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This girl's radical change has silenced…
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This girl's radical change has silenced all the bullies at her school!

November 24, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The period of adolescence is one of the most difficult stages of development for boys and girls.

At school, every teenager tries desperately to survive in a world where taking care of one's image is very important. For this reason, life for teenagers who are even slightly different aesthetically is never easy.

And this is something that an Australian girl, Josephine Desgrand, knows very well because she has always had to deal with classmates teasing her because of her weight. 

Due to the fact that being overweight entailed many health risks, Josephine decided to transform that malaise into a powerful incentive for change.

Josephine Desgrand is an Australian girl originally from Queensland who at the age of 16 decided to make a radical change in her life that was made difficult by her 280 lb (127 kg) weight and the bullies in her class at school.

Josephine clearly had issues with food and her physical appearance made her a perfect victim for the bullying that her classmates found every opportunity to inflict on her.

In the beginning, these words hurt but then she decided that the best way to combat the situation was to ignore the bullies and to transform their words into a stimulus to initiate a change that her body needed.

Not an aesthetic change, but a real change in lifestyle and eating habits.

After contemplating several times the idea of starting a diet, she finally found the right stimulus to be able to tackle this difficult journey. The goal was to be able to wear a beautiful red dress to the school homecoming dance.


From the very beginning, she knew that it would not be a walk in the park! But amazingly, two years later, she had succeeded in reaching her goal and without the help of surgery!

To lose weight, for the first six months, she followed a low-carb diet that was totally sugar-free except for natural sugars.  After one year, Josephine had already lost just over 132 lb (60 Kg) and now she continues to follow this diet and physical exercise program that has become a lifestyle!

Today, Josephine does not limit herself to just sharing her photos on social media! As a matter of fact, she has become a point of reference for others by sharing her dietary advice while at the same time not withholding words of comfort to those in need.

Josephine hopes that she can somehow be an inspiration for others, like the motivating force she managed to find in the words and insults of the bullies at her school.


Two years after making the decision to lose weight, Josephine is finally able to wear the red dress that she so ardently desired.

With her actions, she has silenced those who teased, mistreated and tried to hurt her, but instead, they gave her the motivation to initiate a change that has benefited significantly her state of health.

After having asked her followers on Instagram, to choose her red dress, she opted for an outfit that recalls the dress worn by Jessica Rabbit and it was an excellent choice! 

The photos of Josephine are proof that anyone can do anything and hopefully, her positive attitude can be the right inspiration for someone else!


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