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A 75-year-old man is left alone after losing his wife: he wrote on the window that he would like a friend to talk to

Tony Williams' is a rather sad story which, unfortunately, reflects a reality shared by many seniors: loneliness. The man was widowed at the age of 75 and literally has no one to spend a few hours of…

An old man dies of a broken heart shortly after his faithful dog passed away due to illness

The bond that can be created between a human being and his pet can be so strong that the death of one of them can have truly tragic consequences for the other. When four-legged friend and owner are inseparable,…

She abandoned her 88 year old mother outside: the woman is reported for mistreatment

No human being should be deprived of their own well-being and freedom in any way. Yet the world is full of injustices. The elderly are just some of the "favorite" targets of certain heartless characters,…

He is 110, she is 104: their combined age officially makes them the oldest couple in the world

The oldest cup in the world has recently been officially registered by Guinness World Records; he turned 110, she turned 104 and they got married on February 7, 1941 in Ecuador, where they currently live.…

6 seniors who meet every day in the same park observing a safe distance: respect in a photo

We can say anything about this new generation of teenagers who will soon shape the future of our planet, but certainly one thing must be admitted:they are a rather contradictory generation. Of course,…

"I haven't eaten in 2 days": a 79-year-old man calls the police and the officers go shopping for him

Some stories have the power to make us smile and put a little trust in humanity, because they tell of perhaps sad and negative situations, in which people took care of others, making themselves the heroes…

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