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This model defies the classic standards of beauty and has become a highly respected professional

Over the years, we have grown accustomed to seeing - on TV, on the internet and through many other media channels - fashion shows where beautiful models walk down the catwalks to the rhythm of upbeat…

Woman buys a dress online, but what she received was very different from the original photo (+ VIDEO)

Nowadays, it is quite common to buy almost any type of product online, thereby avoiding the need to go out and finding yourself in a crowded store. There are many platforms that offer this service and…

"Make-up is for everyone, even for men": this guy proudly displays his make-up routine

Make-up and cosmetics are usually reserved for females, who for centuries have tended to make themselves beautiful and improve their looks by resorting to using make-up. But why shouldn't men resort…

This couple lives as if it were still the 1930s: two young lovers from a bygone age

People meet in the strangest and most unpredictable ways and this is perhaps what makes an important meeting magical. Today, perhaps, it is easier for the destinies of two geographically distant people…

Successful model gives up on luxury and returns to live in her village working the simple life

Too often it happens that one forgets one's origins - almost ending up being ungrateful and uncaring towards the places and people who played an important role in our growing up process. For some, the…

Mom defends her decision to buy cheap clothes for her children while she herself wears designer labels

Have you ever seen a mother or father consult a "perfect parenting" manual? Almost certainly not, because the book in question does not exist and never will (fortunately or unfortunately!). Each parent…

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