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Say goodbye to the classic nursing homes because the future of senior citizens is not the "Old folks home"!

Imagining your own old age can be scary; yet, like every important phase of our life, it should be faced in a novel and constructive way, with determination. To compensate for the lesser physical strength…

A young man creates "Water that can be eaten" to help elderly patients stay hydrated

Elderly people, and even more so those who suffer from dementia, can incur risks to their health just because they do not drink enough water. In fact, for the elderly, the sense of thirst is almost completely…

A 102-year-old great-grandfather approaches the water and the way he dives in amazes the whole family!

Those of us who are lucky to still have our grandparents know how important it is to be there for their birthdays! So every year the family meets at home, around a table laden with the favorite foods…

A grandmother sends a newspaper a very sad letter and after reading it, you will run to embrace yours!

Some call it the cycle of life, for others it is a sign of the indifference of our times. When we are young we are full of energy and surrounded by friends and relations. Then we form our own family and…

18 times when older people have proved in a humorous way to be less skilled with technology!

Senior citizens and technology ---  a combination that most of the time has allowed senior citizens to live the period of being an elderly person in a new way that is more connected to the world and…

At 90, she still performs four operations per day! She is the oldest surgeon in the world!

Retirement is not a stage in life that everyone is happy about, either because their daily routine changes dramatically, or because sometimes they feel that they are still perfectly capable of carrying…

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