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A bride asks to be accompanied to the altar by her biological and adoptive fathers: a moving scene

Parents aren't only the biological ones, but also and above all those who have raised their children with love and for whom it's not a blood bond that makes the difference. Every adopted child, however,…

She sees her son's hands dirty with grease and asks herself: "Does making him work make me a bad mother?"

Parents would do anything for their children and, when deciding to start a family, they take into account the fact that they have to make sacrifices for their well-being. Until they become completely…

She only has $20 to spend on shoes for his son, but a generous man offers to buy them for him

Parenting in times of economic crisis can be really hard work. Doing a full-time job that can allow mom or dad (or both) to be able to bring bread into the house, be able to feed the children and make…

A poor father builds a little train to entertain his three children: the way to live life is to always live with a smile

What a father wouldn't do for his children. Even if life often doesn't go our way and every day is a daily struggle to earn some bread to bring to the table, smiles should never be missing within the…

A teacher builds a special cart for his blind students: "So they can explore the outside world"

There are school teachers who don't know how to do their job and those who instead remain in the hearts of the little pupils, or of the students in the later childhood and adolescence phase, thanks not…

Police ask users to identify a man who stole the diapers, but everyone offers to pay for them for him

Stealing is always wrong, it's true, but what should you do when you are desperate and the living conditions of your children depend only and exclusively on you? Asking for help should be the first option,…

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