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Woman takes on a challenge and lifts 120 kg, shocking all the men in the gym: "They thought I couldn't do it"

In sport and, in general, in individual sports, it is not uncommon to see some healthy competition. It is difficult, however, to have men and women compete in the same category, due to the natural physical…

Model challenges the standards of beauty and doesn't pluck her eyebrows: "everyone has the right to feel beautiful just the way they are"

Taking care of one's body and face is very common practice. Since ancient times, men and women have been attentive to how they "appear / look" in public. And this is why so much attention is paid…

"Either you lose weight or you won't be my bridesmaid": woman decides not to attend her cousin's wedding

Losing weight must be a personal decision, motivated by a deep desire to change and take care of yourself, and not an imposition by others. Olive Chiemerie was asked to lose weight in order to attend…

Ex-model shows off her imperfections on social media and sends a message: "Accept your cellulite"

In a world dominated by social media and the constant need to share one's image with others, appearing "perfect" seems to have become the new beauty goal of many. There is only one small problem: no one…

Woman claims to be a 44-year-old grandmother, but many believe she is lying about her age

The world of social media and, in general, the internet, can unfortunately be the perfect hiding place for those who want to express their negative opinions at all costs, regardless of the feelings of…

12 women who were turned into real princesses with the help of this make-up artist

Appearing in the best possible way is, of course, every person's dream. Women are renowned for taking particular care of themselves and their look. Of course, every woman would like to be a queen in the…

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