Model challenges the standards of beauty and doesn't pluck her eyebrows: "everyone has the right to feel beautiful just the way they are"

Mark Bennett

July 31, 2022

Model challenges the standards of beauty and doesn't pluck her eyebrows:

Taking care of one's body and face is very common practice. Since ancient times, men and women have been attentive to how they "appear / look" in public. And this is why so much attention is paid these days on how to keep fit and beautiful. This habit has become increasingly more popular in modern times, and has become a daily routine for many. Who has never been to a beautician or hairdresser to make themselves more presentable? Many will not be able to say they have not been, at least occasionally.  Indeed, between hairstyles, quick cuts, waxing, eyebrow plucking, nail polishing, and much more, it is commonplace for many to go to beauty centers for a treatment. There are exceptions to all this, of course, and there are some people who have decided not to be "tempted" by these beauty stereotypes and have left their bodies and their faces untreated.

This is exactly the choice made by a model originally from Cyprus who, far from accepting the so-called standards of beauty imposed by society, proudly flaunts her unibrow. Here is her story:

via Elle


Sophia Hadjipanteli is one of the most famous contemporary models around today. In addition to attracting the attention of professionals in the fashion world for her skills, the model has a particularity that has given her even more fame than she already had. In fact, defying any of the standard canons of beauty, she decided not to pluck her eyebrows and made her unibrow her signature look. You read that correctly: Sophia, tired of having to comply with the unwritten rules of fashion and beauty in the modern world, decided that she would never pluck her eyebrows, and she would let them grow freely without intervening.

This is way for the model to protest the social / cultural rules imposed by society: "Each of us has the right to feel beautiful and comfortable just the way we are," she stated in an interview. Sophia continued: "There are no right or wrong standards - all people are beautiful and we must not think that we are only acceptable if we fall within precise beauty standards and parameters. I want to encourage everyone to love each other for who they are and, with my choices, I hope to encourage more and more tolerance of others and the non-judgemental acceptance of our differences".

These are words that many on the web have shared and supported, but there are others have not accepted Sophia's point of view. There are many people, in fact, that when they see her on the street, or the classroom (in addition to working as a model, she teaches cultural history), or on magazines, they turn up their noses up and complain about her choice not to pluck her eyebrows. They criticize her, make fun of her, but Sophia does not give up and continues, proudly, to go down her chosen path.

Certainly inspired by Frida Kahlo, Sophia also founded a movement: the #UnibrowMovement. This movement encourages everyone to live their lives as they see fit and to accept themselves for who and what they are. "My unibrow is not the product of neglect - I decided not to pluck my eyebrows," she said. "I am proud of my body hair and nobody will make me change my mind," she continued. Sophia, who was blonde by birth, decided to dye her hair and eyelashes black, creating a unique look for herself.


Definitely a bold choice, especially for the times we live in, where looking good is almost a must and one cannot ignore this. But despite all odds, this unorthodox model is now very famous.

What do you think of Sophia's life choices? Would you ever have the "courage" to leave your body as it is or would you have trouble showing yourself off in public without having dealt with your body hair?