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Between friends, time and distance do not count for anything because it is their heart that is connected

Have you ever lost sight of a person dear to you because of the distance, and realizing, upon meeting him or her again, that time and distance had not affected your relationship? Probably yes, and this…

This message is for you, the one who always worries about others and never about yourself

For you who has such a big heart, that you cannot keep it all for yourself. For you, who has a natural instinct to give to others that is not reflected in this society where the most selfish person…

Do not beg for anyone's attention, let alone their love!

Love is a force so powerful that it can push those who are possessed by it to do everything for their beloved, even at the cost of sacrificing themselves; while also knowing that there are no promises…

The relationship with one's older sister is one of the most precious things in the world

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the important role played by a brother or an older sister. Whoever has one will probably remember the quarrels and daily hassles, but also all the times that they protected and…

Growing up with grandparents leaves an indelible mark on a child's soul

Everyone knows the importance of grandparents when it comes to raising a child. No help can be more valuable than what they can give you, thanks to their love and experience. Not surprisingly, the importance…

Parents discover that their soon-to-be-born child has a cleft lip and the child's story is very touching!

In some countries, a cleft lip is a neonatal malformation that is resolved with an abortion. In fact, many women decide to terminate their pregnancy because of problems related to a cleft lip which…

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