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She was a girl on the run and a homeless mother: today this woman is a millionaire entrepreneur

A feeling that all of us, sooner or later, are destined to feel is that of dissatisfaction. In certain moments we are seized by the sudden desire to change life, to change jobs, cities or partners because…

"Exchange smiles for a job": A homeless man is noticed by a businessman and he then offers him a job

Economic crises are particularly hard to deal with, especially for those people who are considered "invisible" by today's society; we are talking about the poor, the homeless, those who have suddenly…

A teacher takes care of the newborn brother of one of her pupils: at the boy's home, they all have Covid

When the situation is at its worst and the moment of need makes itself felt, people are capable of extraordinary acts of kindness and solidarity that sweep away any doubts about the drift of indifference…

The delivery guy who was photographed working with his son in his arms is rewarded with a new home

Any parent would only want the best for their child and would never dream of exposing them to any danger or unpleasant situation. It may happen, however, that despite all the efforts on the part of both…

"Do you want me to hold the baby for a while?": a kind man cradles the baby to keep him calm while the mother is busy

It is the small gestures that make the difference every day, the unscheduled acts, which come from the heart of a kind person without malice, ready to lend a hand to those who need it most. These real…

6 brothers are bullied for years because of their long hair: they had grown it to donate to charity

In life one often has to face a many difficulties which, of course, vary according to age and the situation in which we are living. When you are a child and you start attending elementary school, you…

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