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A single gay man has adopted a little girl who had lived alone in hospital for a year

Pablo Fracchia is one of those people to admire who has dedicated his whole life to helping others, especially the most unfortunate. The 36-year-old man has always been involved in various humanitarian…

Man frees wild horse who got tangled up in a chain: horse thanks him with a "kiss"

Sometimes people treat animals badly. We're not just talking about pets either. Unfortunately, animals who live in the wild are often victims of animal cruelty, too. No matter what the situation is, it's…

A moving photo which shows a grandfather holding his 17-year-old autistic grandson

It can be difficult to describe in words a moving moment like the one that we saw with grandfather Enzo and his grandson Fernando, a 17 year old boy with autism. The two are very close, together they…

A 4-year-old girl fighting cancer manages to hug her father after 7 weeks of distancing

When a child is born, it is difficult to imagine being able to love any other person more. After all, it is absolutely normal: the relationship and the bond that is created between a parent and their…

An 11-year-old tracks down owner of lost wallet: although his family could use the money, he gave every cent back

No one ever said that doing the right thing is easy. Sometimes, life puts us in all kinds of binds, forcing us to make choices we otherwise wouldn't have made. Going through a difficult period in our…

They recreate the same graduation photo 18 years later: father and daughter show a timeless bond

It is known that, at times, the father-daughter relationship can generate a little conflict, - what parent happened to always get along with their children, on the other hand? However, Tori Roach, a young…

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