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Here is why even if we just look at the sea, we immediately feel better

The sea has always had a special charm, and therefore, it is not surprising, that it is a source of inspiration for artists, poets, singers, and writers. Spending time on the beach is not only to witness…

If you want to raise your children without regrets, do not make these 10 very common mistakes

Being a mother or a father means experiencing great joys but also great responsibilities. Every family is a small world unto itself in which parents must decide how to best to raise their children. The…

Children who feel loved become adults who know how to love

Our ability to love depends on the emotional environment in which we spend the first years of our life. It is precisely during childhood that we create a conceptual map between the mind and body that…

5 wonderful things that happen to your spirit when you learn to swim

Swimming is said to be a complete sport, and this is true. Not only because, compared to other physical activities, it involves many more muscles, and is excellent for developing resistance, toning,…

"The ode to calm" by the Dalai Lama, the perfect advice to regain inner equilibrium

In the hectic life of every day, we find it difficult to carve out a moment of true calm, in which to feel relaxed and serene, far from our problems. And yet, having time to relax and reach a state…

The 3 tips for happiness given by the oldest yoga teacher in the world

She has been called the "Forrest Gump of real life" due to the famous people that she has met in the course of her -- so far -- 100 years of life.  From Ernest Hemingway to Coco Chanel, from Martin…

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