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Do not expect anything from anyone and you will live much better!

In relationships between people, when it comes to friends, family, partners or even acquaintances, we often run the risk of being disappointed. This may happen, not because they did something wrong, but…

Farewell to the classic retirement homes! "Senior cohousing" structures are the future for the elderly

When you make the decision to move to a retirement home for the elderly, generally, for the family and those directly affected, it is never a good moment.  Of course, these structures can also be beautiful…

15 very common foods that you did not know could alleviate joint pains

Joint pain affects one or more joints in the body and can actually be physically disabling in the long run. If you suffer from joint pain due to injury or simply suffer from chronic arthritis, you will…

Three actions of parents that end up destroying the self-esteem of their children

There are no manuals or universal rules that teach us how to become good parents. However, there are some precautions that would be good to follow in order to raise autonomous individuals who, above all,…

The biggest mistake a mom can make is forgetting about herself

Many times people talk to a mom as if she were only that and but a mom is also a woman.  The woman that is hidden inside her sometimes knocks and wants to come out. Too often, we expect a mom to play…

Here we present, purslane, a common plant with many benefits for the body and the palate!

We often talk about omega 3, the essential fatty acids that help our body protect itself from cardiovascular diseases and from cholesterol accumulation. The sources from which these precious "helpers"…

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