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15 people who have undergone fabulous transformations thanks to the magic of makeup

Sometimes fairy tales are closer to everyday reality than we think. It is not enough for us to read imaginative books, watch films and television series where we can enjoy the fantasy of being like extraordinary…

16 women who, after the age of 40, wanted to cut their hair short to maintain a more youthful look

When you reach a certain age, you feel the need to continue to feel "young", especially aesthetically, using various tricks that include the judicious use of make-up and a haircut that enhances the natural…

15 meaningful tattoos that will bond family members forever

If you want to engrave forever in your mind and in your eyes the emotional bond that characterizes you and your parents, an original idea would be to convince them to have a shared tattoo; yes, because…

15 people who don't seem to know the difference between fashionable and ugly

Sometimes fashion is just a point of view. We have to say that not everyone in this world has the same taste, the same way of dressing, the same sensitivity for beauty. Obviously, the concept of beauty…

18 expensive pairs of shoes that we thought no one would ever have the guts to make

How much are you willing to pay for a pair of shoes? Although they are an essential commodity that over the years must be purchased over and over again, depending on the wearer, there are some designs…

16 people who thought they were in fashion but whose clothes were in bad taste

"Evach to his own tastes" - it is true, no one would ever want to judge the preferences of others and nor clip the wings of creativity, but it is true that some people wear bizarre clothes to say the…

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