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This is dedicated to the best friend who lives far away from you, but who understands you better than the friends you see every day.

Too often the word "friend" is used lightly, indiscriminately assigning this title to practically all the people who one considers to be a little more than mere acquaintances. And yet, it is a noble adjective…

Every day for 6 years, this boy has carried his best friend on his back to allow him to attend school

An adage says "Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure", but in order to be universally valid, it would be necessary to specify: whoever finds a "true" friend. Friendship is, in fact, a precious bond,…

No one hires this girl with Down's syndrome, so she opens her own business!

Prejudices are difficult to defeat, but it is still a necessary battle because prejudices limit and poison the life of those who are subject to them.  The best way to defeat prejudice is to be guided…

What does it mean not to have your mother near you on Mother's Day?

The death of a parent is something for which it is impossible to prepare. The moment in which it happens will hurt like almost nothing else in life. Yet, that day is one that very likely, sooner or later,…

Police officers save a young boy after months of ill-treatment and the next day one of the policemen decides to adopt him!

To be a child, in the reality to which most people are accustomed, is not just a phase of growth, but a dimension that is protected and a sacred right for every individual. Unfortunately, in many parts…

A mother wonders why her son asks her to prepare two lunches, but then she understands that one is not for him!

In a world where some people raise barriers and create divisions, often it is children, with their simplicity and their lack of an agenda, who open our eyes to the real priorities of life; and the story…

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