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A police officer donates his shoes to a homeless man after noticing his shoes were old and worn out!

In every big city, there are people living on the street and they are dressed in whatever they can find, which is usually old and worn clothing. In most cases, other people quickly walk pass them and…

The story of Scarlett, the mother cat who went through fire 5 times --- to save her little kittens!

Sometimes animals know how to surprise us with behaviors that to define as "human" would be very reductive. In those situations, their way of expressing feelings, emotions, or performing unexpected and…

This gentleman is called "the man with the golden arm" and he has saved the lives of more than 2 million children!

Every life is precious, but there are some that appear as a gift of fundamental importance for others -- and certainly, among these, we can include that of James Harrison. What makes this 82-year-old…

Lionel Messi helped build Europe's largest pediatric oncology center; a humanitarian gesture to support those most in need

The greatness of a man like Lionel Messi is measured not only on the soccer field, in his success as an athlete, but above all outside of sports. Recently, the Barcelona forward was the protagonist of…

A woman suffering from leukemia gives birth to twins and a few days before giving birth she receives news that gives her hope!

Expecting a baby is an experience that one can only attempt to describe in words. Feeling a new being growing inside you, talking to "him" or "her" as if the baby were already in the world, praying every…

A message to my daughter -- Make your dreams come true and always be yourself!

Having a daughter is more than creating a clone of yourself and it is more than a search for similarities! It is taking care of another person who is different from you. So many times, we fill our daughters,…

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