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"Death Is Nothing At All" a beautiful poem that teaches us how to overcome the loss of a loved one

"Death Is Nothing At All" is the best-known and probably the most beautiful poem written by Henry Scott Holland, a British priest, theologian, and writer who was active especially in the late nineteenth…

18 images comparing parents with their own children years later and they are identical

Every time a child is born, the two related families begin to discuss to try to understand which parent the child looks more like. At first sight, it is difficult to see an actual resemblance, but the…

19 animals showing their "love" that will make you smile even on the dreariest of days!

Animals are able to show their affection in the most diverse and touching ways possible. Whether it is toward a human or toward another animal or their own species, with their spontaneity and sincerity…

A shoe store has opened its doors to stray dogs to protect them from the cold and rain

Climate change makes meteorological phenomena more intense and devastating. Hurricanes, torrential rains, earthquakes, and landslides, all make our cities vulnerable. Furthermore, it is not only human…

24 images of good deeds that remind us that there is still hope for our world!

It is always nice to do or receive a good deed from someone. These spontaneous gestures are able to revive a day that started out badly, have beneficial effects on mental health, on the personal satisfaction…

A doctor asks terminally-ill children what are the most important things in life and their answers leave him speechless

We adults can really learn a lot from children, especially when it comes to setting priorities in life. In the course of our existence, we often focus on very marginal things, such as buying a new car…

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