At 60 she undergoes a drastic change of look and even her husband struggles to recognize her at first -
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At 60 she undergoes a drastic change…
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At 60 she undergoes a drastic change of look and even her husband struggles to recognize her at first

February 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When many people no longer feel satisfied with their look and want to implement a change in their appearance, they head to their trusted barber, hairdresser or beautician to try a little magic. Many professionals in the sector succeed in the miracle of "transforming" these people, while others do not. But the story of Mary Johnson, a woman who lives in Fargo, North Dakota, left everyone speechless, including her husband, who for a moment did not believe his eyes ...

Mary Johnson is a middle-aged woman who has had a full and satisfying family life: a husband for many years, children, a home to run; in recent years, however, she had let herself go a little too much, and she wasn't too happy with her look. For this reason Mary turned to the professional hairdresser Christopher Hopkins, a wizard of restyling and makeup and women's wigs who managed to create a real miracle with this woman!

When Mary showed up at the beauty salon, she was not convinced that Christopher would succeed in making her feel fabulous, she was very discouraged and could no longer see herself in any other way than the one she had sported for many years now; in addition, the woman said that a total makeover of her look was part of a goal she had been trying to achieve for some time, which was to try to lose a few extra pounds.


But there was a small look problem: Mary worked in court, so any change in her hair or appearance could not be too flashy or aggressive; that ruled out the colors purple or bright pink, but she said yes instead to bright red!

After the makover session in the beauty salon, not even Mary's husband, who was in the waiting room, could believe that it was wife in front of him: Mary was not only a new person with her look, but that red hair and that elegant make-up even took off a few years!

Her husband couldn't believe it at first, and was stunned to see his Mary Johnson finally happier, more self-confident, more youthful and now full of a grit and self-esteem that she previously seemed to have lost a little over time. The woman said: "I couldn't have felt better, he exceeded my highest expectations! He didn't have much to work with, but gee, what a fantastic job!"

We must admit that we too were amazed as soon as we saw the "new" Mary: what a great makeover job!


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