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She wants to change her look before her upcoming wedding and after 7 hours she undergoes a splendid transformation

If someone asked us to indicate the most complicated jobs, we certainly would not think of hairdressers. Yet those who work in this field are faced with real challenges. The reason is that often there…

The power of makeup is shown here with these 27 brides that make-up artists have made beautiful ... and unrecognizable!

For most women, the day of their marriage is a dream that has come true, a long-cherished fantasy held by little girls, back when they staged make-believe weddings, wearing their mother's heels and a…

A 78-year-old woman puts on makeup that rejuvenates her by at least 10 years! Here is her transformation

Makeup is something that many women cannot do without. This is because, beyond its rejuvenating effect, make-up is a way to take care of oneself and to feel better about oneself at any age. The lady you…

This talented designer demonstrates that behind every ordinary woman a queen is hiding

Being a good hairdresser, a talented make-up artist or a skilled fashion consultant does not just mean giving someone a new look that follows the latest trend, but above all, it means knowing how to…

At the age of 60, she wants to change her entire look and after her makeover, even she finds it hard to recognize herself!

If up to a few years ago reaching age 60 meant being on the threshold of old age, today in many countries the situation has drastically changed. In fact, increased life expectancy and a much younger lifestyle…

An image consultant helps people find their individual style ... with amazing results

In Riga (Latvia), there is a school run by the image consultant and fashion analyst Konstantin Bogomolov, the International Education Center "Bogomolov' Image School". Konstantin Bogomolov is the author…

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