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A grandson reveals to his grandmother that they will move in together in a new home and she bursts into tears of happiness

Having grandparents in your life is a real blessing and Matthew Stewart, a guy from Dustin, Florida, knows very well that he is lucky to still have his beloved granny by his side. Matt's grandmother is…

Farewell to the "grandfather of intensive care": he held premature babies in his arms for over 15 years

When premature babies are born, the first thing they see with their eyes immediately after coming into the world is an incubator within the neonatal intensive care unit; a place where doctors and nurses…

A stray cat "thanks" the woman who saved her by bringing her 6 kittens to the front door

A strange friendship was born between Lisianne, the woman protagonist of this sweet story, and a shy kitten named Usagi, who showed up at the door of the woman who lives in Quebec Canada, accompanies…

He collects money to buy his deceased father's car, but a man gives him the keys and tells him: "The car is yours"

People who work as police officers are not only people who are very dedicated to their mission, but also very courageous people. Every day, when they go out with their police cars to patrol their own…

A young carpenter builds warm and weather resistant houses for the homeless: "I want to prevent them from dying of cold in winter"

The problem of world poverty and homelessness certainly cannot be solved on the spot by anyone, but surely each of us can contribute practically to improving the living conditions of those who are most…

After the earthquake he volunteered to help: a boy with dwarfism manages to save more people thanks to his small stature

Sometimes we don't realize how much potential we have and blame Mother Nature for having made us one way rather than another. But on the other hand, each of us has certain characteristics that, in some…

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