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A little girl sees her newborn sister for the first time and starts to cry because of her very strong feelings

For a young child, the news of a little brother or a little sister that is arriving always makes a great impact! In some cases, it is "love at first sight" even before their eyes have met, in others it…

A grandmother is suddenly taken ill and her little baby granddaughter survives in her cradle for 5 days

In life, incidents occur that can mark us deeply. Experiences that we live, maybe in spite of ourselves, and that certainly we would prefer had never happened. A bit like what happened to Anthony, the…

After 5 years in captivity, this dog sees the sea for the first time and cannot hold back its joy

For many people, their pets are real family members, essential components with which to share joys, bad days, fun and everyday life. Whether cats or dogs, four-legged friends are often so loved that they…

Every evening, this baker leaves unsold bread and other food for people in need on a bench

Our society, now based more than ever, on the cult of the image, makes us perceive as real only the most loudly proclaimed and documented gestures. Instead, there is an immense amount of small daily silent…

This couple and their adopted baby son show that love and faith can help create a win-win situation

There is a difference between being a mother and a mom, as well as being a father and a dad. The former is able to generate children biologically, but it is the latter who really has the ability, patience,…

This single father has adopted five little siblings so that they can all grow up together

In the world, there are people who seem to have been born specifically to do good to others. Case in point is Lamont Thomas, a man from Buffalo, New York, who recently became the adoptive father of five…

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