"I don't want an animal under my feet!":…
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"I don't want an animal under my feet!": 15 people who changed their minds and who can no longer do without their furry friends

November 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"I don't want pets in the house, am I being clear?" A phrase that we have heard over and over from mothers, fathers and relatives who just could not bear the idea that a sweet four-legged friend could interrupt or disrupt their daily life in such an overwhelming way. The truth is that the fear of having to take care of a friend from the animal kingdom is in most cases unfounded, and do you know why? Simply because once a dog or a cat enters their lives, these people unexpectedly "change their minds": and they become unable to be separated from it even for a minute.

Don't believe it? Then take a look at these hilarious and very tender photos of people who were previously convinced that they didn't want an animal in the house, but now ...

My husband and the cat...

At first he couldn't stand it, now he can't sleep without a feline friend! 

He said a million times that he didn't want a dog in the house...

 A few weeks have passed and it seems that things have changed radically...


My grandfather in one of the most touching photos I have of him...

 Here he's pictured with a kitten that he didn't want to start with; now they're inseperable!

My dad and his four legged best friend

He didn't want the hassle of a pet in the house, now he wouldn't be parted from her! 

This is what my dad said the first time he saw the dog

"I don't like him, in the end he's just a dog": this photo shot is from a few days later ... 


A year ago he started with phrases like "I'm not exactly the dog type"

Now not only does he no longer want to be separated from it, but he eats where his master eats! 

The look of love...

Meet my dad and his best friend in the whole world! 


My dad: "I don't want a dog in the house!"

 The same dad a few weeks later!

"Animals will never be welcome in my house!"

I think my dad has eaten his words! 


My dad wanted a bigger dog for his new mountain home, and instead ...

 This little dog weighs only 5 kg but has practically become his best friend!

I'd been trying for years to convince my dad to adopt a dog

Now, he's the one who takes care of his four-legged friend, protects him and even kisses him on his paws if he gets hurt! 

My dad a few years ago: "Don't bring a cat into the house!"

 My dad shortly after he arrived: "I love you, my darling kitty!"

He absolutely did not want a dog in the family three years ago

 Now they're a picture of happiness together!

My partner agreed to getting a dog, on one condition

No dogs on the sofa! I think that ship has sailed! 

I woke up like this this morning

 I couldn't resist taking this shot of my husband and our kitty!

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