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The rabbit gnaws her Louis Vuitton bag, her shoes and her hair: it causes damage worth over 2,300 euros but she loves it just the same

Do you have a bunny at home as a pet? If you are considering adopting one, perhaps you should first hear the testimony from Sarah Holling, a 35-year-old woman from Derby, Derbyshire (UK). The adorable…

Her boyfriend calls a taxi to take her home after seeing how she dressed for the evening

When we are dating, although we don't yet know whether the romance will last forever or not, you may have some ideas which become deal breakers for you. For example, if we go out with someone we like,…

13 old-fashioned photos which show how your grandmother dressed much better than you

How often do we hear parents or grandparents gently scolding their children and grandchildren about their way of dressing? This is mainly due to the fact that in different eras people have always dressed…

This young couple of sweethearts dress and live as if they were still in the 1930s

Many people happen to feel nostalgic for historical periods they've never lived in; it is a feeling that, today, involves some lifestyles of the past, including the clothes and makeup of the past. In…

He is over 80 years old but continues to amaze everyone by parading with her sculpted physique

On the catwalks all over the world we are used to seeing very young models, parading in elegant clothes designed by the most important international designers. But what happens when an 80-year-old model…

A child refuses to go to school if he can't wear designer clothes: mom spends more than £2000 on his wardrobe

"Only designer clothes, thank you!" this is the requirement from a 10-year-old English child who refuses to attend classes if he cannot attend them dressed in high fashion clothes. A behavior that led…

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