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He is 92 years old and still attending university: his dream is to become an architect

Who said that there is a "right" age we must not go beyond to follow our dreams? Conventions, fears, anxieties or fear of the judgment of others may sometimes convince us that it is so, but in reality…

An English Seamstress made her yard's fence out of lace and fishnet

If you are a fan of crocheting, you'll most likely love this story. It's about a woman who lives in the peaceful fishermen town of Burra, Scotland, who had the unique idea of making a fence surrounded…

A 64-year-old decides to pass his retirement living in a Holiday Inn hotel

Do you know what your plans will be for when you retire? Will you spend your time traveling or maybe move to a place you've dream of living in your entire life? Whatever your plan is, you probably haven't…

This guy left two jobs to look after his 105-year-old grandmother full-time

At just 29 years of age, this guy dropped out of two jobs and went to live with his 105-year-old grandmother; this incredible story of love and generosity happens in Sítio Desterro, which is located…

The 105-year-old great-grandfather who embraces his newborn grandchild in a splendid affectionate scene

There are images that have the power to tell us a thousand things without requiring too many words or too many explanations. We are talking about all those photos that, in themselves, contain enormous…

Two young men salve an elderly man from a burning building

In real life, most heroes don't wear spandex or shiny capes. Usually, they are Average Joes just like me and you. The only difference is, when they find themselves in the right place/at the right time,…

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