Many criticize this 75 year old woman for what she wears: "It is my right to choose however I want to dress"

by Mark Bennett

April 15, 2023

Many criticize this 75 year old woman for what she wears: "It is my right to choose however I want to dress"

A fact of life is that we will all grow old. However, today there seems to be a negative stigma surrounding old age: this doesn't make much sense because it should be regarded as a normal part of human life, without being denigrated.

Candace Leslie Cima is a 75-year-old woman and has become famous on social media for her dress style choices and advocating that old age should not inhibit one's choice of attire. This is just one of the many ways Candace is setting a good example - let's find out what else she does:

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Candace once received a comment on social media regarding her wearing a sleeveless shirt. The comment read: "You're 60, you shouldn't be wearing that." In response, Candace wrote: "I'm actually 75." On her blog, she wrote an article called "A Women's Right to Show Her Arms". She stated that she often receives messages telling her that women over 60 shouldn't show their arms.

Candace pointed out that in the past, there have been rules regarding women's clothing that are deemed to be absurd today. In the 1800s, for example, it was not considered acceptable for a woman to show her ankles in public. In the 1920s and 1930s, going without a hat was considered poor taste; in the 1940s and 1950s, women were often required to wear gloves. The point is, the right to choose one's clothing without being judged by others, should be the norm.


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Candace pointed out that it's perfectly normal to get wrinkles as you age. She argued that we should decide for ourselves whether or not we are going to be influenced by what others might think of us. Candace has learned many things in her life, including how to deal with getting old gracefully. When she was young, her family had a saying that "getting older is not for sissies". Now that she's older, Candace understands the true meaning of the saying: dealing with old age can be complex and challenging for many.

"Our attitude towards getting old and the emotions that come with this are important because they shape our lives. There are many reasons why people are afraid of aging, such as changes to body and mind, and the fact that we are ultimately going to die. However, recognizing these fears and addressing them in a positive way is better than ignoring them," Candace stated.

What do you think? Do you agree with Candace?