This woman declares herself "a cheat"…
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This woman declares herself "a cheat" for her ability to transform herself thanks to make-up

November 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

As we all know, the power of make-up can be truly amazing when used wisely. There are women who can bring out the best in themselves with a little foundation, eye shadow and brushes. Not that they are not already as beautiful without make-up, but certainly with a little make-up we can all acquire that security and extra confidence to feel at ease. Then, on the other hand, there are women who completely transform themselves after a make-up session! A woman posted videos on her on her TikTok account, showing her physical transformation after applying all her makeup very skillfully. The woman proves so beautiful after putting on her makeup, - and so different from how she had shown herself before - that she herself has defined herself as a "scammer", one of those who may pretend to be someone else online. The truth is that the woman is still the same, but her makeover is simply amazing!

She calls herself "Lashes and Losing" on social media and is self-deprecating enough to call herself a "Catfish level 1000". The woman, in fact, appears in a video at first without make-up, decidedly not very well-groomed and, even, with a some of her upper teeth missing; moments later, the same woman reappears in the video with a totally different appearance. Some may be wondering if it is true that the two women are the same person: the answer is yes, they are the same person, even if it seems hard to believe. In reality, it is all thanks to a skilful use of make-up. In short, if we wanted to be picky, we could very well say that the woman you see in the video after the transformation, in reality, does not exist, since she is simply the result of a deception, - a trick, in fact. 

The most incredible thing is, perhaps, the way in which the woman has managed to reshape her nose thanks to the use of multiple brushes, paints and pencils to shade the sides and the tip. Beyond making a joke, this woman is truly an artist who really knows what to do it with make-up and that is why she has received so many compliments in the comments sections of her videos. Our compliments to this make up artist!

What do you think about her transformation?


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