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I suffer from an anxiety disorder, so please, stop always saying that I just need to calm down

Many still believe that those suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression have the ability from one day to the other to manage their feelings of fear and worry. Then, they will be able to just automatically…

What the "half-moons" on our nails are and what they reveal about our state of health

Our body is a complex mechanism, made up of many elements that interact with each other, all with a specific function. Knowing these elements as best as possible is essential to staying healthy. And we…

Fall in love with a Sagittarius because for them what is good for their loved ones comes before anything else

You can fall in love without fear with those born in the sign of Sagittarius. This powerful zodiac sign (23 November - 21 December) is considered the most altruistic of all the zodiac signs. Those who…

10 objects that would be better not to keep in your house as they represent a source of negativity

Our home is the place where we should all feel at ease, peaceful, and safe. It is not surprising, therefore, that we always try to make it as welcoming as possible, beyond the so-called personal taste…

Hot salt is an effective old wives tale remedy that helps relieve neck pain

A widespread disorder, the so-called "cervicalgia" aka "neck pain" can be found in two-thirds of the population, even among relatively young individuals.  This extremely common term "neck pain" means…

Some examples of women who have said no to dyeing their hair and are proud of their white hair

Aging is a natural process that everyone, sooner or later, is forced to face at some point in life. Nowadays, however, there are not many people who are able to live this process peacefully, especially…

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