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A grandson reveals to his grandmother that they will move in together in a new home and she bursts into tears of happiness

Having grandparents in your life is a real blessing and Matthew Stewart, a guy from Dustin, Florida, knows very well that he is lucky to still have his beloved granny by his side. Matt's grandmother is…

The silent suffering of the elderly "abandoned" in retirement homes

As absurd as it might seem nowadays, the abandonment of the elderly by adult relatives or children who have raised a family is more frequent than it may appear at first glance. Whether they are left in…

A 76-year-old man feeds stray kittens in his neighborhood by selling scrap metal all day

When we meet living creatures who are in difficulty and urgently need help, we know that we cannot wait a minute longer, we must act and do something for them. Like Willie Ortiz, a Connecticut man who…

He turns 80 and as a gift he receives the car he had always dreamed of: he can't hold back the tears

Sometimes, a lifetime isn't enough to make your dreams come true; it is not enough to work, to toil for years to live a decent life, to create a family, to make sure that they are fed and that they don't…

Farewell to the "grandfather of intensive care": he held premature babies in his arms for over 15 years

When premature babies are born, the first thing they see with their eyes immediately after coming into the world is an incubator within the neonatal intensive care unit; a place where doctors and nurses…

A 90-year-old woman is reported by neighbors because of her yard full of garbage: she receives a steep fine

For a society to be considered as civilised it must include, in its laws and regulations, safeguards and respect for older people.  They should not be harassed, exploited or treated badly, unlike the…

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