledì 10 luglio 2019

The teens thought of what they had done as simply fulfilling their civic duty. They saw it as an act to help someone in need and that anyone would have done the same if they were in their place. Yet, the next morning they found tons of messages praising them for their selfless actions. Thanks to their team spirit and their generosity, they had literally changed the situation of a desperate woman for the better.

Kudos to these three great guys!

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