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80 year old is tired of her run-down appearance: a hairdresser transforms her into a veritable princess

At some point in our lives, we all feel the need for change. It is a part of the process of growth, of the passage from childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to adulthood, until finally we reach…

The magic of makeup: 15 people who have chosen to totally change their appearance with the help of makeup

There are no ugly people or beautiful people; although we live in a society that has codified impossible beauty standards for too long which impact negatively upon people who are not reflected in these…

12 women who were turned into real princesses with the help of this make-up artist

Appearing in the best possible way is, of course, every person's dream. Women are renowned for taking particular care of themselves and their look. Of course, every woman would like to be a queen in the…

15 women who turned to a make-up artist and were transformed into "Hollywood divas"

Do you believe in magic? We do, especially when it comes to women's makeup. Just contact your trusted beautician to be convinced you that you don't need a magic wand to turn a pumpkin into a carriage,…

15 people who created disaster with eyeshadow, pencils, foundation and lipstick

What happens when makeup, instead of enhancing a face, creates a counterproductive effect which is far from the desired outcome? Makeup was created with this intent: to hide imperfections and enhance…

15 photos a make-up artist's work show how you can enhance a face without going over the top

Lena Motinova is a make-up artist who started her career many years ago as a Beauty Advisor. She has a passion for make-up and for teaching: she often hosts masterclasses designed both for beauty consultants…

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