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This makeup artist manages to transform women's faces with eyeshadow and brush

When we fall in love with a person, in addition to having a mental attraction towards them, we first of all feel a physical attraction. Although beauty is not everything in life, even before approaching…

The thousand uses of baking soda: a natural ingredient to make the home and laundry perfumed

Baking soda is one of those ingredients that we always have in the pantry and that is effective for cleaning the house, but is also useful for personal health and well-being. Its uses, in fact, are manifold,…

Other uses for tea bags: 8 possible ways to reuse your tea bags instead of throwing them away

It's funny how we might use a product everyday without even realizing that it has so many other useful properties. Believe it or not, we may think of tea as a beverage, but it can be used for so many…

More and more women refuse to color their hair and show off their natural color: white and grey hair are now trendy

Getting older is inevitable, but some people aren't comfortable with aging, even if it's in a "graceful" manner. Many people, especially women, try to hide their gray locks in order to appear younger…

Orchids are wonderful indoor plants with a "magical" power: they purify the air and calm the nerves

Orchids are very beautiful and elegant plants, which give wonderful blooms but which, at the same time, are also very delicate - for this reason, they deserve some additional attention. Both in the office…

This kid has 3D printed ear protection that relieves the pain of doctors and nurses

There are many sacrifices and heroic acts that, every day, many workers and ordinary citizens perform in the hope of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of this historical period strongly influenced…

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