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Coronavirus: 95-year-old woman recovers from the Covid-19 without antiviral therapy

Despite Italy being right at the top of the list of countries hit the hardest by the Coronavirus outbreak, it has received a little bit of good news this week. A 95-year-old woman, who was hospitalized…

He can't celebrate 101 years because of Coronavirus: so he asks friends from social networks to give him 101 "congratulations"

Forced social distancing in the time of the Coronavirus also implies not being able to hang out with our friends, going to visit our dearest relatives, in short, staying within one's own home walls in…

Everyday this 84-year-old grandmother makes 50 preventive face masks and donates them to her local hospital and people in need

While the entire world is experiencing a myriad of setbacks and difficulties due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the number of negative episodes surrounding the pandemic definitely outweighs the positive.…

Friends for more than 40 years, these three elderly women have decided to spend the quarantine under the same roof

With the spread of the Coronavirus emergency, the United Kingdom is also taking drastic measures to contain the contagion, including that of the quarantine in force for at least two weeks for all citizens…

An elderly couple celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary together with their 21 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren

In the 1940s, William Horst worked as a bartender in a ballroom. It was a boring night and there weren't many customers, so William took the opportunity to get on the dance floor and do a bit of dancing,…

90-year-old woman too fragile to clean up the mess in her yard; she calls on the help of volunteers, who save her from having to pay a daily fine of $2,500

Agnes Maple was just a sweet little 90-year-old grandmother that, at her age, found it difficult to get things done around the house. Too fragile to walk, let alone move heavy objects, poor Agnes found…

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