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No more skinny models! Dolce & Gabbana is the first luxury brand to introduce sizes for all body types

In the past, the so-called large-sized clothes were not considered the height of glamor - their purpose was more than anything to hide extra pounds, with no other pretensions. In fact, fashion trends…

Curly eyelashes are the fashion of the moment, but they seem to come from a horror movie!

No, they are not funny appliqués for your Halloween makeup and costumes, but a real fashion trend that is being noticed by teenagers all over the world. In fact, since fashion does not just consist of…

12 ideas for short hair with a fresh and youthful look

Who said that for a youthful and fashionable appearance hair must necessarily be long? Of course, long, thick hair has its charm, but it cannot be said that everyone looks good with long hair.  This…

According to science, this is the type of woman's body that men value most. Do you agree?

Beauty is a subjective reality, but also a cultural one, especially in regards to women. In fact, the idea of what is female perfection has changed radically over the centuries - if we consider that…

Do you always tend to dress in black? Here is your psychological profile

Fashion changes seasonally, and so it would seem that our wardrobe must also change; with the consequence that while our closet fills up, our wallet is emptied. The alternative is to always wear classic…

This talented designer demonstrates that behind every ordinary woman a queen is hiding

Being a good hairdresser, a talented make-up artist or a skilled fashion consultant does not just mean giving someone a new look that follows the latest trend, but above all, it means knowing how to…

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