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An orphaned child was adopted by a single dad: 21 years later he is an athlete competing in the Olympics

There are many couples who choose to adopt rather than conceive their children naturally. Depending on the country in which you are resident, the adoption process can be more or less hindered, but in…

A granddaughter fulfills her 94-year-old grandmother's wish to be able to wear a wedding dress for the first time

There are many experiences that are closed to us during the course of our lifetime. Sometimes, it's not our fault or our bad judgment - simply, the conditions never arrive to make that dream come true!…

These 3 siblings are adopted by a single dad after living with 16 different families

Being a child waiting to be adopted means living at the mercy of an infinite amount of emotions and feelings. Seeing other children being adopted and constantly wondering when their time will come can…

"My house is poor but tidy": a woman responds to criticism and teaches everyone a life lesson

There is no holier place than your home. Our homes are our safe place in the world, the environement in which we experience our most beautiful and also our saddest moments. Our homes are always ready…

A single father rides 28 kilometers every day so his children can do their schoolwork

Edemilson Wielgosz, a 47-year-old single father, and casually employed gardener who lives in Parana in Brazil, is forced to travel 28 kilometers every day by bicycle in order that his three children can…

"I can't make ends meet!": a mother of 4 children launches a desperate appeal and receives many donations

Helping others is a dignified choice that we should all consider. A single gesture, which may seem tiny to us, may be immense to someone else and mean something far greater. By combining many small gestures…

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