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A nurse bursts into tears when her neighbors step outside their houses and applaud to thank her for the work she's doing during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In a historical moment where the Coronavirus has taken over the world by storm, it's nice to read every once in a while stories about people coming together and offering their loved ones and neighbors…

At 102 she defeats Covid-19: grandma Lina survives 2 pandemics and doctors call her "Highlander"

The city of Genoa (Italy) finds some hope thanks to the splendid recovery from Covid-19 of "grandmother" Lina, a 102 year old lady who, with her smile, managed to make the news even on US news. The lady,…

After many attempts, this girl with Down syndrome finally managed to go down the stairs alone

Couples who cannot have children often have a great opportunity to opt for adoption. In many countries the adoption process is not very simple and could be exhausting in the long run, but surely the satisfaction…

Coronavirus: a boy leaves toilet paper and disinfectant outside the door for couriers to use

In the days of the Coronavirus pandemic, when authorities all over the world issued travel bans and restrictions, everything, even the most obvious, seems different and difficult to deal with. From the…

10 heartwarming images of people visiting their loved ones in quarantine outside their windowsills

"Distant but United" is a phrase that's been passed around social media a number of times, lately. With millions of people experiencing quarantine around the globe, you could say that the Coronavirus…

China sends thousands of masks to Italy and leaves a poem on the containers to express closeness to the Italians

China managed to get out of the emergency due to COVID-19 after taking extremely stringent measures for several months. From there the terrible epidemic that is affecting the whole world broke out: Italy…

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