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18 photos of people who always refused…
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18 photos of people who always refused to have a pet in the house and now they treat it like their child

December 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are many people who would love to have a pet at home, a dog or a cat, but are unable to do so because they live with parents, spouses, or companions that do not even want to hear about having a domestic animal in the house!

Their reasons are various - "Too much responsibility, they're too messy", "I don't like them" or "I hate it when they come up to me and try to lick me" - in short, it feels like you are always fighting a losing battle.

Yet, it happens just as often, that the moment you show up at home with a puppy or kitten rescued from the streets, many hearts melt and the sweet animal is welcomed like a member of the family.

An excellent example is Twitter user Ruby who posted photos of her father who "didn't want to have a cat" but who surrendered at the kitten's first meow!

And, now, Ruby has more than one cat and her father takes care of them as if they were his children. Her photos showing her father's "conversion" have been so successful that many other users have also shared their photos and stories.

1. "This is my husband, the one who would " 'never allow a cat in his house' "

image: rumNroleplay

2. "This is my dad who "didn't want a cat" showing Lucas every item of the weekly shopping because " 'he wants to see what we've got.' "

image: rumNroleplay

3. "This is again my father who did not want a cat and who is now: 1) holding an umbrella over them while they sit on the shed and (2) making them a sandpit and a paddling pool."

image: rumNroleplay

4. "My father who claims he " 'hates cats' " and who now shows videos of dogs to our cat!"

5. "This little guy's mom abandoned him at two weeks old in a tree in the backyard. I said no. Well, I lost and now this is how he sleeps on me every evening when I get home from work."

image: Needlesedge

6. "My father hates cats, but every weekend he asks me if I am bringing Moose over to watch the squirrels and Parking Wars. Apparently, that is their show to watch on Saturdays."

7. "This is my mom with two of the cats she "hates". PS I have never seen her so happy."

image: LisaCapri

8. "Here's my dad with the cat he didn't want. lmao"

image: vespayik

9. "My dad who refused to let this rescue in his house and who wept with a broken heart when she passed away. He still sometimes sits by her grave 3 years on."


10. "My husband who "hates cats". Today the cat was climbing on my lap and he grabs him and says she doesn't want you and puts him on his lap."

image: Amy Gagnon

11. "My hubby who "isn't a cat person" and Sockface, who adores him."

12. "My boyfriend wasn't a cat person, never had them, never liked them. Then he moved in with me, a crazy cat lady, and now he has to carry HIS cat into the bathroom every night to show her herself in the mirror 😂 (also despite her disgruntled expression, she would NEVER let me carry her around but she just sits there in his arms)."

13. "My fiancé didn't want any animals, but especially not a cat. This picture was taken two days after getting our first kitten. We now have two!"

14. "He didn't want a dog either ..."

image: Eithne Bailey

15. "My dad who didn't want any dogs or cats ..."

image: Zeze___

16. "My nan who "hates" cats spoon feeding my 4 fur babies sardines."

17. "Here's my dad who "hates" cats."

image: Twitter

18. "My father yelled at me the day I rescued my cat and gave me 24 hours to get her out of his house because he "hates cats", weeks later I came home to this! "

image: Twitter
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