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10 women's shoes that take real courage to wear

Fashion is pretty important in most females' loves. Although women go crazy for clothes, accessories, and handbags, shoes have a special place in most females' hearts. It's no secret that if a shoes come…

11 girls who have decided to "cut" monotony by sporting wonderful short hair

Sometimes in life we are faced with radical choices, which at first, perhaps, make us a little scared, but which then turn out to be the right thing and very successful. We don't always manage to be satisfied…

How some of the most famous supermodels in the world were as children: 8 photos show the differences between yesterday and today

When we see the super models of yesterday and today parading on the international catwalks, wearing very expensive clothes, we often ask ourselves if these women have always had a comfortable life of…

Stylist celebrates her 71st: she demonstrates how age is just a number, posting pictures of herself in outfits usually worn by women half her age

For centuries, people have been searching for that miracle elixir that will finally keep them looking youthful despite their advanced age. Obviously, living a healthy lifestyle (i.e. staying active and…

A model with Down Syndrome participated in the 2020 New York fashion week with success

The famous New York Fashion Week is held twice a year, in February and September, and is considered to be among the four most important fashion weeks in the world, alongside those held in Milan, London,…

The latest crazy fashion trend in plastic surgery is to have lips like those of cartoon villains

Aesthetic surgery has always been used not only for functional and "reconstructive" purposes, but also purely aesthetic. Many women (but also men!) resort to surgery even when there seems to be absolutely…
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