12 women who were turned into real princesses…
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12 women who were turned into real princesses with the help of this make-up artist

September 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Appearing in the best possible way is, of course, every person's dream. Women are renowned for taking particular care of themselves and their look. Of course, every woman would like to be a queen in the eyes of her partner and, why not, in everyone's eyes. Reality, however, is often very different from fantasy and, in fact, many women often find themselves neglecting make-up, hair or clothes, due to a thousand work or family commitments. It's normal, at a certain point, to throw yourself down and believe less and less in your image: you get used to the routine and are convinced that you will never be able to improve yourself very much. Nothing could be more wrong! A hairstylist, as well as a makeup expert, has amply demonstrated that every woman has her own personality and beauty, which can be emphasized by the makeup and skilful hand of an expert like him.

See the results for yourself!

1. Revived red hair and smile returns!

Change must surely start from within each of us and take place not only externally, but also on a deeper level. If you want to change your attitude towards life, however, starting with a good haircut and a little aesthetic revolution can be of great help.

2. This seems like a new beginning!


3. Now she looks fit to appear on TV!

4. Another incredible transformation!

5. A clever use of eyeshadow and liner can really bring back a smile!

When you have a thousand commitments it seems almost impossible to keep up with your look: hair, make-up, skincare, clothes ... it's true, it's a lot to manage, but if you learn to dedicate just a few minutes of the day to your person, you will gradually be able to have more and more confidence in your look.


6. An exceptional change!

7. She seems to have lost at least 10 years, don't you agree?

Makeup is a good ally, if used wisely, against wrinkles and skin imperfections due to age. With good make-up, you can be rejuvenated even by several years!


8. She feels newly returned to splendor...

9. This young woman is now more at ease with her new look

Sometimes it takes very little to rediscover the joy of looking in the mirror and being really satisfied with your image. 


10. Begin life over, starting with a new look!

For some, the makeover can be a good reason to get their life back in hand and start from scratch, with new spirit and positivity.

11. Now she looks like an actress!

12. A new woman!

A little bit of makeup, a good haircut and, according to this Russian makeup artist, we can look better than before, with more self-confidence.

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