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This 101-year-old woman asks her son to stop his car and starts playing in the snow like a little girl

Age, after all, is just a number. There are elderly people in this world who could give today's young people a very important life lesson that would make many members of the contemporary generation feel…

An ingenious husband invents a special bicycle so that he can ride with his wife who has Alzheimer's

Every self-respecting love story has its difficulties and problems to face. One of the most difficult tests to bear, probably, is when, with the onset of old age, the first ailments and diseases arrive.…

This 107-year-old man still drives his red Mercedes convertible and has no intention of quitting

Who said that becoming elderly must necessarily be linked to a reduced ability to perform daily actions in a safe, correct, and efficient way? Often, when thinking of the elderly, many believe that they…

An entrepreneur transforms a retirement home to provide a more personalized ambiance for the elderly

With old age, the first signs of dementia and Alzheimer's also arrive—an absolutely devastating disease of our time. This is true both for those who are affected by it and for those who suffer from…

This grandpa was not able to sell his dollhouse furniture and a young woman helps him by posting his photos

There are people on whom life and destiny have not always smiled. For them, many unfavorable circumstances have meant that they have become elderly and have found themselves in situations that are certainly…

These four teenagers helped an elderly man by pushing him on his electric scooter for a mile after it had broken down

It is not uncommon to witness episodes in which the protagonists are teenagers who, unfortunately, perform disrespectful or violent acts, dictated by nothing more than the logic of self-affirmation or…

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