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A 5-year-old boy wakes up alone and scared after his operation and the nurse hugs him like a son

Hospitals are not really the most comfortable places in the world and, generally, we are all more or less frightened by the idea of ​​spending time in a hospital. Especially if it is for a surgical…

A little dog that was afraid of being approached has changed after receiving sincere affection and care

Many people, when they encounter people or animals in distress and find themselves in situations where quick action is needed, feel an urgency to help by making quick decisions. But not everyone responds…

A father who has Down syndrome is like all fathers who want the best for their children. This young man's story proves it.

Despite the fact, that times have changed and we try to communicate diversity as a resource rather than a limit or a handicap, there are contexts that still raise doubts and misunderstandings. One of…

She turns 100 and lives alone but the neighborhood ​​garbage collectors surprise her with a birthday cake!

What gives value and quality to life is not just decent salaries or pensions or services and facilities that are available and function well. Also very important, are the small gestures of altruism and…

His wife has Alzheimer's and he takes her to work every day to not leave her at home alone

Alzheimer's is a widespread disease and very difficult to manage, especially for family members. In fact, those who have it no longer have full control of their cognitive abilities. They experience memory…

This Down couple married for 28 years proves that love knows no boundaries

Many couples are well aware of the fact that keeping a marriage alive and healthy is not easy at all. Men and women who seem made for each other often promise eternal love and happiness, but then find…

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