All her teeth had been extracted: now this woman shows her new smile in an emotional moment -
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All her teeth had been extracted: now…
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All her teeth had been extracted: now this woman shows her new smile in an emotional moment

March 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How much can a beautiful smile affect our happiness and our self-esteem? A lot: having unhealthy teeth, or not having any at all, can cause considerable inconvenience. Brittany Negler lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is 29 and, after the loss of her brother, she fell into a whirlwind of addictions that ruined her teeth. For this reason the woman was forced to have them extracted. She became a young woman who hid and avoided smiling: but all this was before a dentist returned her smile and her happiness.

The loss of her brother has greatly affected Brittany's life, as she entered an extremely dark period of sadness and addiction. Her addictions ruined her teeth irreversibly: they could not be repaired and unfortunately they had to be removed. So her dentist performed the extractions, making even chewing impossible.

Brittany also says she was teased about her looks, which propelled her again into the whirlwind of sadness and addiction she knew well and brought her to her lowest ebb, both physically and emotionally. She lost a lot of weight and was about to give up when she decided to try again. She contacted Dr. Wilstead on Instagram, hoping he could find a solution.


The new dentist made several appointments, which were necessary to establish the size of the prosthesis and the appearance of the smile that would best fit Brittany's face and mouth: so she opted for removable prostheses. The woman shared her incredible transformation on TikTok, the flawless work of the dentist and the moving images have gone viral: the woman, looking in the mirror, struggles to recognize herself and bursts into tears.

She takes the mirror, observes herself, puts it down and then puts her hands on her face in disbelief. Finally, she hugs the dentist, showing enormous gratitude. He saved her life, he was able to give her the smile and confidence she had lost for a long time. By sharing her experience, she hopes that she can empower other people who are in the same place as she found herself.

Brittany wants to raise money to help people get a new smile. Because she has a certainty: smiles change the world, they change the mood of those who wear them and are able to make it easier to reintegrate into society, improving both confidence and appearance. Such an operation is very expensive, and Brittany revealed that the total cost of the work was $30,000, without specifying how she paid for it. However, you remember that taking out finance is a very useful option to cover such expenses. 


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