"How cute they are!": 16 pets that have…
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"How cute they are!": 16 pets that have conquered our hearts with their sweetness

March 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's practically impossible to resist when faced with the big eyes and the loving gazes of our animal friends. Whether they are our faithful and affectionate life companions, or whether they are simply four-legged friends that we meet on the street and who conquer our little hearts, we cannot help but admire them and exclaim: "But how cute they are!" . For this reason we have selected for you some photographs that have immortalized animals from all over the world and their relationship with their favorite humans with irony and a pinch of tenderness; a unique load of sweetness that is very difficult to resist: we challenge you to remain impassive in the face of such cuteness!

A beautiful bird landed on my hand: I immediately took a photograph!

I assure you that this photograph was not planned or long awaited: it was simply being in the right place at the right time!

An irresistible duo: how can you remain indifferent to these two beautiful specimens of dog?


Welcome the newcomer to the house ...

 Meet Walter, and I'm sure we will soon all become good friends!

They are not the usual animals you see people keeping as pets...

image: PanzKampfer/Reddit

 ... But we are equally convinced that even opossums have their own dignity and a degree of tenderness which is unique in their own way!

Did you recognize this animal?

 Yes, it's a baby sea otter caught while cutely taking a nap in the waters around Alaska!


I took this photograph at just the right moment: here is the sweet little paw belonging to my big furry cat!

image: Reddit

A little ball of sweetness, tenderness and cuddliness, don't you think too?

image: Reddit

A UPS courier delivering a goat?

Yes, as the author of this photograph says: "This UPS courier seemed terribly late and stressed, so I told him to hold my goat Dempsey. He said it was the best part of his day!"

A garden planter that seems to have been made exactly to fit Bertus, my pet cat!


A close-up that is practically impossible to resist: here is a really, really cute Husky!

Look what I have between my fingers?

image: Reddit

It is called an "Elena's Hummingbird" and is considered one of the smallest bird species in the world! 

Isn't she lovely??

"Don't touch my girlfriend, you fiend!"

A photo shot that says much more than a thousand words ...

 Can dogs and cats be considered bitter enemies? Maybe yes, but this photograph seems to suggest the exact opposite ...

But what a cute little foal!!

image: Reddit

Spot the difference!

It's difficult to distinguish between this sweet dog and these delicious cream donuts ... yum! 

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