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An old woman abandoned by everyone receives a visit from some policemen who have dinner with her and cut her hair

When a police patrol from IJsselmonde, in the Rotterdam district, noticed that an old lady was always sitting alone looking sadly out the window, they decided to visit her to find out more about her life.…

"Grandma, when you get to heaven send me a lot of pennies": days later the granddaughter finds coins hidden all over the house

The love that a grandmother can instill in her grandchildren is one of a kind. Of course, the feeling that the child's parents are able to convey is unparalleled, but we all know that most of the best…

At 92, she doesn't care about the opinions of others and wears colorful and youthful clothes: "I've always been a rebel"

90 has now become the new 20, at least according to this elderly woman who with her counter-current, transgressive, colorful photos and with her enormous energy, sympathy and will to live, has conquered…

A saleswoman gives a pair of new shoes to an elderly man in distress who came to her store

People who manage to prove their humanity, sacrificing themselves for others too, without expecting anything in return, are those we could define as the "silent heroes" that society needs most. Michelle…

This granny is 119 years old and claims to be the oldest woman in the world

We would all like to have the elixir of life at hand, be immortal and never grow old. Unfortunately, apart from the stuff of some imaginative film or some science fiction story, there's no trick to remaining…

An elderly woman is scammed on the phone and panics in a shop: the employees offer to help her

Have you ever received an SMS or a call from strangers who turned out to be impostors? Nowadays, it is very easy to scam people by preying on their weaknesses, fears or uncertainties, and even easier…

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